HOCKEY CRUNCH Habs End Cinderella Cup Run. Time to say Goodbye to Bergy, Ducharme, Price & Weber. By Jamie Gilcig

July 8, 2021 – What a wild ride this season has been. There’s been some good, but more bad ultimately.

The Free Agent pick ups worked out really well. Sadly, some of those character guys that GM Marc Bergevin built this time around kinda punked out.

This edition of the Habs reminds me of the old Outfielder Lonnie Smith, or “Skates” as he was called. Lonnie could turn routine outs into spectacular plays. That was when he made the play. He was talented and fun, but muchos drama could be part of his tool box.

Les boys backed into the playoffs this year with Jake Allen saving the team’s season. Price, was Price, who by the end of the season literally was a head case with a concussion.

Poor Claude Julien was fired along with Kirk Muller, and the goalie coach.

Apparently Mr. Bergevin built his team for the playoffs, but the numbers don’t really support that.

Having key players out in a short series is not something you build for or target. Again, kudos for the team for getting the job done although they had to pull off a dramatic come back vs Toronto.

Watching the team play against Tampa really showed it’s weak points.

The good news is that Carey Price and Shea Weber upped their trade value. With expansion this is the time to find them new homes. This team is old. Not good old. Not experienced, but old and getting older.

It was very interesting seeing Patrick Roy attend the game. There are options out there. I think we’ve all seen enough of Team Bergy at this stage, and Dom Ducharme who managed to catch Covid. The team was so happy to see him back they played their worst game of the finals the night he returned.

The cup is half full. There are challenges. The team still needs a 1 C. They still need some talented francophone players. They need a team president, and a GM that understands that cap. I love Gally, but that contract will ruin his legacy. It’s not the first horrid contract that Bergevin gave out.

The team doesn’t need a rebuild, but they do need a true identity and they need a much younger core and cap balance.

Look at Tampa. Stamkos took less to stay. Others on that roster have too. Even though TB is in cap trouble they can afford to lose a few good player and still be a juggernaut.

Julien Brisebois did a great job with them. If I was Mr. Molson I’d have the bank doors open when and if JB ever becomes available.

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