Ford Gov’t Goes Full Poutine & Invokes Not Withstanding Act Over Toronto Council Decision 091018

Cornwall Ontario – Shock and Awe as an Ontario Conservative government takes a page out of Quebec politics to chop up Toronto City Council.

The only issue this writer has are the optics.  Surely there are other councils, like the one here in Cornwall which are not serving the public equitably.

Many in the public agree that Toronto is overserved, but the same can be said for many communities so why only go Full Poutine on the council that he and his brother served on?

Why not simply create a law that states that municipalities shall have “X” members of council per “X” citizens?

This is hardcore and frankly, very entertaining.   There are swaths of political rhetoric flowing through anti social media for and against, but the bottom line is that when you don’t value your vote, whether it be municipally, federally, and yes Virginia, Provincially, elected governments can go off the reservation as the Ford Government seems to be doing.


Section 33.

(1) Parliament or the legislature of a province may expressly declare in an Act of Parliament or of the legislature, as the case may be, that the Act or a provision thereof shall operate notwithstanding a provision included in section 2 or sections 7 to 15.
(2) An Act or a provision of an Act in respect of which a declaration made under this section is in effect shall have such operation as it would have but for the provision of this Charter referred to in the declaration.
(3) A declaration made under subsection (1) shall cease to have effect five years after it comes into force or on such earlier date as may be specified in the declaration.
(4) Parliament or the legislature of a province may re-enact a declaration made under subsection (1).
(5) Subsection (3) applies in respect of a re-enactment made under subsection (4).

For the record here is the release from Mr. Ford’s team:

Doug Ford Announces Action to Uphold the Better Local Government Act

September 10, 2018

Will call back the Legislature and invoke Section 33 of the Constitution to ensure the Better Local Government Act remains in effect as passed by Ontario’s democratically elected Legislature

Ontario Premier Doug Ford today announced that his government will take immediate action to ensure the Better Local Government Act remains in effect as passed by Ontario’s democratically elected legislature.

“Canada’s Constitution makes it clear. The province has exclusive responsibility over municipalities,” said Ford in announcing his government’s action. “The Better Local Government Act will reduce the size and cost of government while reducing dysfunction at City Hall. The people who are most vocal and fighting this move are a small group of left-wing councillors looking to continue their free ride on the taxpayers’ dollar and a network of activist groups who have entrenched their power under the status quo.”

Ford announced that his government will immediately recall Ontario’s Legislature and introduce legislation that, if passed, will invoke Section 33 of the Constitution and ensure the Better Local Government Act is preserved in time for the October 22 Municipal Election.

Ford also announced that his government will immediately appeal Judge Belobaba’s decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

“I believe this decision is deeply concerning and wrong and the result is unacceptable to the people of Ontario,” concluded Ford.  “If you want to make new laws in Ontario – or in Canada – you first must seek a mandate from the people.”

There are a lot of rural redneck Quebec hatin’ “good people” who must be scratching their nether parts trying to figure this one out…while sipping their non existent  buck beers….

What do you think dear CFN viewer?  Just about anyone but Jules can post their comment below.


By Jamie Gilcig

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  1. The provincial Con’s wanted a knuckle-dragging asshat to lead them, and that’s exactly what they got. It’s gonna be an interesting four years, for sure.

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