HOCKEYCRUNCH – Why This Will be Marc Bergevin’s Last Year as Hab GM. By Jamie Gilcig

AUGUST 26, 2021 – Weird things happen in Hockey. The sad prevailing philosophy of the great franchise known as the Montreal Canadians is to “make the playoffs”. Anything can happen.

Well it did happen last year. Through misfortune to opposition that no Vegas odds maker would account for the Habs had a chance to move forward.

And they did. Kudos to the team and management.. No matter what happens you still have to win, and les boys made it to the last dance.

But the formula that they used was flawed. The Clydesdales could not play the way they did in the playoffs during the regular season; certainly without being penalized to death.

The big question was whether Bergy did a good job last year and this off season.

This depends on your criteria. Last off seasons free agent signings were rock solid. Resigning Jake Allen was again rock solid. Part of a GM’s job is to maximize the value of your assets which if course is open to many perspectives.

This off season the moves have been bewildering . Did he have a chance to sign Perry for two years and if so did Bergy simply refuse a second year? We may never know the answer to that question, but it’s a big question.

The best move he may have made was letting Danault sign for crazy money and term with LA. He didn’t do that with Gallagher who has a brutal contract with the team and may not last as many years as he has good fingers on one hand. I love “Gally”, but not at that contract and term. And both of those count.

Will Weber come back for the play offs? Will the team make the play offs? If Weber is done then his contract should be traded to some of the floor seeking teams rather than just sit on IR until his contract is over. There’s no value in having his cap on LTIR

Is Jack Eichel really the difference maker? The Habs have the assets, but no triggers were pulled. Would I trade Cole Caufield for Eichel? In a NY minute. Was that ever on the table?

Montreal is in the middle of nowhere with many older players who will not improve and no clear path to a playoff spot in a very very tough Atlantic division. Are the Habs better than the Leafs? Canes? Florida, Boston, Tampa? Or than Ottawa even?

Montreal isn’t a horrible team. It doesn’t need a reboot, and probably not a reset even, but it does need a 1C, or a very good 2C to take pressure off of Nick Suzuki.

The team needs to finally say goodbye to Carey Price and send him to the Kraken even if it means eating some salary in the end. Seattle taking the contract as is wasn’t a good deal and I have a hunch Carey would be more than happy finishing his career closer to home and out of the coming storm if the team doesn’t deliver.

The team needs to stop just trying to make the playoffs. It needs to not rely on hail Mary passes or one key star like Price.

It’s time for change. The question will be if the Habs will have a good candidate for GM or fall backwards. There are some interesting young players coming up the pipeline, but Montreal fans want long playoff runs. They need a team that can give them that. This team currently isn’t there.

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