Catholics Muzzling Media @ Bishops Confab in PROJECT TRUTH Cornwall Ontario 091918

Cornwall Ontario –  One would think that the Catholic Church, after the scandals and issues that they’ve been dealing with, especially in Cornwall Ontario,  wouldn’t try and block the light, especially at a high profile meeting of The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops that is taking place, but a report has come out that essentially shows a muzzling of the media including a two page accreditation hurdle that actually attempts to control what media would ask this September?

Not only is the Church asking for the subjects and questions covered in advance, but is stating that staff and clergy cannot be approached, even during breaks.

While meetings are closed, the prohibitions against attending media of the event which is expected to draw over 90 Bishops has essentially muzzled media which has drawn protest from the Quebec Association of Professional Journalists.

Kim Walsh, Cornwall area Chancellor has not sent CFN a release for the event nor a invite.  It’s the largest newspaper in Cornwall with over 1 million human pageviews monthly.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is there any reason to justify such anti Democratic behavior and after all of the church scandals keep such secrecy?

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  1. This doesn’t surprise you does it? Their past actions speak for themselves. They should be trying to play nice, but the decades old mentality is still there; protect the church at all costs.

  2. Hugger this has been going on long before I was ever born and I am 67 years old. I had a male classmate back in grade 3 or 4 who was an alter boy and we had to go to church all of our school on the First Friday of the Month back in the 50’s and mid 60’s era of my time and this young boy screamed his head off and had to be taken out because he was sexually abused by the priest who was saying mass.

  3. I remember about Project Truth and the priests getting away with the crimes that they committed and like I said in my previous post that this is nothing new and has been going on long before my 67 years. I am a Catholic but I refuse to go and have a priest who attacks children and is there to forgive my sins. This reminds me of the song Rasputin some sort of sexual pervert who was a Russian.

  4. Sadly & traditionally,,,,the world’s most dangerous job, is that of altar boy !

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