Mark A MacDonald Starts his 4 Step Candidate Certification Process in Cornwall Ontario – Sept. 12, 2014

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CFN – Mark A MacDonald kicked off the end of the nomination period for council candidates by holding a presser at City Hall about what he’s describing as his 4 Step Certification Process which seems to be a device to unite council towards improving the city.

Below he has released Step 1 which he is hoping other candidates sign and endorse.

Mr. MacDonald is seeking a return to council after his run against Bob Kilger for Mayor in the last election.


CORNWALL Ontario – It’s time to put all the issues that plagued the last Council behind us. We need a strong new Council that’s focused on common goals and works together as a team and it starts with the candidates.

The loss of our General Hospital and the chemical tanks on our waterfront were huge setbacks for the City of Cornwall, we need a new Council that has a clear agenda.

Recently our City Council voted in favour of a massive pay increase and attention centered on having qualified candidates. After consulting with the various stakeholders a “4 Step Certification Process” has been developed.

Step #1 is attached and I encourage people to stay informed and support the candidate of your choice.


Candidate Certification


DISCUSSION: –14 Vacant stores Montreal Rd.

-Millions in grant money denied east end

-Arts and Culture

-Heritage building

-The chemical tanks on our waterfront were forced upon us without city permits yet a small business like the Port Theatre is being bogged down with red tape.

RESOLVE: A new Council will recognize the Port Theatre as a building that is historically significant and we will work with the Port to obtain the required capacity they need for LCBO events.


CANDIDATE NAME — Print and Sign


  1. Really Mark?? The General Hospital has been gone for some years now. And that was a provincial government decision. Nothing could have been done by the residents or city council of Cornwall.

    And the chemical tanks? They are on land owned by the federal government, so local laws do not apply.

    So what happens if a candidate doesn’t sign these 4 steps? They don’t get certified as “Mark MacDonald approved?” I don’t see many candidates shaking in their boots.

    With Mark coming up with this stuff it’s making my decision on whether to vote for him easier and easier.

  2. Hugger you have two points right about the former General Hospital being a provincial thing and the tanks on gov. land but I truly think that the people of Cornwall could have fought to save the former hospital since it isn’t only for Cornwall’s benefit but that of the surrounding towns as well. About the tanks that can harm people’s health in the drinking water, etc. People have to fight for what they believe in and not let themselves be fooled and walked on by the different levels of government. I would vote for Mark MacDonald at a drop of the hat if I were living in Cornwall and this man worked tirelessly for the people of Cornwall and many don’t realize what Mark put into all of this.

  3. I personally think Mr.Macdonalds intentions our good but it does sound a little to much.Every person elected should be their own person period.Team players are find but look whats happened with the team players we have now.

  4. Jules…I agree to a point. But consolidation was happening province-wide. Do you really think the province would have allowed the General Hospital to continue while closing / consolidating other hospitals in the province?

    As for the tanks, the federal gov’t would never let a municipal gov’t win. At least now the city and AMC are in “talks” with the federal gov’t to take over the waterfront lands. Hopefully they will be successful and it won’t cost us too much.

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