Cornwall Ontario – CFN is proud to present a new column by former City of Cornwall HR specialist and Whistle blower, Diane Shay.

Diane was a manager at Glen Stor Dun Lodge, our area’s government run seniors residence who became embroiled in a massive Whistle Blowing case that the city spent millions of dollars fighting ultimately.

At the end of the day most of the Whistle Blowers that stepped up in Cornwall are now literally disabled themselves after being mauled by a corrupt justice system that saw them having to use their own limited personal funds vs tax supported high end legal sharks, and brutal judges like Rick Leroy who sat on both Ms Shay’s case and this writer’s conflict of interest application where the original judge declared her own conflict which ultimately would indict the mayor and two councilors who were in conflict for essentially being on the same committee.

Ms Shay played a major role in seeing Cornwall’s current Mayor Leslie O’Shaugnessy come to power (thanks to CFN viewers) only to see him be the very small man he is and turn his back on the very people who gave a struggling small town real estate agent his chance to become mayor in what clearly will be a single term career.

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Without further adieu here’s Ms Shay’s first column!   If you wish to ask her a question please do so by posting a comment or email us at and if you wish to support this newspaper and Ms Shay’s column please dial 855 444 1133.


Whistlblower Forum

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein.

Interesting how people who live so long ago were well aware of how society was developing even then.

Whistleblower: A person who informs on another person or organization engaged in illicit activity.

In 2008 I had little understanding of Whistleblowing other than we had a policy no one had ever invoked.

Well, I became educated very abruptly and quickly. Believe me when you have the most powerful people in your community attacking you on a daily basis you learn quickly.

In 2014 I sat on a CSA working group to develop Whistleblower Guidelines which were completed and are available on the CSA site. It was at these meetings that I met other Whistleblowers who unanimously believed that the worst thing a Whistleblower could do is to stay quiet since the perpetrators are depending on your silence.

That day after leaving that meeting I attended Leslie O’Shaughnessy’s meet and greet during his run for mayor in Cornwall and I have not stopped speaking out since.

Hopefully this forum can be an avenue for others to discuss their issues related to Whistleblowing or workplace retaliation.

I will provde helpfull documents I have found to be helpful over the years.

Take Care,

Diane Shay

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