Liberal Del Jones of Morrisburg Ontario Looks Forward to the End of the Harper Government – LTE Aug 19, 2013

harperEach day that passes we are one day closer to the end of the Harper government and for me that is enough motivation to work hard on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and Justin Trudeau.


Mr. Harper’s comments that Liberals have “dangerous ideas” and their proposals are “so extreme they would make the worst European budget look solid in comparison” are childish and ridiculous.  Really Mr. Harper, is fear-mongering the best you can do?


Previous Liberal governments implemented a universal health care system, established the Canada Pension Plan, gained the respect of the world through leadership in peace-keeping initiatives, and kept the country out of a needless war in Iraq. And of course, the last nine years Liberals were in office they ran surpluses that ensured Canada was better positioned to withstand the 2008 financial collapse than any other major industrial country.


And what dangerous ideas will a 2015 Liberal government bring to the table? How about national leadership on health care, a focus on income security for an aging population and a compassionate, caring government that makes decisions based on evidenced-based research and social justice for all Canadians.


Continue to fear-monger Mr. Harper and Liberals across Canada will continue to prepare for government in the 21st century. And I will rise every day and celebrate knowing that we are one day closer to the end of the one-man, Harper government.


Del Jones

President, SDSG Federal Liberal Association

Morrisburg, ON

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  1. I look forward to the end of the Harper government as well, about 2023.
    Can you provide a link, I would be interested in learning more so I can vote properly.

  2. If what the liberals have done in Ontario is any sign of what Trudeau will do with the country, I’d like absolutely no part in a Federal Gov’t run by these clowns. Del, would you not say that Ontario is in a dangerous situation financially? What about Harper’s comments are childish and ridiculous? How can we trust a Gov’t that is willing to throw away hundreds of millions of dollars to save a couple of seats? Funny how the federally funded CBC doesn’t report on the Liberal scandals and fiascos, but Rob Ford has a drink at a party and it gets a ten minute segment at the opening of their broadcast. How badly would the liberals get spanked in a federal election if they didn’t have their fear-mongering, propaganda spewing media controlling our televisions. What a joke!

    Don’t piss on our heads and tell us it’s raining!

    Instead of crying about what Harper said, why not try telling us what your party will do to improve the country and how you plan to implement these changes. We`ve all heard Trudeau`s talking points so don`t bother regurgitating that garbage.

  3. Yes, the Fiberals would love to get back their “Entitlements” again! How obvious can you get!

  4. Harper is saying that he’s gonna stick around for the next election. The Libs and Dippers are more than happy to hear that. By then, Duffy and Wallin might be out of jail and stumping for the Cons once again.

  5. As you all know I am no fan of Harpo but one thing that I have in my mind that I am solid about is that Justin Trudeau is in no way like Paul Martin nor like Jean Chrétien – he has no experience in law at all and can do a great deal of damage. Justin is in no way like his father and if people think that Justin can do a good job my answer is no he cannot. I would say to everyone get your heads out of pot and be realistic. Justin is a nice young man which is true and something that I will not deny but in no way can Justin solve the economic problems whatsoever. Justin would be good at dancing around the problem and pirouetting around things and fooling the pot heads into believing anything.

  6. Author

    You mean like Proroguing Jules?

  7. Yup. The Duffy/Wallin/Brazeau scandals are getting a little out of hand. Time for Harper to head for the hills, once again. The problem for Steve is that when he comes out of hiding in a few months, the scandal will still be front page news. Add to that the Elections Canada investigations, with the accompanying RCMP investigations into election fraud.
    The Reformatories have been digging themselves some pretty deep holes.

  8. Each year that passes the country is becoming more Conservative.

    Funny how the liebrals have forgotten shawinagate and sponsorship scandal .
    There is a good reason that they do have very little seats and are a the THIRD PARTY,they lost and they lost big time last election and it will be at least 2 more terms before they have a chance to run the show.

    The provincial lieberals will be just as damaged next election and it will definitely have an impact on their federals brethren.

    Besides Trudeau has foot in mouth disease and does not have the stature nor intelligence to be a statesman.

    But go ahead Del attempt to be a Lieberal cheerleader and bash the other team ,but let it be known you are backing the loosing team.

  9. Let’s not forget, it is not only Conservative senators caught up in this scandal. At least they’ve had the decency to pay back monies owed. What about Mac Harb? Funny, how the media rarely mentions his outrageous housing claims. What a joke!

  10. So now we hear our Big Brave Leader (aka PM/Prorogue Man) up North at it again announcing he plans to shut down Parliament (yet again) until late October. Wonder why. Let’s guess: Can’t take the heat of the Senate expenses scandal. Especially the heat of his own words in defence of Senator Wallin in QP back in February: “I have reviewed the Senator’s expenses and they appear to be in line.” Really?

  11. gimme-a-break
    August 20, 2013 at 7:10 am

    “What about Mac Harb? Funny, how the media rarely mentions his outrageous housing claims. What a joke!”

    Good point gimme-a-break

    Yes so far he is the biggest abuser ….but my how the left wing media is quiet about that one ….this is exactly why we need more independent media ,even the media are politically connected in this country!

    But Canadians are sheeple .

    The government and Media prefer to treat us like mushrooms and keep us in the dark and feed us plenty of SH**.

  12. PJ Robertson
    August 20, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Lets not forget that Chretien Prorogued government 11 times,but funny about those lefties they have a remarkable capacity to forget what their own has done .
    But go ahead blindly forth .

    The senate will be modified Harper has wanted this all along and so do most Canadians other then Quebecer’s.
    If it comes down to voting the senate in -the constitution gets opened up and seats will be PROPERLY ALLOCATED and Quebec with 22% of the population will no longer have 40% of senate seats .

    So yes Proroguing government has the Senate factor and presently the supreme court of Canada is reviewing this and how to address this constitutionally .

    Quebec will fight to keep their advantage tooth and nail but the people want change and our politicians are finally listening to the people .

  13. Gotta love it when idiots mix provincial and federal politics. Provincially, the liberals need to do a serious clean up – I will never trust whodat though, so no way I’m going to vote OntarioPC.

    Federally, these family draining, civil right stomping, dictator-wannabe cons have got to go.. Id easily vote federal liberal over this current con-job we have going right now!

  14. I would be OK with a few years of government working less……can non essential services be given a timeout? How about job sharing?

    Seriously, do we not have enough laws and photo ops for a while?

  15. It’s almost funny how the Harper-Con whiners keep trotting out the “left wing media” mantra. For sure Harb is a piece of work, and he will likely be charged by the RCMP for fraud. Chrétien appointed him to the senate ten years ago, and so far he’s the only Liberal senator in deep doo-doo. Then Harper, a great judge of character, appointed three sleazy people to the senate, two of which were high profile TV personalities, in 2009. The current senate scandal isn’t so much about thieving senators. It’s more to do with our Prime Minister’s choice of party fund raisers… I mean senators. Duffy, Wallin, and Brazeau were all known to be ass-hats long before they became senators.

  16. Perfect reasons Furtz for change. The people doing the due diligence could be reassigned and allow the citizens to vote for who they want, campaign style. Can’t be any worse than who us citizens hire now! During that same time, update the rules and accountability model.

    One good thing about this crap going on, it is in the open, not swept under the rug.

  17. @ Highlander.

    Whatever Chrétien did does not excuse Harper, who promised in 2006 Accountability, Transparency and Senate Reform, as well as mandatory election periods. Seven years on, he hasn’t managed to keep any of those promises.

    The only unarguably transparent things about the so-called economic genius, Stephen Harper, is that he has managed to raise Canada’s deficits and debt to historic levels; waste miilions of taxpayer dollars on futile Economic Action Plans (aka government propaganda); incarcerate Canadians for minor offences again at taxpayers’ expense; appoint senators who act as bagmen for Conservative Party coffers yet again at taxpayers’ expense; ram through legislation that puts Canada’s pristine environment at risk; and attack anyone or group who has a different idea of how to manage the country’s affairs for the long-term benefit of Canada and the world. And that’s just a partial list.

    What was that about going ahead blindly forth?

  18. The following information has been posted with inaccuracies.

    Highlander August 20, 2013 at 1:09 pm
    “Lets not forget that Chretien Prorogued government 11 times”

    Jean Chretien prorogued Parliament four times in his 10 years as Prime Minister. The correct and accurate information is 4 times and not 11 times.

    These are the accurate dates.

    February 05, 1996
    September 18 , 1999
    September 16, 2002
    November 12, 2003

  19. Anon,

    Completely agree with you about the ones you state (idiots, your word not mine) mixing provincial and federal politics.
    I came from Quebec ten years ago and if you were a federalist (Canadian) then you only had one party to vote for, the provincial Liberals (if you were English or an immigrant), and with their record of enforcing linguistic laws in Quebec, effectively banning the English language, they were no better that the separatist A-holes (my words) that make up the rest of Quebec politics.
    After coming to Ontario I was educated by a neighbour and friend about Ontario politics as he ran for political office himself in Ontario and I came to realize that the Conservatives and Liberals both provincially and in Federal politics were joined at the hip.
    That being said, there still is a distinction, yet the brain-washed conservative right wingers see no evil in their parties but look back at history and CPC propaganda to vilify every other contender for power provincially or federally.
    They have some kind of persecution complex and keep looking over their shoulder to see who is attacking their perceived utopia of conservative values. Oh yes, the evil media is after every move they make or is promoting only left wing policies as the Trudeau comment earlier in this posting, yet scandal after scandal, full of corruption they defend their very being by playing the pure but persecuted holier than thou right wing agenda.
    You Conservative supporters can post all you like about Shawinigate and the Sponsorship Scandal however the CPC have had more corruption charges and have spent more on propaganda pushing their agenda that both those scandals combined at tax payers expense.
    Harper has bought Canadians by lowering the GST but has put in sneaky duties and charges that have more than offset any consumer gains.
    Yet, you people keep blaming past evil deeds by other parties, probably because the CPC are so great at character assassination that you already hate the individuals or other political party even before you know their platform and don’t really educate yourselves to see the truth of what is happening right now in front of your eyes.
    Me, I vote for the candidate that meets my criteria. In Ontario I have voted Liberal, Conservative and NDP depending on the candidate and their platform as well as the party platform.
    The time I voted Conservative I told my candidate (Savard) in writing that the platform of the party was political suicide, even though I would never vote for the provincial Liberals again under McGuinty or his clone. That was when Lord (no, not that one) was leader and wanted to let all religions run their own schools and set up their own school boards. I thought that was insane, yet I voted for them hoping only to de thrown McGuinty.
    If you Conservatives want to look back in history then I suggest that you look back at the Mike Harris government and the damage that he did to Ontario hospitals and the economy.
    Can we really say that Harper is the economic saviour of Canada?
    For seven years he has promised a balanced budget and for seven years he has failed. And the million net jobs that he advertises, where are they? Definitely not here in Cornwall or for that matter in any other place in Canada. Maybe 1 million temporary jobs in promoting their Canada Economic Action Plan but not long term. meaningful jobs.
    And Harper has convinced some of the weak minded people that it is OK to work to 67 instead of 65 to collect OAS, something workers have been contributing all their working career.
    So, before you start bad mouthing any other party then I suggest that you take a close look at your own, what they are doing now and for the past 7 years.
    Just watch, two years from now Harper will reduce or should I say reinstate OAS to 65 during the 2015 election campaign, claim a balanced budget and say it is because the CPC is the only party that can give Canadians economic salvation.
    Didn’t I predict months earlier that he would prorogue parliament to avoid public scrutiny, especially by those left wing demons!

    Dave White

  20. All I read of Dave white’s post was the last line about ” left wing demons!”
    Way too long and convoluted for me.

  21. HFTT has done it again…..too many times to count. Inaccuracies need to be corrected…..BRAVO!!!!!

    HFTT wrote: The following information has been posted with inaccuracies.

    Highlander August 20, 2013 at 1:09 pm
    “Lets not forget that Chretien Prorogued government 11 times”

    Jean Chretien prorogued Parliament four times in his 10 years as
    Prime Minister. The correct and accurate information is 4 times and not 11 times.

    These are the accurate dates.

    February 05, 1996
    September 18 , 1999
    September 16, 2002
    November 12, 2003

    Yep…..he sure can fabricate stories, nothing new there. himself……..

  22. Furtz, that’s why I don’t tweet. Seem to be on the same side but my comments are usually feature length and some people would rather wait for the movie as to reading my novels 😉

    Good point hungry for the Truth. Everything other parties have done is exagerated by the CPC and their cronies.


  23. gimme-a-break

    If it’s not raining it’s pouring!
    In case you didn’t notice the Liberals are, first of all ,not even the official opposition. Also, if you watch TV the CBC have also reported on the Liberal Senator Mac Harb, however the three other senators directly appointed by Harper, two of whom Harper himself defended before the other left wing TV network, CTV, not funded by federal Tax payer’s dollars, did an excellent job of investigative journalism and uncovered the wool that was being pulled over our eyes by the Conservative Party of Canada and Harper himself.
    Do you need an umbrella?
    Are you really serious? “At least they’ve had the decency to pay back monies owed”. Yup, caught with their hands in the cookie jar and Harper first pointed to Duffy as an example of Conservative integrity in paying back all of his ill gained money. You Know where that one went? And Pamela and Brazeau, now Harper is distancing himself by saying they are no longer part of the Conservative caucus. Give us a break, are you really that naive or just want the rest of Canada to be?

  24. Furtz, did you follow my last post? Tried to keep it shorter. 😉


  25. “implemented a universal health care system” wasn’t that following in the foot steps of a Social Credit’s Tommy Douglas in Saskatchewan?

    What liberals need to do is quit trying to cloak the eyes of the public. They are the worst for spending our tax dollars to survive rather then what is best for the country and its people.

    Trudeau is merely a vote buster, he has no idea how to run a party and is living off his name. Liberals have little or no chance and the NDP are truly wanting.

    Look closer to home about liberals and health care, longest wait times, decline in doctors, Wynne recently decided to stop funding for medical supplies for diabetics……

    liberals only care for liberals

  26. I posted this separate, I am not sure it will be allowed once you check it. At a couple points there is some profanity but it truly speaks what is wrong.

    I realize it is in the United States but it is very applicable here in Canada as well and should be viewed.

  27. Author

    I’ve seen that clip before and it’s kinda awesome Hailey. People don’t know how to ask questions and separate spin from BS. We have socially engineered a very scary world of single parented kids that can’t take care of themselves, don’t vote and even if they did can’t decimate information or make change without a machine.

    And it’s not getting better.

  28. Hungry for the Truth….
    August 20, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Thanks Hungry I stand corrected, I had been misinformed .

    It has been interesting to note that Canada’s government has been
    Prorogued 105 times since confederation which averages out to 1 in every 1.3 years.

    Hailey Brown
    August 21, 2013 at 5:08 am

    Yes Hailey a great video -propaganda can and remains an effective tool for some ,but one cannot avoid the reality .

    Canada is not the best country in the world ,we can beat our chest all we want but Canada has many problems and we should strive as citizens to improve our beloved country.

    August 21, 2013 at 5:13 am

    “We have socially engineered a very scary world ”
    And country Admin !

    When citizens no longer feel the need to participate in the electoral process we lose our democratic process and thereby principles.

    Citizens may not like the choices in the election process but they can send a strong message by putting an X through the whole ballet in disgust .
    But by simply not showing up permits erosion of those democratic rights fought hard by our citizens and soldiers ,and sadly it appears each election less people vote.

    People do have a choice even if they do not agree or want any of those political parties and if all those put a big X through that ballet it would send that strong message .

    But by simply not showing up resolves nothing!

  29. Hailey,,

    Where have you been?
    “What liberals need to do is quit trying to cloak the eyes of the public. They are the worst for spending our tax dollars to survive rather then what is best for the country and its people”.
    Now, first of all you must know that I am not a provincial Liberal supporter (or for that matter a supporter of any party). Far from it, I want to see the clone of McGuinty sent packing. However I hope that you are not lumping Federal & Provincial politics in one foul swoop and I agree that your statement aptly applies to Wynne. But you state “what’s best for the country” so I take it that you may be lumping the Federal Liberals as well. That is of course, maybe you have aspirations of calling Ontario a ‘Country’ as Quebecer’s think of themselves in Quebec’, with the unfortunate fact that they still have a need for Canadian taxpayers to fund their own temper tantrums.
    Surely over the past months and years we have seen the Federal Conservatives trying to cloak our eyes over the senate scandal and if you remember a bit back the F 35 fiasco where Harper falsely stated that it was a done deal and Canada could not pull out of it. And the costs, my God, the costs kept changing more often than the Conservatives attended the sittings in the House of Commons, especially with Harper being ‘The King of Prorogue’.


  30. Yes I am Dave

    The principal is the same spend and give with out reservation. The federal liberals wanted politics out of our bed room yet we have to watch everyone on their bedroom asking for rights….

    Liberals only use society to confuse itself and seek more support all the while raising taxes for their own benefit.

    Never has a liberal served under the economy Harper has….they tend to create strife when times are tough allowing the Conservatives to stay a steady course and keep us in good standing…then liberals bring out new ideas and we have another national debt

  31. Hailey, I feel sorry for you then . You are living in a make believe world where the CPC and conservative politics and values has tainted one’s judgement.
    There have been recessions before and in fact the recession that Harper faced was less hard on Canadians, not for anything that he has done, but we were in a better fiscal position, left in part by the previous Liberal governments and our distance and fiscal policies (like banks) that were in place long before Harper took over.
    Harper pissed a surplus away and tried to buy Canadians but if you really face the facts, we are no better off with his bribes.
    Gas costs more, we pay more for services, fees have been sneakly increased and all of this is hidden whilst we hear the propaganda that Harper is the saviour of the economy, jobs and the envoronment. Just look right here in Cornwall for ‘Harper’s Salvation’ and Lauzon’s touchy feely junk mail.
    Further to that Harper’s policies have divided people by alienating regional groups, straight and gay people and not being the open and accountable government that he promised seven years ago.
    Instead he keeps harping on the past Liberal government’s sins whilst not seeing that his own party has far surpassed anything that the Cretien Liberals had done.


  32. Dave White
    August 22, 2013 at 8:36 am

    “Hailey, I feel sorry for you then . You are living in a make believe world where the CPC and conservative politics and values has tainted one’s judgement.”

    Now why would you feel sorry for one to have a political affiliation?

    ‘There have been recessions before and in fact the recession that Harper faced was less hard on Canadians, not for anything that he has done, but we were in a better fiscal position, left in part by the previous Liberal governments and our distance and fiscal policies (like banks) that were in place long before Harper took over.”

    You see Dave this so called recession is the worst since the dirty 30’s and no recession since then has had the economic impact as this one .

    History will tell this time as the near depression and Canada has fared well under these conditions.

    Those better fiscal conditions do not occur overnight .
    It was the introduction of the GST that increased the coffers to assist to pay those debts.

    The conservative government made those tough decisions(GST and bank regulations) which were not very palatable to the Canadian people but none the less required to fix our fiscal problem .
    The GST was an eventual windfall for the government but the liberals used prudent fiscal management as there was no choice and thanks to the GST the financial resources were available .

    But the GST remained unpalatable and well does anyone remember Canada first Female prime minister Kim Campbell .

    Chretien had promised to get remove the dreaded GST a number of times as a political platform ,but never touched it .

    It took the conservatives again as promised reduce the GST and this definitely had played a part in us staying buoyant through these rough economic waters.

    As for the deficit …well the conservatives wanted a more prudent approach ,but at the time they were a minority government and the other political parties wanted additional funding for EI and numerous other programs …so all political parties had a play in the debt that has occurred. (remember it takes years to implement these programs)

    With all due respect Dave

    For someone who claims ” Now, first of all you must know that I am not a provincial Liberal supporter (or for that matter a supporter of any party). Far from it,”

    You seem very opinionated against one party and in particular Steven Harper and to the defense of Chretien ,if one was to be independent of any party one does not have such strong objections for one and such strong support of the other.

    One who independent of political affiliations tend to see that ALL parties play these political games.

  33. Eloquent and on the money, Dave. Keep it up.

  34. Highlander is also living in a make believe world.
    First of all the recession may have been the worst for the world but not for Canada. The Martin Liberals produced the last surplus budget and the CPC squandered 12 billion dollars.
    Going into the ‘recession’ Flaterly denied that he was putting Canada into it with his lavish spending and in his ‘great economics’ he was telling us that we would have a surplus that year.
    Of course 16 dollar orange juice, Tony Clements spending 50 million on border security in his riding hundred of kilometres from the border and more recently the F 35 fiasco and Senator corruption shows that the CPC are not really that good with our money. They blame it on paper work.
    I don’t feel sorry for ones’s political affiliation and as I stated I voted for every party at one time or another.
    What I am sorry for is how gullible people are on the Tories lies and mismanagement of fiscal affairs and somehow people are stupid enough to buy what they are selling.
    I agree with you on the lies that Cretien made with regard to the GST, however the Liberals reduced our income tax rate by 1 percent which more than offset the GST which Mulroney gave us.
    Do the math. 1 % of every dollars you earn, not spent, I would take that any day over a GST reduction as many items I buy are already tax free.
    The Harper economics reversed the 1% reduction then reintroduced it ‘as their own’ initiative.
    Now people I am not a fan of any government and if we had a choice I would vote neither.
    Under Jack Layton I thought that we may have that choice but both ‘Natural Parties’ vilified them as Reds and Socialists. Call me Red, but I like Jack’s politics, Same can’t be said for the current day NDP of Quebec.
    You see Hailey & Highlander, like religion many people are born into it and will die defending it right or wrong. That is the problem with the world. Religion & politics. Take your pick which is worst. But don’t believe everything you hear and read from your government and definitely not everything that you read in the Internet.


  35. Dave White
    August 22, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    “Highlander is also living in a make believe world.”

    I am starting to wonder if everyone else is living in a make believe world but you Dave.

    Reading the above statement and it warrants repeating :

    ” Now, first of all you must know that I am not a provincial Liberal supporter (or for that matter a supporter of any party). Far from it,”

    You certainly took a hard left turn didn’t you ?

    “the F 35 fiasco and Senator corruption shows that the CPC are not really that good with our money.”

    No party is immune to these issues !

    Did you forget the cancellations on the sea king helicopter’s during the friendly dictator(US referred to Chretien ) and the eventual hundreds of millions to over a billion that it cost us for NOTHING?

    One cannot agree to all the parties platforms,but the party that has the most platforms that suits you ,to agree to all you would be are a card carrying and often obedient to that political ideology and often not open to other political idea’s.

    I Admit I liked Jack as well but I am not a fan of socialism as it works not bad till you run out of other peoples money,and can be counter productive to business growth.

    I do find it sad what the party has become after Jacks passing ,it really is a shame it has become the new BLOC.

    Hate to tell you I was born under different idealistic political colors -BUT THEN I GREW UP AND HAD A MIND OF MY OWN AND NOT THE BIASES OF THE PAST.

    I commit to reading from a number of papers and numerous news spins ( there is lots on the left spectrum in Canada ) and come away informed to the best of my ability.

    Even though I may not agree to headings I continue to read some of the spin our media puts forward to get a grasp of opposing views.

    Just how much did you grow up or are you like a puppy that still has his eyes shut.
    Do you really have a mind of your own or are you swept up in the propaganda of the CPC machinery?
    As far as socialiists, ask any American south of the border and they call all Canadians socialists, and in a way they are correct with social housing, social welfare, Trillium benefits, minimum wage adjustments and provincial run medicare systems. But then again so are the Americans in a way, so as far as that it is concerned it is the kettle calling the pot black. Only thing the Americans lack from being socialists like us is free medical services for the biggest industrial nation in the world and one of the only that does not provide state run hospitals for all it’s people.
    Highlander, you obviously have not read everything as in the past I have made vicious attacks on both the Federal Liberals, especially vicious on the McGuinty Liberals. I juess it just hurt your feelings that my current postings were against your ‘can do nothing wrong’ conservative values and party. Sorry about that, but sometimes the truth hurts. Also, may I suggest that you not be so consumed about being swept up in the “left spectrum” and for your own peace of mind stick to Sun News media or for that matter Fox News to get the real truth. Now those are real eye openers!


  37. Del it isn’t fear mongering it is reality ! Collecting excessive amounts of income tax (surpluses) year after year and not returning the monies to the taxpayers is abuse of power and position. Check the income tax act. Stealing from the taxpayer, getting caught (adscam) promising to repay then never making any attempt to do so (keep your word) is not just dishonourable it is despicable. All parties have their respective crosses to bear but please “income security for an aging population”.

    Del, Del what do you really know of this? Chretien and his liberal government attempted in 1996 (the year the government acknowledged that the CCP Fund was not sustainable without radical changes) to replace the OAS with a significantly inferior Seniors Benefit. So Del are you now saying the LIBERALS are not out to screw seniors anymore?

    While we are at it Del what government brought about Multiculturalism ? Promoted something called Diversity and so clouded the “Canadian Identity” that now we in fact can say that the true Canadian Identity is NO IDENTITY AT ALL. Thanks to the Liberal Party of Canada.

  38. David Oldham,

    They are all screwing us. Problem is that the party now in power is the CPC and they are screwing us big.
    As for multiculturalism, what is wrong with that? No matter who brought it in, it is a fact that Canada is a mosaic of peoples and cultures. Unless one has the ‘master race’ mentality that history shows did not work then we all have to learn to respect each other and learn to live in peace and harmony with each other.
    That being said, we have just laws to protect our Canadian identity and wasn’t it the provincial Conservative premier that was considering allowing Muslims to practice Sharia law in Ontario?
    Of course Quebec is a good example of any federal government failing to put an end to the master race mentality.
    Little by little Quebec was empowered by the federal governments (plural, not any single one) inaction , cowardice to challenge the erosion of basic Canadian rights and now ‘les maitre chez nous’, masters in their own house have trampled on the rights of their own people and convinced them that it is for their own good as a ‘nation’.
    Remember, it was Stephen Harper that tried to buy Quebec votes by allowing them to be called a ‘Nation’.
    Also premier wanna-be Lord wanted to open all religions to have their own school boards.
    It was Brian Mulroney that was responsible for the creation of the Bloc Quebecois as be brought in his old separatist friend Lucien Bouchard into the Progressive Conservative party, who soon became disillusioned with the fact that he could not bleed Canada any more into submission and get his own country which Harper effectively gave them.
    Harper promised over 7 years ago to provide an open and transparent government. Never in Canada’s history has the government acted like a dictator and be so secretive.
    Why just look at Harper’s ‘Polar Bear Show’ yesterday when the PMO’s officials man handled a communist people’s reporter from asking the PM a potentially embarrassing question on Chinese ownership of Canadian resources. Who did they give the question to? Yup, it was the CPC friendly Sun News. Of course, this whole expensive yearly orchastrated photo-op was to show just how great the government of Harper was in being the economic saviour of the ‘True North’. Facts are that it was just a lot of hot air that brought global warming to our polar region especially during his presence. 100 million for geo-mapping the north, hundreds of thousands to develop a stealth snowmobile while rejecting replacing the broken ones our forces now have. (Just paint them white and they will be quite stealthy). Promises broken, I could go on.
    Are these the priorities that most Canadians really want?
    So, David there is no monopoly on stupidity. Every political party is guilty of that or has been in the past.
    Hope all are honest enough to realize that Harper is the one pulling the wool over our eyes now.


  39. Jamie “Admin” we all know that Harper doesn’t represent any of we Canadians and look at what he called the government “not the Canadian government but the Harper government” and he is so mighty arrogant that I find him worse than Pierre Trudeau in arrogance.

    I am a conservative at heart but when it comes to government is a leader is no good and cannot get along with his subordinates then he or she would not make a good leader. We are literally stuck Jamie and so much so that I am completely turned off federal and provincial government. There are no good, strong leaders out there at all. I remember in the last election going to elect “NDP” and I am not a socialist even though I believe in socialized health care and the little people but I am very conservative but I elected the Layton fellow because he was down to earth or supposedly and anything so as not to re-elect Harpo. I never voted for Harper at all and never trusted him at all and with good reason and as you now see the results of his actions. Harper stole the election and that turned me off completely. We have the written ballots unlike the machines in the US and they still manage to steel the elections. There is nobody else to vote in. I do not believe in Justin’s policies at all so I have nobody else to vote for. As for the NDP you have me laughing at this one too – that would be a disaster.

  40. Dave White,

    It is not so much that all political parties screw the taxpayer, but rather that the Canadian taxpayer allows themselves to be screwed. When discussions regarding the differences between ourselves and our American counterparts occur invariably the way that we hold our politicians accountable is one of the major differences.

    What is wrong with multiculturalism you ask, let me try to take something complex and simplify it. Nothing is wrong with exposure to different cultures, it broadens ones view and hence understanding of people and the world around us. Unity is not a synonym of diversity. Multiculturalism as France, Canada and a number of Scandinavian countries have discovered does not promote a cohesive, respectful and tolerant population. This has proven to be the ideal and not the reality. France has reversed its position on multiculturalism in favour of the more realistic and proven when in Rome concept. In other words you are welcome to maintain your culture and traditions but the adaptation process will be you to us not the other way around. Laws of the land will apply to all equally regardless of your country of origin. This allows a nation to evolve socially as the demographics change the face of a nation over time. Our challenge with regard to our brand of multiculturalism is that it has created large pockets of societies within our society, take a look at our larger cities and you will see this to be true. The concept of multiculturalism is pure humanitarianism it is our brand that is flawed and that has lead us to lack identity and hence unity as a nation. Enough already.

    Your are right Dave, all parties are tarnished and have their share of closet skeletons. The NDP could not be trusted to balance a check book, the Liberals steal our money and the Conservatives have a “hidden agenda” and “wool”.

    Makes me glad that I am retiring in Ecuador in a gated ocean front complex with a first class health policy that only costs 140.00 US per month, property taxes of 210.00 US per year and a bustling economy reminiscent of the 70’s, guaranteed 7% interest rate and extremely favourable tax treatment. Did I mention the weather?

  41. David, “The NDP could not be trusted to balance a chequebook book”, Really? I see that the CPC and even the Liberals have really tarnished the NDP who have at least never formed a Federal government, so how do we know? Talk about not balancing a chequebook book, the CPC have failed to do that for more than 7 years and yet they hail themselves as economic experts. The mess that Bob Rae was left with was from the Harris Conservatives in Ontario, so let’s be realistic and give all parties a chance.
    This won’t happen in Canada probably as long as you and I live as there seems to be only two “Natural Parties”, the Liberals & Conservatives (pick your flavour. Progressive Conservative, Conservative Party of Canada or Reform Party).

    The reason multiculturalism does not succeed is that the Caucasian race seems to forget that they too were once immigrants to this country and their cultures molded the mosaic that they want to keep, without accepting other cultures. Now, I don’t think that these cultures insist we wear burqas (burkas – Caucasian spelling) or turbans however unlike Quebec that wants to take away the more recent newcomers identity, we as Canadians should set the example to such bigoted governments and people.

    What we should insist on is that every citizen obey Canadian laws as they apply to all peoples and races and that are set up by our governments with the consensus of all Canadians, at least as we elect our politicians to reflect our own fair values. I think for the most part, all Canadians share these fair values.

    Now on your point “The Liberals steal our money”. come on, look at the CPC! Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on Canada’s Economic Action Plan adds that are self serving CPC propaganda that lacks credibility when cross examined, MP’s still having the notion of entitlement and their lavish spending, the senators (both sides) stealing our money, patronage appointments by Harper himself awarding the party faithful, lavish and often unjustified spending in CPC ridings (Tony Clement as an example) and forgetting other Canadian ridings that did not vote CPC, Harper bribing the Chuck Cadman family (before he died of cancer) telling his family they would be taken care of by the CPC if he voted with the party on gay marriage, then suing the Liberal party for defamation, only to be proven that it was the ‘left’ media who leaked the tape and after forensic investigation that the tape was not doctored. I could go on.
    The CPC have had a list of scandals that would make the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy seem to be an easy one night read.

    The CPC strategy has been to defend, deflect and destroy the other parties, especially by going back in history to remind Canadians of the other parties sins, both provincial (as with Bob Rae) and federal, and it has seemed to work.

    However as some of the posts here such as that of Jules, and the expressions of millions of other Canadians, they simply and with good reason do not trust Harper and his ‘one man show’, even though they may espouse true conservative values. The Harper Conservatives definitely do not demonstrate conservative values either socially of fiscally. Their social values are a sham as they silence and censure their own people in their party from expressing them or bringing them up for a democratic vote or discussion.

    Problem is with our multi party system is that although Harper does not have and never will have the majority of popular votes, our ‘first past the post’, system of electing the majority of Members of Parliament has given him the ‘temporary’ (misplaced) trust of being elected with a ‘majority’. That is our democracy and we have to respect it. Unfortunately this has also caused regional divisions among Canadians and the reality of the situation is that the West feel that the CPC (Reform party stolen by Harper) is their only choice and hope for representation at the ballot box to control the Canadian political system. It has worked and the propaganda of the CPC have made us in Ontario give him an undeserved majority government.

    Now Liberal Del Jones in Morrisburg is also living in a make believe world as McGuinty and Wynne have acted exactly as the Harper Conservatives have and have proven at least to the majority of Ontarians that they do not deserve our trust and vote.

    Problem here is that, like the Ignatieff and Dion fiascos of the Federal Liberals, Tim Hudak does not even have the confidence of his own party, never mind the confidence of the rest of us in Ontario to give him a chance. So it’s anybodies guess if Wynne’s party will be defeated. I definitely will not vote Liberal and will likely vote NDP as their leader and platform have merit. Who ever becomes our next premier, the fiscal mess of both the provincial and federal parties in power will have to be honestly addressed and tackled or we will be even deeper into trouble.

    Ahora, quiero desearle un feliz retiro en Ecuador. Mi esposa es de Perú y visitar Cousco, Machu Picchu, Lima, su lugar de nacimiento, y el río Amazonas están en mi lista buckey. Manténgase alejado de la política en América del Sur, son muy desagradable allí!

    Now, I want to wish you a happy retirement in Ecuador. My wife is from Peru and visiting Cousco, Machu Picchu, Lima (her place of birth), and the Amazon River are on my buckey list. Stay away from politics in South America, they are very nasty there!


  42. Thanks for the retirement wish Dave. Have had enough politics to last another life time so I will pursue music and writing, cooking and wine tasting (Chile produces some fine wine).

    With regards to a statement that you made concerning OAS you were completely out to left field. Nobody technically pays into OAS. The supplement is payable to all Canadians regardless of whether or not they ever even paid income tax. OAS is not a right it is simply a benefit on the other hand CPP is a pension fund for people that have contributed (together with employers contributions) and you can still start collecting at age 60 (which is highly recommended despite the reduction, just ask any accountant or simply do the math yourself) and continue working while you collect if you want or need to.

    I would also disagree that OAS will return to age 65. By rights, since we are living longer it should not be available until age 70 and to be honest I would advocate that they cancel the benefit altogether. People need to be responsible for themselves and I personally dislike our continued immersion into a socialist society. If you do the math (depending on your net taxable income) by the time you federal, provincial and municipal taxes and factor in HST and health tax, ECO fees and license fees and so on and so on most are lucky to end up with 25 cents out of every dollar. Next year you will have even less. When finally they take it all will have to rename our political system ( ever read Animal Farm? )

  43. , David Oldham August 25, 2013 at 7:58 pm


    I Believe now you only have to live in Canada 3-5 years now to collect OAS.

    I also understand that New immigrants get supplemented more then our seniors who contributed to our country and system their entire lives .

    The left is always willing to tax and spend and create big government as a means of control.

  44. Yup, a big fan of George Orwell. It’s lonely here in left field or like Jesus out in the wilderness to find the truth, but although everybody collects OAS ‘technically’ it’s our tax dollars that pay for everybody and not manna from heaven or a gift from the CPC and the government of Harper. So, thanks for joining me here. Seven more players and we have a baseball team that could probably beat the Blue Jays!
    Like Animal farm “All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others”. Kind of sounds like political officials and their entitlements and definitely like the Quebec situation right now.
    Interestingly we claim to be for the most part a Christian society yet capitalism says to take care of yourself and to hell with the rest.
    Now, I am an atheist (Thank God) and the whole religious belief system on earth is ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’, no matter what religion. Man invented god, not God made man, yet in many or most religious beliefs there is the caring and sharing that is appealing even to non-believers. They also brought us the most horrific wars, firm in their beliefs that their version of the truth was superior.
    Oh, I am a believer but in kindness, humanity, scientific fact and proof not religious hog wash.
    I am glad that you have deep pockets to not want OAS but unfortunately most of us do not.
    It is also nice to be able to work to 67 or 70, or even more if you can or want to.
    My career was 34 years with CN Rail and I retired only because I was transferred to Edmonton from Montreal HQ and since I had all my points for retirement, I chose to retire. If I had been younger I may have jumped on the opportunity of starting a new life out west, but remember those famous words, “Go west young man, go west”!
    I agree that people should have the right to work past 65, but at the same time I believe OAS is worthy of keeping.
    With CN, when I turn 65 my CN pension will be reduced by the amount of OAS so that if it is abolished then I and all my brothers and sisters at CN and probably other companies with the same policy will find it a bit harder to fulfill our bucket list or for that matter to even survive economically.

    I see that Highlander is still ‘shouting’ (upper case) as if that gets more attention. I guess that’s the way of a true CPC card carrying party member. However Highlander, Harper has not been the greatest example of fiscal responsibility. I agree that it is unfortunate that us workers or retirees get the same or less than new arrivals in our country, but universal coverage is what we have in place and it has been for a long time.
    As far as your delusional notion that the left creates Big Government, may I remind you that Harper has the largest cabinet of ministers, assistant ministers and assistants to assistants, than any other government in Canada’s history. Also, he lied to Canadians about appointing Senators and now has appointed more of his own flunkeys than any other Prime Minister in history. Need remind you that ‘The less than honourable’ Brian Mulroney gave us the GST to start with. Oh, how you Conservatives have a short but selective memory!
    As far as taxing, I guess that you don’t consider tariffs and fees in your math.
    Look at the latest budget. Harper advertised loudly that tariffs would be taken off sports and baby needs, but it took the left wing media to uncover his ‘transparency’ that he also imposed duties and tariffs on 42 countries on all goods that people most want or need, not just budding Wayne Gretsky’s or families with babies. Like the diapers, his budget was full of it!
    Truth is that they all are the same.


  45. Yes David Oldham and Highlander. We need a system where a third of the population toils away for minimum wage, and puts enough aside to survive their old age in comfort. Makes perfect sense. Survival of the fittest must prevail, at all cost!

  46. FURTZ you come across as an individual who feels entitled to a free ride or entitlement to your entitlements. If you want to ride on my back instead of your own you had better hang on tight you might be in for a rough ride. My mother raised me to be responsible for myself.

    DAVE truth is they are all the same is fair however the GST replaced the old MST tax (13.5%) which was invisible for a system which is transparent. Personally Dave I prefer to see what is coming. While Chretien made an election promise to abolish the GST and never did you seem to forget that it was the Harper government that has reduced it from 7% to its current 5% level.


    You were right when you corrected HIGHLANDER on Chretien having prorogued parliament 11 times. Highlander gracefully apologized and stood corrected for having been misinformed. Just for the record it was PIERRE TRUDEAU that prorogued parliament 11 TIMES. He was a LIBERAL also, so really the mistake was only the name not the fact that it was a liberal government. You can split hairs HFTT I will give you that. A stickler for accuracy gets my respect.

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