Cornwall Ontario – In Ontario you don’t have to be a lawyer or paralegal to be appointed as a Justice of the Peace.  You don’t need any legal training or background.   Essentially you need a highschool diploma, which is why former Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger couldn’t become one, and reallyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario -Robert Cadieux has taken some of the pain at the tragic loss of his wife Kristine, and his injuries, and worked  hard with a group of supporters to create a group called V.O.I.C.E. as many feel that the Crown and Justice system has let down their families andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – We have a system that is utterly broken.  It’s a cash machine for law enforcement and judicial system that essentially depend on each other to earn their incomes and improve their budgets. There is a very low threshold of accountability for abuses or errors by police, andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s amazing the games that politicians play with the lives of citizens.    After the Julie Bilotta case which has resulted in a $1.3 million dollar lawsuit on her behalf via Super Lawyer Lawrence Greenspon, yet another incident has occurred at the much maligned facility. Clearly notContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   When I heard about the case of one of Canada’s most decorated soldiers, Collin Fitzgerald,  being utterly screwed over by our court system right here at the Cornwall court house I rushed over. Because of this newspaper a requested gag  order by the crown might haveContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – So the question today is why won’t the Cornwall Community Police proceed with my complaint against Michael Bedard? Mr. Bedard made clearly false claims in February 2014 that I’d made threatening phone calls to him which resulted in my eventually being charged by police. The claim wasContinue Reading

CFN – I accidentally took this weekend off.   I  really did.  It was odd.  It was kinda wonderful.  My critters were happy.  My girl friend was happy.   I was even kinda happy, or at least a bit rested. I napped.  I watched Nashville on Netflix.   I chattedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  I was asked what was the hardest part of this last year?  Was it the police charges?  Was it that after Bell provided a production order that categorically stated that I never made the calls (nearly six months ago!)  that the police and crown put forth inContinue Reading

CFN – In this day and age of social media we become more aware of how uneven justice can be.  While Justice is supposed to be blind; it also is meant to be evenly applied; but it looks like that may not be the case. Today the CBC did aContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I was at Riverdale Terrace for the first time tonight.    Stunning facility for those to retire to; but it was former St. Lawrence College Dean, failed Provincial Liberal nomination candidate,  and Kilger campaign manager Pat Finucan that marred the evening. It was stunning and shocking.  SadlyContinue Reading

It’s very rare that I appeal to the community and there are some that will suggest that this appeal is strictly for myself; maybe for selfish reasons, but it’s certainly not meant to be treated. On February 7th my life changed.  I had gone to court to try and collectContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Should all or some of the members of the Cornwall Ontario police board have to resign due to the upcoming Municipal elections? Mayor Kilger sits on the board as a “Citizen Representative” and his campaign manager Pat Finucan is the chair.  Cornwall Councilor Andre Rivette is runningContinue Reading