Is Online Gambling Legal In Canada?

Gambling is a pastime activity that is enjoyed by many people around the world from time immemorial. The introduction of the World Wide Web changed how gambling is done these days. Today, putters can easily access online casinos such as Wildz Casino at the comfort of their homes. Additionally, there are a plethora of casino games that they can play in the online casinos.

One of the countries that has many online gamblers is Canada; however, most of them are still unsure whether online gambling is legal or not. The Canadian gambling rules seem to be very complicated to many residing in the country; more reason we will be looking at the legal status of online gambling in Canada.

Gambling laws in Canada

Like in many other states, gambling in Canada was considered illegal in the early years. In fact, the gambling rules were quite strict, and as a result, people were afraid of trying it out. However, with time, things seem to have eased up, all thanks to the digital technological shifts.

In the 1900s, some casino games such as raffles and bingo were allowed, but only for the charitable events. About ten years later, horse races became legalized, and around 1985, gaming machines were legalized too.

With this progression, many land-based casinos started cropping up in the country, and many online punters in the state got on board.
It is important to note that there is a Canadian criminal code, which is basically a bill that clearly defines illegal gaming within Canada according to part VII unless they are included in the exceptions found in section 207.

However, provincial governments have the right to control and operate online gambling as well as lotteries.

The Kahnawake gambling commission

Established in 1996, the Kahnawake gambling commission is the legal, regulatory body responsible for issuing licenses and regulating online betting and gambling within Mohawk Territory. For any operator to be issued a gambling license by the commission, there are various requirements that they should meet, some of which include; 
1. Pass an independent audit
2. Have a high-quality software
3. Evidence of online players safety
4. Show a clear payment system
5. Age restriction of gamblers for those below 21 years
6. Provide detailed rules for payoffs and the games
7. Full details about the company
8. Show that their financial solidity
9. Register an office within Kahnawake and show evidence of its existence
This criteria is used simply to ensure that online gamblers are safe and the gambling is fair. 

So is online gambling legal in Canada?

When it comes to online gambling in Canada, it is arguably a topic that is still complicated to many. According to the criminal code of Canada, online gambling is termed as illegal. However, every province in the territory has the mandate to legalize any form of gambling within their borders. As an online gambler, therefore, it is not illegal to play in an online casino so long as the casino is operated offshore. However, online gamblers are advised to check the legitimacy of the sites before signing up to any of them.

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