4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad – Amazon Kindles George Orwell

Amazon got into hot water recently by removing George Orwell titles such as 1984 and Animal Farm from its Kindle E-Readers. L I N K Amazon offers Kindle E-Readers which allow you to download and read books.   However their service chose to eliminate the Orwell titles and refund their purchasers. “As long as Amazon maintains […]

Kilger for MP Rumblings?

I’m hearing quite a few people talk about our Cornwall Mayor Robert “Bob” Kilger returning to the Federal scene and defeat the current Conservative MP who besides not attending Grand Chief Mitchell’s swearing in ceremony,  has been very not noticed by Cornwall residents during the Bridge Crisis. I put in a call to the Mayor’s […]

20,000 Pageviews and Counting! Thank You Cornwall!

20,000 Pageviews and Counting!  Thank You Cornwall!

20,000 Pageviews & Counting! Thank you Cornwall and the World for helping make this site grow as fast as it has.   We’ve only been around since February and are very grateful to each and every one of you who have taken a moment from your lives and have visited us.  In today’s media it’s hard […]

Did Hilary Clinton Open the Bridge?

The Bridge is open and traffic is flowing again.   The issues haven’t really been dealt with and the bridge isn’t really built to have a lot of traffic sit on in on a steady basis which is what can happen if there’s more traffic than the temporary station can handle. The Harper Government was forced […]

Local and World Quick Hits for Wednesday July 22

An American Sadhu in Utah Local Couple Stung by Canadian Madoff – Earl Jones First Canadian TAMIFLU resistant Swine Flu Case VIA RAIL shutting CANCELLING Trains in Advance of Strike Cornwall Slumlord Denis Valade Nailed with $4K fine JOSEPH HENRY BURGESS 40 Year Manhunt Ends With His Death in Mexico “At the age of 62, […]

This isn’t Kansas Keesha – Art by Nick Wolochatiuk

Photo courtesty of Nick Wolochatiuk © – All rights reserved A great time was had last night at the Cornwall & Regional Writer’s Society.   When I saw Nick’s photo I wanted to post it up here as I thought it was stunning.     Keesha, Nick’s American Eskimo Miniature photographed against a wall at the old Cotton […]

Interview with Cornwall Legend Mayor Bob Kilger

Interview with Cornwall Legend Mayor Bob Kilger

MP from 1988 – 2004; member of the Cornwall Hockey Hall of Fame, and our current Mayor; I recently (before the bridge opened) had the honor and priviledge of spending some interview time with Mayor “Bob” Kilger. MAYOR KILGER ON WIKI We covered so many issues that I probably have enough for several interviews. THE […]



If you love to write this group is for you if you’re in the Cornwall area.   From novices to the more experienced there’s nothing like being in a room full of creative people to get you going in the right direction. Here is a blurb from Lorna Foreman whom you can contact for more info.   […]

News Legend Walter Cronkite – Dead at 92

Sad news, Legend Walter Cronkite has passed away at the age of 92.   The Most Trusted Man in America will be fondly remembered. Here is one of  his most famous broadcasts: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K8Q3cqGs7I W I K I please visit our sponsors:

Renee Zellweger Back for Bridget Jones 3

It looks like it’s a GREEN LIGHT for Renee Zellweger to get into the Ice Cream and return for a 3rd round in the Bridget Jones franchise.    In this sequel Bridget faces the baby clock.   No word yet if he usual suspects will return, but Hugh Grant and Colin Firth’s dance cards have not been […]

The Financial Page

Here is a list of interesting bits from the news as I am hearing a lot of people over enthusiastic about the economy recovering. While we do have things a bit better in Canada than in the US or other parts of the world the recession is still there and its impact is most likely […]


According to Cornwall City Councilor Dennis Carr the city can save an awful lot of money by closing area pools that just aren’t being used enough any longer.   L I N K “Last year, the city budgeted $555,639 to run the aging outdoor pools and recorded a total of 13,815 visits. That works out to […]

Grant vs MacDonald – Kilger separates the boys – Flagpole Blues for Cornwall’s Francophone Community

A weird and wooly night at Cornwall City Council and I left early! The main event was the final decision over Le Monuement de la Francophonie.  The Richelieu Club wanted an 80 foot flag pole over a monument to honor the contributions of the Francophone community in Cornwall; specifically at Lamoureux Park. (LINK) I personally […]

Bridge Open for today – Trap or Solution?

I personally was very disturbed to read about the bridge being open this morning. Not that I don’t want the bridge open, but in the manner that it was done. To arbitrarily take action like this without consulting the MCA to me is just wrong if that’s what happened as reported here. It’s upping the […]

Bruno # 1 at the Box Office

Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie BRUNO came in #1 at the Box Office this weekend followed by ICE AGE: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, TRANSFORMERS Revenge of the Fallen, Johnny Depp’s John Dillenger flick PUBLIC ENEMIES, and The Proposal. What did you see at the movies this weekend Cornwall? please visit our sponsors: