What can you say when someone runs on a campaign against City Hall corruption featuring a Whistle blower at his campaign opening and essentially turns his back on her after getting elected? Why that’s almost like stabbing the person that got you elected or having to find a judge toContinue Reading

At a recent presentation of Cornwall mayoral candidates, one candidate (O’Shaughnessy) advised the audience that administration had not followed council’s directives. The incumbent mayor replied that administration people were of high character . . .  and he said that at a time when the public is reading news media reportsContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Whistleblower and former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Diane Shay has issued a press release regarding her ordeal vs the city. Excerpt of court documents.  Ms Shay’s text of incident. Excerpt 2 – Ms Shay being “disciplined” excerpt 3 – a summation of what ocurred excerpt –Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – A third Whistle Blower officially stepped forward today in Cornwall Ontario.   The City Employee sent a letter to each councilor and the mayor back in December 2010.   Those letters did not find their way to council so another 11 envelopes were delivered to City Hall.Continue Reading

CFN – The hearing to see if Cornwall Ontario Deputy Fire Chief and Whistle Blower Rob Hickley continues at the court house at 10 AM Tuesday July 16th. Viewing the transcript of Mayor Bob Kilger was bewildering. Mystically even some of the most benign questions from Attorney Fay Brunning haveContinue Reading