Ottawa #OPP Snag 7 Motorcycles STUNT DRIVING 091018

(Ottawa, ON) – Members of the Ottawa Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) charged more than a dozen drivers with Stunt Driving and seized seven motorcycles and five other vehicles over the weekend.

On Friday night one motorcycle rider was spotted performing a wheelie on the highway near Nicholas, another rider was caught traveling at more than 170-kilometres per hour and two SUVs were intercepted as they entered the city. They had been passing each other at speeds well over 160-kilometres per hour. The same night, six high-end vehicles were seen traveling together at high speeds. Two drivers from Quebec were successfully intercepted by officers and charged.

On Saturday a motorcycle was pulled over for travelling at 152-kilometres per hour, two vehicles were clocked travelling together at 167-kilometres per hour and two motorcycles were clocked at speeds just under 200-kilometres per hour.

In each Stunt Driving case, the vehicle is impounded for seven days and the driver’s licence is suspended for seven days.

“The OPP is asking those who feel the need for speed to take to it to the track”, said Staff Sergeant Bob Wheeler, Ottawa Detachment Commander. “We are committed to highway and public safety and will continue to monitor driver behaviour. You never know when you are being watched, please drive responsibly.”

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