Cornwall Ontario – I watched the debate between US Presidential candidates Hilary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump. It was not the reality show gore fest that many were expecting.   It wasn’t very entertaining or informative.    I don’t think it ultimately will change the voter turn out or results.Continue Reading

  While this disturbing, but hotly awesome piece of video is going viral it shows a few things about politics in Canada in 2015. One that the Harperites are extremely unhappy with the Mike Duffy saga; not so much for what Duffy did, but for how it’s played out. DoesContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I was prepared for just about anything tonight.  It’s been a crazy Ontario election here in SD&G.  Public interest has been at a minimum.  This election’s Chamber of Commerce debate had about 100 less than last elections and most of the crowd was very very partisan withContinue Reading