Cornwall Ontario – Former Cornwall Ontario Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley sat down one on one with CFN and talked about losing his appeal for funding for his Whistle Blowing case against the City of Cornwall & Mayor Bob Kilger over the hiring of the Mayor’s son as a CityContinue Reading

CFN– This has not been a great month for former Cornwall Ontario Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley.   Mr. Hickle,y after claims of being forced into retirement has now discovered that he has lost his motion for the City to pay the costs of his Whistle Blowing claim against theContinue Reading

Fellow Citizens, Control through Retaliation; Is this a Democracy’s response to individuals who speak up in the interest of fellow citizens and their community? .  A statement which brings to mind the scenario, ” When Government’s fear the people that’s Democracy ,when the people fear the Government that’s Dictatorship” We have policiesContinue Reading