Cornwall Ontario –  One of the reasons so many journalists end up with PTSD is that we face the raw public.  While rarely to the same degree as our brave and talented emergency services or armed forces it can get pretty ugly, and it accumulates over the years. Something thatContinue Reading

MONTREAL, June 15, 2018 — Quebec Superior Court Judge Pierre C. Gagnon hopes to determine by August 31 if thousands of RCMP members across Canada can seek compensation through a class action for years of systematic harassment by senior RCMP officers. His announcement was made today at the Montreal CourtContinue Reading

3’rd Annual Candlelight Vigil for Veterans and Soldiers with PTSD who continue to take their own lives. Who:   Friends of Vets What:  Candlelight Vigil in honor and support for our military heroes and their families after suicide.   Event is open to everyone. When:  Monday, November 2 ,2016 at 17:30 hrsContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – At the request of the Cornwall Police Service Friends of Vets President Gary Samler announced that their event will be postponed. It had been scheduled today, the 22nd, as a symbolic gesture matching a number of suicide victims from PTSD; but after events in our Nation’s CapitalContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Former Canadian Soldier Collin Fitzgerald has had a rough year.   The decorated war vet who is suffering from PTSD has also suffered at the hands of the Ontario Justice system. He was released on bail today in Cornwall after spending the last 43 days either inContinue Reading

Letter to the editor: It seems as though everyone who works for the Ontario Ministry of Justice, including crown attorneys, judges, prison guards and provincial police officers may conduct their duties without being held accountable for the actions or inactions? A very close friend of mine, decorated veteran Sgt CollinContinue Reading