Leafs Crumble from 3-1 Series Lead as Habs Move to Round 2 – HOCKEYCRUNCH by Jamie Gilcig

JUNE 1, 2021 – When your GM shows up at the game looking like a low rent gay porn star fluffer from the 70’s you know you’re going to win, and that’s exactly what the Montreal Canadiens did. Somehow.

Did the Habs win or Leafs lose? There is a difference.

Carey Price was good enough. He stole game one and he was good enough the rest of the way. Jack Campbell actually had better numbers for the series, but his team let him down.

While there are always excuses to be made the bottom line is that Toronto had 3 chances to put Montreal away and choked on yogurt as the Leafs tend to do.

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Erik the Viking may have only played ten minutes, but his role was desperately needed. Ben Chariot ate another ton of effective minutes even though playing beat up. There were many individual victories for Montreal. Eric Staal had two assists and his surface numbers look great, but he did duck two clear penalties .

Now Montreal faces a bigger challenge as the Jets swept their first series and are well rested and have a much more dangerous and deep offense, an underrated defense, and what may be a better goalie.

One of the biggest questions this series was why young Alex Romanov didn’t suit up. If it wasn’t injury or some serious reason it just might be time for some fresh legs to face The Peg’s forward core.

One prediction from this scribbler is that the Jets Habs series will be very very physical.

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