A View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Weak Scheer Attack Over Personal Day for Trudeau 062618

Good grief! The Prime Minister is taking a personal day!

Let’s get real folks, is this the single most important thing that the Conservatives can find to attack the government and Prime Minister on when we are in the midst of a trade war, the city of Toronto is asking for help to look after refuges claimants and Canadian industries are worried about losing their competitive advantage!

Prime Ministers or even senior cabinet ministers rarely ever get a period of true time off. No matter where they go or what they do, staff are present or nearby, cell phones can reach them 24 hrs. a day and in the case of the Prime Minister, senior staff are watching over the shop.

Just because there are no meetings scheduled in an agenda, doesn’t mean a Prime Minister is taking a vacation day- and even if he was- those damn cell phones are always ringing.


  1. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Keith Beardsley.

    Andrew Scheer is simply a caretaker leader for the Cons. Once they lose the next federal election they will get serious about becoming the government again and elect someone who can defeat the Liberals. How many times have we seen caretaker leaders from the Libs, Cons and NDP? IMHO, far too many times.

  2. I kept saying everywhere on posts that Andrew Scheer is not strong enough to be the next Conservative leader nor to be a PM. I would like to see someone who has leadership ability and not one of Walt Disneys puppets. Something drastic has to change and there isn’t much time left. We may be stuck with Trudeau for another term.

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