Resto Reviews – Seguin Patates CORNWALL

fries I love chip stands.  I love a good steamed dog  as well.    Seguin Patates (921 Marlborough St N, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada) is a venerable old chip stand here in Cornwall.   It’s been around for a long time so this year I thought I’d do a review of it.

I love their Coney Sauce; the fries are super and fresh cut as they should be.   The burgers are ok.   This year they’ve raised prices though and I’m not sure if there’s been a staff change or not but the service seems to be a lot slower.

Parking is usually good too.

To sum up; if you need a fix of fries this is a good place to go.   Prices are higher though and don’t go if you’re in a rush.

Presentation 4

Value 2.5

Service 2.5

Zing and Wow 3

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