Bonville Lion’s Club Hunters Ball Pulls in Over 700 in Attendance! South Stormont Event Awards Over $10,000 in Prizes!

bryan john marlon

(pictured Marlon from the Bonville Lion’s Club, John Locke from Fence Depot, & South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis)

CFN–  The Hunter’s Ball has grown.  The yearly event that takes place at the Lion’s Club in Bonville Ontario doubled attendance with over 700 people showing up this year.

Besides eating local wild game donated for the dinner the event features The Big Buck contest and this year gave out over $10,000 in prizes to area hunters that entered.

Mayor Bryan McGillis of South Stormont mc’d the event with his wife Cindy taking a week off of work to make sure everyone was fed along with a huge team of volunteers!

The event added a huge tent to handle the crowd as hunting is a huge tourism driver for South Stormont; especially with more young people getting involved and wanting to learn how to live off the land.

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  1. Good on ya for going to the ball admin.

  2. Author

    420 I go just about anywhere I get invites to 🙂 The problem in Cornwall is that the clique jams CFN out of a lot of events trying to teach the community a lesson. For example we only were given press accreditation for Great Big Sea the day of the event; thus we did not cover the event. Thus many charities and groups have lost out on our over 25 million page views and counting this year…. That begs the question is who’s the actual smart group and who really wins or loses in the end? CFN is not moi – it’s you and each and every one of our viewers including the nasties that keep clicking even though for whatever reason they dislike myself and Cornwall.

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