Letter to the Editor – Harry Valentine on Kilger Council & Management’s High Character – Oct 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor – Harry Valentine on Kilger Council & Management’s High Character – Oct 25, 2014

LTE UAt a recent presentation of Cornwall mayoral candidates, one candidate (O’Shaughnessy) advised the audience that administration had not followed council’s directives.

The incumbent mayor replied that administration people were of high character . . .  and he said that at a time when the public is reading news media reports about how City of Cornwall senior administration personnel treated nurse Diane Shay and nurse Julie Johnston who committed the crime of following the letter of the law as spelled out in Bill 168.

How do citizens reconcile the incumbent mayor’s assertion that attests to the fine character of city administrators while at the same time we have public access to the outcome of a court case involving Cornwall administration personnel that tells us a different story ???

It is a matter of public record that the Ministry of Health laid charges against City of Cornwall as a direct result of the behaviour of certain members of Cornwall senior administration. One administrator actually refused to appear in court to give evidence . . . . . such behaviour certainly says plenty about somebody’s high character.
Some of O’Shaughnessy’s remarks about city administration pertain to the period when the Ministry of Health was dealing with some city of Cornwall senior administration people. The question begs to be asked as to whether they were of high character during that period ?? Or were they of high character only in some aspects of their behaviour ??
Bob n Fitzy May 14 2012And by what standards does the incumbent mayor judge people’s character when an Ontario government ministry lays charges and requires their presence to answer in court ?? Is it an act of high character for a municipal administrator not to appear in court and not to testify when required to do so ?? How is is possible for municipal administrators of high character to be engage in behaviour that results in the city being charged under the whistle blower protection act ?? How was it possible for administration to engage in such behaviour without the elected council knowing about it ?? It seems that then councillor O’Shaughnessy may have known that something involving City of Cornwall administration was amiss.
What about the rest of the elected council ?? What action has the elected council taken to reduce the chance of repeat such behaviour by senior administration ?? Or will it happen again ??
When a former manager of Ottawa City Transit (OC Transpo) spent a little too much money to improve his office accommodations, council and senior administration terminated the manager. A former manager of the city owned nursing home would likely cost city taxpayers even more money . . . and it took action by an Ontario ministry and NOT by City of Cornwall, to encourage that manager to resign.

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