Team O’Toole Going Full Trump? And How Anti Vax is Ontario Premier Doug Ford? By Jamie Gilcig

AUGUST 28, 2021 – Scary times and scary days during this election. With Covid-19 numbers rising it appears that the Anti Vax faction is starting to boil over.

Based mostly on delusional ignorance, anger at just about every other issue, and in many cases simple mental illness, most Canadians are facing a Delta wave fueled by the unvaccinated with schools imminently about to open across the country with millions of unvaccinated children set to attend.

The response to this has again been tepid and weak across Canada. No strong leadership at the top, none at the provincial level really, and a frightening lack of enforcement of what few pandemic rules are in place can only lead to numbers akin to certain US states.

That angry mobs have now greeted Prime Minister Trudeau to the point of cancellation of events is not Democracy. It’s Trump time.

While Erin O’Toole and his team may not have direct input or responsibility we’ve seen Willy Wonka and outhouse ads. There’s rumblings that these angry mobs are not organic, but a travelling circus dogging the PM. If that proves to be true it would be very 1920’s right wing politics, and very very unCanadian.

Politics is a blood sport, but rarely in Canada has it actually spilled any real blood.

As for Premier Ford; Ontario’s numbers are rising almost as fast as Alberta’s because frankly it appears that Dougie just doesn’t take Covid seriously.

Announcing that all LTC workers have to be vaccinated may make for a great headline, but then you read the release and dig a bit and realize that in fact if workers in LTC that refuse to get vaxxed have to watch an educational video and still get to work doesn’t work.

How on earth has Randy Hillier, of the selling lawn sign business and using his MPP staff for his antics still not in jail?

There is only one way out of Covid. That’s by following the best practices science and medicine have to offer as they develop. It’s by people taking the politics out of the pandemic.

It’s about keeping our people and economy as safe as possible. Not putting kids in ICU’s because you’re worried about your crazed Anti Vax voter base.

We’ve seen the division caused in the US and the needless death and illness . We’re seeing it in Alberta and Canada now.

Our choices are simple . Either we face lockdowns again or we keep those that refuse to get vaccinated out of areas of potential outbreak spreads. The government knows who’s had a vaccine. All they have to do is mail out cards like our OHIP card in Ontario to show status.

We can do better. It’s not rocket science.

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  1. Great article.

    Its about time someone actually calls out Dougie Deco Ford for the shite job he is doing.

    It seems some people are too stupid to be left to their own devices to get the vaccine, the vaccine passport will be a realization of how many more “freedoms” they can lose before this pandemic is finally under control.

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