Canadian War Hero & PTSD Sufferer Collin Fitzgerald Out on Bail in Cornwall Ontario – Sept 12, 2014

collin smilingCORNWALL Ontario – Former Canadian Soldier Collin Fitzgerald has had a rough year.   The decorated war vet who is suffering from PTSD has also suffered at the hands of the Ontario Justice system.

He was released on bail today in Cornwall after spending the last 43 days either in hospital or the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre after being charged with two counts of breech although ironically he was arrested at his home and not at the scene of a fire at his matrimonial home that to date he has not been charged with starting.

Luckily his child and wife were not home during the overnight fire.

And lucky for Collin that people like Linda &  Eric Magill, Military Activists who are now his assurety in Trenton as well as  the group Military Minds.  Over $5,000 was raised to assist Mr. Fitzgerald who had lawyer Gaye Leroux back supporting him.  Pat Strogan was also on hand as well as many local members of Friends of Vets.

Collin is not allowed to travel within the United Counties of SD&G or Leeds Grenville.

Collin was decorated by the governor general for bravery after he leaped into a burning vehicle under fire to clear the way for his unit.

His father was charged by OPP the night Collin was charged with breach at the family home.

Collin above pictured after he was released on bail during the Summer via Adam Lauzon.



  1. What do you mean Whiffleballbat when you say HE lit THEIR house on fire? Were you there ? did you see Collin there light the fire? I am glad no one was hurt that night but unless you were there or have proof or evidence please do not convict Collin and let the courts handle this case properly.

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