Dr. Paul & EOHU Playing Politics Over Safety. Is there a Measles Outbreak in Cornwall Area? 022519

One of the most frustrating thing about dealing with the political corruption in Cornwall is we are kept from basic public resources that our taxes pay for.

Specifically the Eastern Ontario Health Unit does not provide or respond to requests from this, the largest newspaper in Cornwall, about important health crisis such as your Fentanyl story last year or now with a potential measles outbreak.

With measles outbreaks in Vancouver, and reports of case in Toronto we now see a post on social media in Cornwall involving a hair person who works at The Loft right here in Cornwall.

We reached out to Ms O’Brien whose social media profile says that she lives in Alexandria, but the post appears to have since been pulled down.

We sent an email to Paul Remouliotis of the EOHU last week and followed up with a call today with no response. The last news on their website was from November.

Likewise there’s nothing on the CCH website. CCH also does not provide CFN with releases or professional communication.

Again, petty politics over public safety.

We will be working on this critical story this week. If you are dealing with measles or other childhood diseases that could easily be prevented by vaccination please email info@cornwallfreenews.com


  1. They child she is referring to that is not vaccinated has no symptoms of anything. Should have been discussed between patterns not over social media.

  2. I think I know what Ken is trying to say. But you should spell / grammar check before posting.

  3. Regardless if there is or isn’t an outbreak. You don’t vaccinate your child, he/she should not be able to attend? This is getting ridiculous, and you’ll see the school boards will be in tough because this is going to get some traction and snowball big time in the next few months before school starts in September!

  4. Bob Millaken….it already has. Thousands of Ottawa students have been suspended due to incomplete immunization records.

    I have trouble believing what was posted on FB about the child having measles until further proof is provided.

  5. Author

    Hugger if the EOHU would respond to CFN with that answer we wouldn’t have run the story as it is. We want people to be aware of a possible outbreak and hopefully more silly parents will get their kids vaccinated. I pay taxes here too. For them not to provide basic service to me personally or via CFN…well frankly it’s simply not acceptable.

  6. It is every parents right to decide if they want to vaccinate there child. The use of vaccination has been proven to harm children as well.

  7. Author

    No, it really hasn’t been proven to harm children. The lead conspiracy theorist was debunked years ago. Anyone that doesn’t vaccinate their children should be charged unless there is a medically approved reason.

  8. Well the child that is being falsely accused was exempt from vaccinations by the health unit. Every protocol was followed to have the child exempt.

  9. Author

    Ken the issue isn’t any child. It’s whether there is measles in Cornwall and getting the word out to make sure that as many children as possible are vaccinated and protected.

  10. I’m not disputing that. All media should be treated the same.

    If the child did have measles then something would have been done at the hospital. And if the EOHU is hiding it then it just isn’t CFN, as no other news outlets have reported measles in Cornwall. CTV Ottawa reported 2 cases in B.C. this evening.

  11. Author

    Paul is pulling in around $400K and the last item posted under news on the EOHU site when we looked was in November. When we covered the Fentanyl issue it was spun with his friendlier media outlet quoting all of the law enforcement agencies EXCEPT where the Fentanyl incident was alleged to have occured.

    This is not protecting the public. I had to chase to Ottawa to get numbers for our suicide story which should’ve been a preventative series instead of a warning.

    Again, for the amount of money the EOHU is spending and what it’s mandate is, it needs to be professional instead of what seems an hiring agency for Quebecers.

  12. A fake Facebook post with no stated or verifiable Who, What, When, Where, or Why.
    And How did we get here?

    A failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence. (Wikipedia)

  13. As for the EOHU… let’s see what’s left of it after the PC government’s sweeping healthcare reforms… the “Health System Efficiency Act” will likely gut Dr. Paul’s little kingdom.

  14. Author

    Simon care to clarify your post? 🙂

  15. I must be missing something. We mostly all get our kids vaccinated. Very few don’t. So what exactly is the point of getting a vaccination against a disease if you can still get it from an unvaccinated person? When you get a flu shot, they don’t tell you to stay away from people that didn’t get the flu shot. What gives? P.S I’m not an antivaxer, only against the flu shot for healthy people.

  16. I got the flu shot this year… I couldn’t sit for 2 hours

  17. Another point i’d like to make is the exemption stipulations when it comes to vaccinations. People like to come down on antivaxers and call them all kinds of names, but don’t have anything to say about those that are exempt when it comes to religious or philosophical rights . Which is where most of the problems come from, not the very few antivax moms around. Agree? Or just quietly down vote?

  18. Chickenpox vaccine is given at 12 months old, fda approved in 2005. Booster at age 4. Will you give that vaccine to your baby, or just let them go through it like we all did and be naturally immune? Chicken pox can be deadly as an adult, i’d rather natural immunization. The MMR vaccine I beleive should be mandatory, but chickenpox? Just because we can, does that automatically mean we should?

  19. Stats to back up these claims?

  20. Which claims? That antivax people are called names and harassed while those with religious or philosophical exemptions are hardly even mentioned as part of the equation? Use google and read for yourself. My experience with people that say “show me the stats” are rarely satisfied or have anything constructive to add after links and stats are provided, so have at it.

  21. Which claims? From your earlier post….”Which is where most of the problems come from, not the very few antivax moms around. “VEikq

  22. My children (now adults) were vaccinated since they were babies and when they attended Grade 1 here in Ottawa a young Japanese boy in my son s class had measles and chicken pox and passed it on to my children back in the 80s era. There is something that if you had measles and chicken pox in past years (like I had) you don’t get it again. Well who got measles and chicken pox as an adult – yes me.

  23. Though it is rare you can get chicken pox more than once. Measles, you cannot get more than once.

  24. Vaccinations protect the vaccinated, AND those around them. As one of two children (aged 9 and 7) who got whooping cough (with no vaccine available), it didn’t seem critical — then our 4 month old brother became ill.
    One afternoon he choked, turned blue, and fell unconcious. Miraculously, our doctor making a random house call at that very moment, stepped into the house just in time to save him.

  25. The whooping cough anecdote is true.
    It was an outbreak of whooping cough, the winter of ’59-’60, the baby’s name was Daniel, the Doctor was Fred Moody, and the city was T.O.
    Vaccinations properly administered (as they are in Canada) do no harm, and it is about one million times more likely that a child will die choking to death on a hot dog, than will have the slightest vaccine side effect.

  26. I remember two neighbor kids back in the late 50s and early 60s who were afflicted with whooping cough and back then they put a sign on their house at the front where the mail box was located as well as on the side of the house not to go near since there was whooping cough inside. I sure do remember those days quite well and they went to school with me but in different classes. I lived next door

  27. We had our kids vaccinated and I have the records from the doctor in my purse as I am typing this out since their birth. Boy Jules you are something else keeping those old records. Yes I have them right next to me and since their birth. Meesles is going around in both Canada and the US just now and it can be very dangerous. I have lost a little of my vision and hearing because of measles.

  28. Measles is going around in Canada and the US and it always has even when me (this senior citizen) was a child. People have to vaccinate and I know that the vaccine protects you to a certain point but that certain point is very crutial. If people are not vaccinated then they should not attend school and be home schooled instead. Here in Ottawa we have people from other countries who don’t vaccin

  29. In some countries children die from the measles epidemic. My husbands uncle was a doctor and director of UNRWA United Nations for War Refugees and he believed in the vaccines when he had that posting. I spoke with him on the phone before doing anything to our children and he said that it is a must. We had our kids taken care of since infants. No child should be allowed in school unless vaccina

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