BREAKING: Was there already a Suspected Case of Coronavirus @ NAV CAN in Cornwall Ontario? By Jamie Gilcig 021620 #CDNPOLI

With news of the Canadian Government sending Princess Diamond Cruise ship victims of the COVID-19 to NAV CAN in Cornwall Ontario; a non secure facility near the US border and close to Montreal and Ottawa, sources are saying that they have already had a Virus Scare.

The Eastern Ontario Heath Unit has refused to answer basic questions from this newspaper, and the Mayor cc’d other media rather than the largest in the city she serves, but reports have come in stating that someone who traveled from China was sick in the facility and staff were told not to go near the person.

We tried to ask about suspected cases of the virus as the province was reporting that as a metric.

The EOHU refuses to furnish releases or answer health questions to this newspaper. Mayor Bernadette Clement is on their board. When she released a statement about the ship victims she cc’d other media leaving out this newspaper.

Questions asked of other health officials were answered cryptically to this reporter.

Suffice to say, surely the public deserves answers to these questions and when media ask basic questions we should be able to report that information to the public.

The NAV Can facility is not secure one. It has training facilities, bars and restaurants, spa, and fitness and indoor swimming. When housing illegal immigrants quite a few simply walked away from the facility a few years ago.

One person asked if by bringing in the cruise ship victims to Cornwall it might simply be a cover for any potential spread if the person who had visited China had infected staff and clients at NAVCAN?

We will be following up with this as more information becomes available and confirmed.


  1. I sincerely hope there is full disclosure on all levels of government. The people deserve the truth !! I am glad however that our Canadian citizens are not being forced to stay on that fated boat .Their safety as well as the safety of every single person who comes into contact with them has to be done with the utmost care .!! Quarantine should be adhered to stricktly .

  2. Scare mongering Article.
    I always thought any immigrant that showed up at our border and who claimed refugee status was legal

  3. The police will need to protect us from the quarantined area, making sure no one leaves. Fear may spike vigilantes to protect us otherwise. Nav will want to do business and put many Cornwall citizens at risk. We’re not safe. Protect my grandchildren, Ms Mayor.

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