Vincent Family Ice Rink Killer Appointed Mayor in Cornwall PETITION

July 9, 2021 – Cornwall is a scary place. It’s upside down and the very worst of human qualities seem to float to the top. In this case an old foul mouthed corrupt red neck named Glen Grant has been appointed as mayor for nearly half a term by his fellow thugs on council.

To run for mayor in Cornwall you have to get signatures and qualify to run. Only three people ran, all unfit in their own ways, but they got their signatures and paid their money. The city had the option to appoint either of the other two or call a by election to fill the seat.

Bernadette Clement broke the law by over spending nearly 30% of the limit for her campaign. An appointed committee of three that were in conflict for their previous relationships with Bernie cleared her of any wrong doing. That’s how Cornwall rolls.

Clement, who lost twice running for the Liberals Federally, allowed people over the income threshold to get her personal service at the Legal Clinic and has nearly destroyed Cornwall’s finances has just been placed on the Senate by Justin Trudeau. So much for merit in this country for hard working people to strive for.

Council has chosen to appoint Grant as mayor to finish the term. His opponent in the race is someone that lives with their parents still and was just nailed by the Integrity commissioner; Justin Towndale.

This issue comes down to whether Grant really represents the values of this community or the exact opposite? If the community doesn’t rally against this travesty then you have to own it.

Grant was alleged to have “assisted” making sure the Ice rink was taken down as one of his buddies lived across the street from it. LINK

Grant was also publicly embarrassed by a diversity group that tried to block his being appointed to mayor, but when the very silly Michelle Allinotte is your point person success generally isn’t in the bag.

The blame for this circus? Well you, the voters who put these boobs on council. Now your taxes are flaming up and cash grabs like water meters are the norm while you count your garbage bags because the city didn’t bother to have a real end plan for the city dump, never mind a plan for a new one.

There are some good people in Cornwall; some that can actually spell Cornwall.

So for the sake of being on the right side of history CFN is posting this position simply asking Council to reverse its insane decision to appoint Grant and call a by election for the seat of Mayor until the end of this term.

Democracy; integrity, dignity, respect. These are things missing at our City Hall. Please sign the petition; share the petition; try not to create 20 more petitions because you don’t like someone that signed it, and let’s show the real world that there are decent people in Cornwall that respect the true spirit and nature of Democracy and what it means to be elected to the seat of mayor.

Btw, in case you want to know which corrupt councilors appointed Grant to mayor it was Elaine MacDonald, Carilyne Hebert, Senile Syd Gardiner, Maurice Dupelle, Claude McIntosh, and Todd Bennett. None of whom should be allowed to run for office again after this horrid joke on the citizens of Cornwall. All should immediately resign, although we know they won’t.

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  1. We got this clown in cornwall
    We have a kiddie diddler on leave but still Mayor in south Glengarry and prevost point road still has not be renamed in glen Walter
    We seen the Tammy hart days in south stormont so what next for this area
    Then add full time fire chief who have labour board complaints against him in south Glengarry and a over paid chief police chief in Cornwall who out running ppl
    Off the 138 and that’s all ok
    The area might as well start a zoo at least the animals are already here

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