Harper Wins G&M Leader Debate by Default – Mulcair for Best Tie! by Jamie Gilcig

I have to admit I wanted to hear the three leaders of the parties with an actual chance to lead our government debate.   Elizabeth May would probably have kicked butt, but it’s important for voters to get as good a chance as they can to see the three contenders in action, especially with the debate contortions and drama of this election.

G& M debateThomas Mulcair gets bonus points for wearing a purple tie.  As my talented artist friends tell me you get purple by mixing red and blue!

Mr. Harper stuck to his strategy.  He didn’t get knocked off his pole and he let Mr. Trudeau and Mulcair batter each other which I’m sure is hoping to divide the opposition so that he can run up the middle with a win.

The only problem is that on the night it was Mr. Trudeau that showed a real option.   Mr. Mulcair played up to soft Red Tory voters and was quite effective doing so.   Mr. Harper stuck to staunching that flow and keeping his head down.

Mr. Trudeau needed a win with this debate.  He scored some strong points, but the question will be whether there were enough points to get him out of a third place finish.

In the sense that he may have scored more points than the other leaders he did not accomplish what he really needed.

Globe & Mail Debate in full below.

Did you watch the debate?  What do you think dear CFN voters?



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  1. Didn’t watch it but have read lots about it. From what I gather, most pundits agree with you Jamie. I’m still convinced that the Harper Cons are circling the drain. Even in my ultra Conservative riding, Leeds-Grenville, lots of people, including old Cons, want to heave Steve.

  2. Author

    You may be right Furtz, but come voting day will they switch from Blue or simply stay home?

  3. Author

    I’m leaning towards voting Orange for the first time, but I don’t think I can with such a pathetic candidate in this riding.

  4. I think a lot of Con supporters will stay home, but in my riding, some will switch to Liberal. We have a very strong Lib candidate this time, and the Con gang should be a bit nervous.

  5. Jamie when Harpoon Harpo first showed his face years ago (the first time that we all saw him) I personally voted NDP for Jack Layton. Jack didn’t survive to see the outcome unfortunately. Harpoon Harpo is a very strong person and he happens to be right on after all the thought that I gave it. I have seen so much and believe me the man is right. I can call him and others all the names in the book but Harpo is right. If we elect Justine God Help Us All because he knows absolutely nothing at all and would put Canada into enormous debt of bankruptcy whereas Harpoon Harpo is tlrying to keep a lid on things and we are in terrible debt as is and in a recession. The second best is Thomas the Cat – at least he knows law and some business. Anybody who would vote in Trudope is going to murder Canada.

  6. Harper again. The other 2 are ass kissers and stargazers. Wish we had a Trump!

  7. I guess the Harper lovers don’t see what he has done to this once wonderful country for the last ten years. As for Justin’s age he’ll be 44 this December. Harper was only 46 when he became PM.

  8. People will need to choose between novice leadership or experience. Proven fiscal capabilities which have brought Canada through a tough global economic crisis (in better shape than most countries) or a party with no track record or a party that has a track record of tax and spend. Consider the facts of how the NDP failed provincially in Ontario and British Columbia and what a decade of Liberal policy and corruption has done to the now have not province of Ontario.

    The phrase lesser of evils almost always applies to our political choices. No party can possibly be everything to all people. At some point you have to let your individual bias, sense of entitlement simmer and allow commonsense to direct your choice.

    This is not the time, in my opinion, to head into uncharted waters. Maybe some time in our future …..just not now. I will take the good with the bad in exchange for obvious potential disaster. I would like to stay in Canada for a few more years.

  9. Author

    David this novice line doesn’t hold weight. Mr. Harper himself was a “Novice”. Our country is run by our bureaucracy. Yes, our politicians can change policy, but this in almost all cases isn’t done nilly willy and is handled and guided by those Deputy Ministers who are not necessarily party affiliated.

    You aren’t voting for one leader. You’re voting for the policy of a party that a person happens to lead.

  10. The Harper Cons have a solid and consistent record when it comes to election cheating and fraud. Consistency is what we need.

  11. {MODERATED} Enough with the name calling Jules.

  12. That is very true Jamie. The party whether it be the Cons, NDP, Libs or any other has pollicies that they have to follow (each one has their own) and are not alone in the decision making. Harpo is very intelligent and the second one like I said is Thomas the Cat but Justine is “dumb and dumber”. They don’t get any dumber than Justine – they just don’t.

  13. I listened to Wayne Gretzky singing the praises of Harper a few days ago. He sounded like he has had his bell rung a few too many times. Has he always sounded like that?

  14. Jamie i love those names – they suit them all so vlery well. LOL LOL. Someone mentioned about Donald Trump “the trump card” but the man is all mouth. I love to hear him say “you’re fired” and wonder if he would say that in the political field as well. We have enough of Harpo and the rest of the gang that we have to tend to and I do hope that Harpo gets in again since he is the best there is. I have been following plenty of things and things that others may not follow and I give credit to Harpo for sticking to what he believes in and it is for our best interest. The second best is Thomas the Cat of the NDP but in no way on God’s Green Earth would I ever vote for Justin(MODERATED) Things are bad enough as is without throwing him in – he would destroy Canada in a fraction.

  15. To all the unknown foot soldiers.. watch Gavin McInnis Online Anonymity Is For Wimps.

  16. Admin it does hold weight. The definitive word that you yourself used was “was” in referring to the fact that at a previous point in time Stephen Harper had been a novice. The reality at this current point in time is that Stephen Harper is not a novice and that he is being challenged by two novices ( or would be leaders ). There are those that seem fixated on my possible political leanings when my focus is a much broader perspective with a strong desire for fairness and a low tolerance for innuendo, misleading half truths and sometimes complete bullshit.

    Yes of course in Canada we vote for a party and get the leader that the party has elected. The reality is that a leader influences the party and not the other way around. The leadership has to be considered especially with the blurring of political lines found within our democratic system. One can identify with the platforms of a party but lack faith in the ability of the party leader to deliver. i.e. Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. Personally I believe that the Liberal party failure during that period was not so much about policy but rather a lack of confidence in leadership. All political parties have skeletons which the electorate quickly forget about (or choose to turn a blind eye to).

  17. Author

    David that was blow back from Paul Martin not having read the Scottish tale. And it also shows that its the party that chooses its leader and not vice versa. Even Harper becoming leader was out of the negotiations of the unite the right mess.

  18. So, I guess it was okay for Harper to be a novice 10 years ago as PM, but it’s not okay for trudeau or Muclair to be novices this time around.

  19. Hugger1 no need to be unnecessarily thick on this point. It is not about being “okay”. We are not talking about a decade ago we are discussing today’s reality. The simple fact is that three potential leaders are vying for one position as Prime Minister of Canada, one currently has direct experience and the other two do not. This is a simple fact that makes no comment as to their individual politics but rather only on their respective realities. If you feel a novice at this point in time is preferable to experience than take a leap of faith and go with your gut. I am not being critical of anyone’s choice but rather I have always been critical of people who choose apathy over the opportunity to make a difference.

  20. If you insist on getting personal on posts I am done with this one.

  21. Hugger1 …there was nothing personal only a fair observation. You either failed to comprehend a simply stated reality or blatantly chose to reply to a view not tendered. If you are not willing to support your positions and debate that is your choice. I can’t help wonder why you bother to comment in the first place knowing that your remarks likely would prompt a response from someone. Seems rather pointless unless you just like to hear your own opinions. Best to quit the race when you know that you can’t run the distance.

  22. Hugger, don’t take it personally that if you are not a Harper devotee, you are misguided and wrong. It’s not your fault. It’s just that you don’t know the facts. End of sarcasm.
    It will be interesting to see if the Harper crew will or will not be caught cheating in this election. If they aren’t, it will be a first for the party.

  23. I may have misread or misinterpreted what you wrote David Oldham. I am always willing to support and debate my position(s). But what I don’t like is being nitpicked on those positions or things I comment on. I find some commentators here, sometimes, like to nitpick on a small part of what I say or keep hitting on the same point.. And when it keeps up I tend to get very defensive. Forgive me I’m old.

  24. PJ Robertson….ain’t that the truth!!

  25. What a lot of people miss here is that Harpoon Harpo has the personality to lead and is not throwing out all kinds of promises that he knows that he won’t be able to keep. Ten years ago I loathed the man like I cannot begin to describe but after seeing how he led Canada he kept Canada in a much better situation than what other countries are into. The US is literally bankrupt and has been since at leasts 1933 and before. The US prints money and that is all – wait until everyone sees what is in store for the world that is coming. You will all thank Harpoon Harpo and that is the truth. I would vote for Thomas the Cat Mulcair before I would vote for Justine Trudope. Harpoon Harpo is the one that I will vote for this month – he is the best of the bafoons.

  26. Harpoon Harper AND personality in the same sentence. IMHO he has the personality of a fish flopping around on the dock waiting to be gutted. What can we thank Harper for Jules?? For lying to us, for the robocalls during elections, for passing laws he knows will be thrown out by the SCC?

  27. For accuracy:

    “Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence”

    Quite a record for a so called experienced leader!

  28. Is that the David Beers nut bar that was fired from the Vancouver Sun? Could you not find a more credible source to promote your hatred of Stephan Harper?

    As a senior anyone that wants to repeal income splitting, reduce TFSA’s to a meaningless level, insure that terrorists can keep Canada citizenship and rights although diametrically opposed us and our beliefs, create a carbon tax that doesn’t address reduction only a thirst for revenue, indulging in massive deficit spending programs at a time when interest rates can only go up, allow massive numbers of refugees relative to our population to enter the country without proper scrutiny and controls in place to ensure that they are in fact refugees and not opportunity seekers or terrorists.

    The point being that while no government can be perfect we certainly could go from bad to worse. The Liberal government has taken Ontario to have not status (since 2009) and have created an environment that has chased off companies that have been here for decades. Our provincial health care system has been decimated and a failed energy policy that has made Ontario one of the most expensive jurisdictions in the world for doing business. Would you want to give the keys to the entire country to a political system so intent on entitlements that the taxpayer receives absolutely no respect? Don’t complain when you get what you asked for is all I have left to say.

    Best of luck to all.

  29. Bernadette Clement and Guy Lauzon have had many years in politics and have proven their worth… and while “better the devil you know than the one you don’t” is a popular notion, it’s would probably be best to look for an alternative to these two.

    And with respect to “Terrorists”, while some New Canadians are decidedly Un-Canadian and are the target of citizenship strippers, it’s probably more prudent to accept that it was a mistake to give it to them, since it is presently unconstitutional to take it away.

    The Government would be better to tighten up the granting of citizenship, instead of threatening the law abiding majority of dual citizens who are richer for it.

    Geez, it’s to a British Monarch that would be Canadians swear allegiance, not even a Canadian!!

  30. PJ, you must realize by now that anyone who is critical of Harper is a nut-bar.

  31. Thanks, Furtz. Though nut bar sounds progressive from a windbag, don’t you think? A glimmer of hope perhaps? Maybe not.

  32. I just received another e-mail form Justine’s gang. I am being bombarded with mail from mighty desperate Justine. Well to Justine’s surprise I am going out to vote for non other than Harpoon Harpo. I nver thought that I would say that about me going to vote for Harpo but this is a first. The man is doing a good job and I want tough laws and he is starting to show me the light.

  33. Jules…
    Is voting???

  34. Abusing power and degrading Canada’s democracy is “doing a good job”? Heaven help us.

  35. Yes Hugger I am going to vote and my family is in shock because I said that I wouldn’t vote and look at me now. I am going to vote for non other than Harpoon Harpo the man that I never trusted but he is the one I want since he is getting tougher in the laws which I want. My husband became in shock when my daughter told him that I was going to vote and for Harpoon Harpo of all things. I must be going through a period of insanity of some sort but at least I am not making the trip to Eastern Europe and beyond. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  36. So Jules, you are going to vote for the party that has been convicted for electoral fraud and cheating on their campaign funding in each of the last three elections? Seriously? You are okay with a party with a proven record of trying to subvert our most basic democratic principle of fair elections?

  37. How ironic that, “Devon”, would direct posters to a site criticising anonymous posters, but whatever… Real people with real jobs, real families, real futures, and with half a brain, don’t put it on-the-line for ruthless morons to ruin. Stay anonymous.

    This Gavin McInnes fellow that rails against anonymous posters, is a ranter, less relevant even than his facial hair. The blowhard is little more than a self-promoter and a wee bit of a slime bucket if you research his early Vice days. And he sure won’t be there when you’re out of work for blowing the whistle on some military contractor, or failing to convince the judge you were framed by some cop you reported for being on the take.

    Lay low, stay under the radar, and stick to the truth — discretion, is the greater part of valour.

  38. I just had a phone call from one of Guy Lauzon’s campaign workers. Last week it was one of Bernadette Clement’s campaign workers at our door (I think it was Carilyne Hébert). They never give up do they. The only thing I’ve decided is that I’m not voting for Harpoon Harper and Guy Lauzon, which I told his worker. I’d love to know what the candidates spend on mailings, etc. It seems to be a lot.

  39. Are you folks all sitting down nicely and haven’t eaten so far. Wait until you all hear the news which I heard this morning and read and listened to a while ago. Harpoon Harpo along with Obummer and others have signed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and are you all in for shocks. Get ready to pay more for meds, etc. This TPP goes beyond NAFTA. Australia signed this as well and it affects what is left of our car industry, dairy, chickens, eggs, forestry, oil and gas, etc. etc. etc. I listened to two economists who were on CBC on yahoo.ca speak and there are pros and cons. I looked at an American site much earlier and they spoke about the US going further as a third world country. Salaries in Canada will be affected as well as in the US. Get ready for more negativity. I am bombarded with messages from non other than Justine Trudopemania.

  40. Hugger, I think Lauzon will snooze his way to an easy victory, as will Gord Brown in my riding. I wouldn’t feel too guilty about not supporting him.

  41. Furtz I am going to vote for the most capable leader in Canada and that is non other than Harpoon Harpo. Some years back I avoided voting for Harper like the plague. Harpo turned out to be the best of the lot and second is Thomas the Cat. Check out TPP that Harpoon Harpo and other world leaders signed. When I told my husband and adult kids that Harpo did not want to take in tons of refugees he was in agreement with Harpo and he said that Canada would become Islamic overtime if this was allowed. The refugees are intelligent people and they would surpass the Canadians. Also among the refugees are well trained military personnel. Many years ago back in the 80’s era when we lived in an apartment building on Walkley Rd. we sure had some funny experiences with former Lebanese Christian military who wanted to kill the superintendent and nothing but cops at the building and a manager from the company had to come down and resolve the matter before John would end up in the stomach of one of the ex military men. I had more laughs about all of this and my husband’s nephew was friends with John and the others as well. LOL LOL. ROLF! The mentality is entirely different and I go through this every day. The majority of my neighborhood comprise of all these people. LOL LOL.

  42. Furtz no matter how you feel about Harpoon Harpo and his party I have to spit it out and say that he is the best of the lot. Lauzon has a lot of personal problems just now and people should say some prayers for Mrs. Lauzon since she is going through a terrible time. It doesn’t matter about how you feel about politics Mrs. Lauzon is not a politician and the cancer treatments take a huge toll out on the system more than the cancer itself. Keep Mrs. Lauzon in your prayers and Furtz maybe you pray to your spaghetti monster but whatever it is offer some good thoughts her way.

  43. Personally, I refuse to support a party and leader who have cheated and lied to the Canadian public for ten years. And no, I do not care to discuss what they’ve cheated and lied about. I’ve more or less decided I’m voting Orange. The Blues are out as outlined above. The Reds have a candidate here who can’t decide what she wants to do. She’s a three-term city councilor who has run in (at least) one provincial election and two federal elections. If she doesn’t want to represent Cornwall city residents in council how can we trust her as a federal or provincial politician. Running for one provincial election and two federal elections gives me the impression she does a job until something better comes along. Is this someone we want as our MP or MPP?

  44. Author

    Hugger I don’t think Bernie has run for MPP…yet.

  45. Hugger I said it before that BernadetteClément has her eyes set on something better and se is a smart cookie and is going after what she wants. For me Thomas the Cat is second best and he is intelligent and well qualified for the job as PM besides Harpoon Harpo. Voting orange is good.

  46. With Bernadette’s hands in so many other things one has to wonder does she really want to be a city councillor. Or is she just using it as a placeholder until she can get something better?

  47. Hugger I have considered Bernadette Clément as someone who is using Cornwall like a spring board and is not there to really represent the people of Cornwall. This lady has her eyes and ears pinned for what she wants and it isn’t Cornwall. Bernadette is brown nosing her way to the top and somehow she will gradually find her niche and it isn’t in Cornwall that I guarantee. Cornwall is just a temporary thing and for anybody who is intelligent and educated they don’t stay in Cornwall for long.

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