BREAKING – Passengers Trapped in Burning Car on Hwy 43 WILL UPDATE May 9, 2019

CFN viewer Cyndy Lajoie sent in this photo of what appears to be a single vehicle collision on Highway 43 that has the passengers trapped.

Emergency vehicles are on en route.

Accident Highway 43 just east of tagwi high school. Car on fire and occupants trapped inside

They were traveling eastbound going towards mountain and lost control and ended up in the ditch on the Northside and hit a pole. Gray SUV looks like a Chevy question mark multiple occupants in the vehicle and they can’t get the doors open and there’s smoke billowing out.

They’re trapped inside the car and they can’t get the doors open. One guy was running back to his car I’m assuming to get something to smash at the window

No flames yet and the cops are on scene just a lot of smoke so I’m assuming the cop will smash at the windows with his billy club thank God.

We will update as more info comes in. If you see news happen email your video or photos to


The OPP are reporting:

Single vehicle into ditch, one occupant transported to hospital,  non life threatening injuries 

Cst Tylor Copeland OPP

Fire and Forensic Trucks joined the OPP as well as a tow truck. The vehicle hit a hydro pole.

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