Wynne Late to Candidate Tire Kicking Visit & Social Media Police Visits in Cornwall 031618

Cornwall Ontario – One gets the feeling that Eastern Ontario isn’t Premier Kathleen Wynne’s favorite part of Ontario.   When first running for the leadership of the party she was late to an event in SD&G, and yesterday she was late to make an appearance at a local eatery part owned by a Liberal riding nom hopeful.

Two other media outlets leaked at that should be appearing in advance that led to some nasty comments on social media that led to reports of the CCPS making some visits and call.

Even with the leaks to the public the crowd was reported to be tepid with a crew of hopefuls in attendance.

But contrary to Kathy’s quote the political machine behind you is more important than the candidate.  Just look at our current PC MPP Jim McDonell who’s about as useless as….

The local Liberal machine isn’t really functioning.  Since the Brownell scandals it’s crumbled apart.   With Doug Ford looking at a majority victory it’s doubted the the Wynne team will put much focus on this riding and probably run a retread or simply find someone that fits into Ms Wynne’s gender agenda.

Two time Federal failure City Councilor Bernadette Clement was there to glad hand as was another former Federal candidate in Denis Sabourin.   Towndale was in attendance along with Heather McGill, but not one of the four test likely to defeat anyone that local PC’s roll out.  Justin Towndale,while young, and a visible minority with a well known daddy locally, clearly doesn’t have the political cojones to be a councilor, never mind MPP.

And while the Party could drop in a credible candidate there clearly is no machine locally to get the job done (unless the party drops some cash to make that happen) or political will.

As big as Hydro is as an election issue provincially, most of the voters of this riding are serviced by Cornwall Electric which isn’t party of Hydro One.    And oddly enough Doug Ford stating that he’s open to private market marijuana dispensaries is a big issue in Cornwall and the area, as there is no provincial outlet slated to be opening when weed becomes legal recreationally in Canada.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Who will you be voting for?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Wynne is going to get destroyed!

  2. I see Wynne and her cronies are presenting a “budget” today. After shutting down the OLA how can this be seen as anything other than a vote buying exercise?

  3. Author

    It’s been weak sauce for far too long Hugger.

  4. I’d say about 10 years too long.

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