Habs force Game 7 with 4-3 Win at Home – Flyers Won’t Die – Shut Out Boston 4-0 – Cornwall Ontario – May 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Both the Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens kept their dreams of Lord Stanley alive!   The Flyers shut out Boston 4-0 even after losing Brian Boucher to injury.   Michael Leighton finished the shut out. Simon Gagne led the way with two goals for Philly.  Chris Pronger was on the ice for […]

Canadian Activist Marc Emery to be Extradited to the US after Minister Rob Nicholson Signs Extradition Order – MAY 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Prince of Pot, political activist Marc Emery has surrendered to police and the Rob Nicholson, the minister responsible has signed the extradition order.   Mr. Emery is expected to be transported to the US within the week. In a gross injustice and threat to Canadian Sovereignty the Harper government is showing its […]

It’s not just Bees – Infertility issues for men rapidly developing in the world – Cornwall Ontario – May 10, 2010

Cornwall ON- Recent media stories are pointing to more and more issues of Male Infertility. According to many of these stories developments in babies via chemicals and other environmental issues are impacting the reproductive capabilities of men. LINK Professor Niels Skakkebaek, of the University of Copenhagen, describes the issue ‘as important as global warming’. Last week, […]

Vrienden means Friends in Dutch – Beau’s Brew Unveils new Maple Syrup & Juniper Berry beer! May 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Our friends at Beau’s Brew have been at it again and after being commissioned Dutch Embassy in Ottawa you can sample their latest in The Wild Oat series, Vrienden. Juniper Berries and Maple Syrup power this unique Belgian style witbier. This week, Beau’s announced the name of the beer – Vrienden, Dutch for “friends” – […]

Coronation Street News – Kate Ford gets Cheeky for Peta – Betty Williams (Betty Driver) to Retires in 50th Anniversary Season – Cornwall Ontario – May 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – Betty  Williams has been on Coronation Street for 41 one years and as she nears her 90th year Betty Williams, the beloved actress and OBE is going to be hangup up her hot pots and retiring.     I can’t really imagine the show without her popping up every now again. The […]

Are Canadian Federal Election Drums a Beating? Is it Showtime? What do you think Canada? Cornwall Ontario – May 11, 2010

Cornwall ON – So how close are we to a Federal Election call?   We had our own Ottawa pundit & View From the Hill columnist, Keith Beardsley, on Seawayradio.com Thursday May 6th and he suggested a call as early as this week.    Surely Prime Minister Harper won’t call an election unless he feels […]

So Did you Get Your Freak on With Steven Paul Boone? Internet Hook Ups lead to arrest on Aggravated Sexual Assault in Ottawa Ontario – May 8 2010

Ottawa ON – Steven Paul Boone, aged 29, is in custody, charged with over 7 counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault. LINK Acting Chief Gilles Larochelle said releasing Boone’s photo is an “extraordinary measure,” but is warranted to ensure all his sexual partners are informed and get medical care. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, the […]

Networking with The Tri-County Literacy Council – Now Offering Twitter & Facebook Courses – Cornwall Ontario – May 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – Tri-County Literacy Council has offered basic computer instruction to the residents of S.D. & G. since 1986.  A cap of 6 students per session means that students learn in a relaxed environment and receive the individual attention they often need. Over the years the agency has offered a drop-in program for persons […]

Study Suggests Large Breasted Blonde Waitresses Earn More in Tips – Cornwall Ontario – May 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – A study released recently suggested that slim blonde, large breasted waitresses earn more in tips than others; especially dumpy, unattractive, ones that say “youse” and have charming cigarette and whisky phlegm voices going and bad manners. LINK His results indicate that evolutionary instinct trumps the ideals many patrons profess. Though most customers […]

FIRE Consumes FORMER CIL Building on old Domtar site – Seaway International Bridge Shut down – BREAKING Cornwall Ontario – May 7, 2010

FIRE Consumes FORMER CIL Building on old Domtar site – Seaway International Bridge Shut down – BREAKING Cornwall Ontario – May 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – A fire consumed an old CIL building on the former Domtar Inc. site in Cornwall Ontario resulted in the closure of the Seaway International Bridge early this evening.  5 Vehicles and 20 personnel were dispatched to the fire. An ongoing investigation will initiate to determine the cause and nature of the blaze. […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Question Period Reform Part 3: Civility Required – May 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – As mentioned previously MP Michael Chong has taken on the daunting task of trying to reform Question Period. One proposal which will be very controversial is the suggestion that the Prime Minister only show up one day a week, on Wednesday. The catch is that he would answer all questions for the […]