“Choose Cornwall”. I did. In fact, both my wife and I did. We came here to attend St. Lawrence College, (SLC) not knowing much about the area.You can look at tourism sites, review sites and city websites but you never know what kind of culture a place has until you’veContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s always sad to see a great event have a punk turnout.  Cornwall home boy Tony Luis should have filled the Civic Complex Saturday night. Perfect weather.  Father’s Day weekend. Beloved local fighter, only $25 tix,  but sadly the Liveco folks for some odd reason feel thatContinue Reading

As the death rattles for the Cornwall River Kings shake, owner Steve Moreau answered a few questions for CFN regarding the shutting down of the team. Ironically a last ditch effort by Rodney Rivette is another example of the dysfunction and corruption of the culture in Cornwall.  Where was olContinue Reading

I know.  What an odd picture to header a column, but then, this is an odd town with an ever odder City Council. The problem is the old adage, “You get the politicians you deserve.” After all, this is a town that over 4,000 people voted for Robert Brock Frost,Continue Reading

Over a dozen Cornwall real estate agents have been lamenting the weak market we’re seeing this season.  Inventory is fat and sales are few and far between. This of course is having an impact on businesses that depend on house sales, from support services to sales of furnishings and allContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In what turned out to be one of the longest presentations to council I’ve ever endured Cornwall City council voted to give itself an unprecedented raise Monday evening. The presentation was so long that the mayor and four councilors took potty breaks during the monstrous amount ofContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Since my political smear involving my being charged by Cornwall Police Services, and my announcing my candidacy for Mayor I’ve seen a tremendous amount of frankly, hate. A small group of people started a boycott page against CFN on social media.  They plunked people into the group.Continue Reading

CFN – Cornwall Ontario City Councilor David Murphy has filed his papers for re election.  The first time councilor has been a part of the most dysfunctional council in the city’s history. Murdering Beavers, Pigeons, Geese, Coyotes, the Fitzpatrick scandal, the firing of HR Manager Robert Menagh to move intoContinue Reading