Holy Project Truth! SD&G Warden, South Glengarry Mayor, & Cornwall Ontario Resident FRANK PREVOST Charged w Child Luring & Sexual Assault #cwlpoli

JUNE 9, 2021 – Good ol Cornwall where the alleged child lurving freaks get voted in as Warden of the Counties and Mayor!

South Glengarry has a long and storied history of abuse and corruption, but it appears that Mayor Frank Prevost who doesn’t even live in South Glengarry, but Cornwall, has some ‘splainin to do in court; probably to an even more corrupt local politically appointed justice.

Via the OPP:

Child Sexual Exploitation Unit                            DATE: June 9, 2021

                       Investigation & Support Bureau


(ORILLIA, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Child Sexual Exploitation Unit (CSEU), Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry OPP, Grenville OPP along with OPP Digital Forensics investigators have arrested and charged a resident of Cornwall with Child Luring offences after an online undercover operation.

 ” On June 8, 2021, 53-year old Frank J. PREVOST of Cornwall was arrested and charged under the Criminal Code with three counts of Luring a child, contrary to section 172.1(1)(b) of the Criminal Code.

172.1(1)(b) of the Criminal Code, which prohibits communicating, by means of telecommunication, with a person who is or who the accused believes is under the age of 16 for the purposes of facilitating the commission of certain designated offences against that person

  As a result of a separate investigation involving an adult victim, the accused has also been charged with one count of Sexual assault, contrary to section 271 of the Criminal Code.

271 Everyone who commits a sexual assault is guilty of

  • (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years or, if the complainant is under the age of 16 years, to imprisonment for a term of not more than 14 years and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of one year; or
  • (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 18 months or, if the complainant is under the age of 16 years, to imprisonment for a term of not more than two years less a day and to a minimum punishment of imprisonment for a term of six months.

  The accused was held for a video bail hearing at the Ontario Court of Justice in Cornwall.  

  The OPP has seen an increase in online offender behaviour, by those persons intent on the sexual exploitation of children. As a result, members of OPP CSEU are actively conducting proactive online luring investigations to aggressively target these offenders.        

  Parents are reminded to take a proactive approach to help protect their children from online sexual exploitation by speaking with their children regarding Internet safety. Parents and anyone interested in protecting children can find resources to assist them at www.cybertip.ca.

  Anyone with information regarding this investigation, or if you have information regarding Internet child exploitation, please contact the OPP at . If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers at (TIPS) or 1-800-222-8477″

True to its core corruptness there was no word of these charges in the Cornwall Police Service blotter.

Frankie works out of Century 21 Shield Realty Ltd. according to a webpage and the Toronto Star when not allegedly luring the kiddies. Do Century 21 agents still wear yellow jackets as that would be…well….

No word yet if these charges have improved his chances of running for higher power in SD&G in the upcoming Federal and Provincial elections.

We did not even bother trying to reach out to Frank for this story.


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  1. Been telling you for a while there a lot of corruption in south Glengarry and your the only news guy that will post the truth. I think this is just a start of the rise and fall of south Glengarry
    Hopefully you can uncover the truth

  2. Wow this is what this town now going to be remember for project truth and a mayor sending dick pics to kids

  3. Author

    We can only uncover when we have facts to work with. Without resources and community support it’s pretty much hopeless. Frank really must’ve po’d someone for him to actually be charged.

    All of our viewers should be sending viewer donations via e interac to info@cornwallfreenews.com Otherwise we will have full paywalls starting in September.

  4. Frank took 6 month leave probably give him more time to rope kids in with cotton candy and ice cream cones.

    Just sick I can’t believe we are now run by a kiddie diddler and now we have the guy who business slogan was you dump we pump it running the ship

    South Glengarry going to be like the titanic where everything sinking Jack and rose are sailing along on a life boat hoping to make it

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