Cornwall Ontario – There’s a dark side to journalism.  Play ball, don’t report certain things, report others in favorable terms and you too could do the Heart of the City to City Hall shuffle as Kevin Lajoie did, and now Todd Lihou appears to be doing. All on the public’sContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – This morning I received a release from a major Home Store chain.   It was professionally written and normally I’d be intrigued. I emailed back explaining that we’d love to assist, but that we generally don’t do so for businesses that boycott us. That means if weContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Starting CFN in 2009 has been an amazing experience.   It’s been brutal in many ways exposing the darkest sides of any community I’ve ever seen not in a cheap tv series or movie. While by far my experience with people in this town has been pleasant,Continue Reading

As many regular CFN viewers know I am “Hyper Non Partisan” politically.  I decided, after dealing with politicians here on CFN that I could no longer support Partisan Politics. It made no sense from a personal view point.    Yes, belonging to a group could be a good thing, butContinue Reading

So I have a friend who is an amazing grower.   He has a maple sugar bush and grows many strains of amazing Organic Garlic. He called asking if I was going to be at the fest Sunday.    I said nope.  I would be catching up on house work,Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Sometimes you have to out a troll clearly.   On the left is one Nicholas MacNaughton.  Mr. MacNaughton is a special kind of troll. His hatred has lasted several years now and his energy in attacking CFN and myself seem to be his occupation.  It probably startedContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Since my political smear involving my being charged by Cornwall Police Services, and my announcing my candidacy for Mayor I’ve seen a tremendous amount of frankly, hate. A small group of people started a boycott page against CFN on social media.  They plunked people into the group.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s been an odd week.   Cold meds, Cornwall, a ton of introspection and thoughts about life during my 49th year.   A day when every single insecurity and neurosis I have exploded. It also included being so very grateful for my friends and family.  My critters,Continue Reading