Cornwall Ontario Spent How Much on Food Stuffs & Provisions in 2013? Letter to the Editor From Jim Marshall

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Councillors and Mayor,

A recent post on a local news site suggested that something like $600,000 dollars was spent by the city for food stuffs and food provision.


I found a 2013 budget document from the City of Cornwall that roughly confirms that information.


Please be kind enough to provide some itemization and explanation for this amount… certainly; the providers, the partakers, and a description of the food and related services (and perhaps the neediness which prompted the expenditure).


Are we talking 10 thousand $60 dollar meals? …I’m very curious given that that budget allotted just $10,000 dollars to the AGAPE Centre (ie. the Community food bank, soup kitchen etc.) an organization serving the desperately “in need”.


I look forward to a timely response.



Jim Marshall

1984 Cornwall Avenue

Cornwall, ON




  1. Jim, have you considered that the City of Cornwall owns and operates the Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge, a Long-Term Care facility that must feed its residents?

    Perhaps a bit more research before writing such a letter would save you some embarrassment.

  2. Pigs at the trough and $60./person per plate is ridiculous. The city doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the poor people but they sure live high on the hog. Pigs sure fly high don’t they.

  3. Jim,,,,,, Best of luck in receiving anything that might be considered an answer ! Maybe,better odds than a snowball in hell or “BIG BEN” catching fire & burning for 20 years ? lol

  4. Nobody should be too embarrassed to ask a question about a vague “omnibus” budget item, and an itemized answer on City Hall stationary should put to rest how much went where.. and how much didn’t.

    Perhaps this enquiry is just a shot across the bow. Maybe there should have been a question about “sod-gate”.

  5. things that make you go hmmmm

  6. Jim; I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an answer from the city. To get an proper answer would probably involve a access to information request. But I agree with Paul. The city runs Glen Stor Dun Lodge, as well as the Meals on Wheels program. Those two programs could explain a lot of the expenses in question.

  7. JAMIE IS THERE A RAT IN THE PACK.this just sounds like it is just not right.Give it to jamie and he,ll print it.Politicians in this city can,t be that stupid.Watch your self Jamie, they just might make you look foolish.

  8. Yes …Marc……Politicians in this City are that Stupid….yes they are…….and crooks as well………there may be a few honest ones amongst the rot…..Not many can show face…….or talk truth….they all talk bull….as usual ….selling out the citizens of cornwall…..
    …its too late for those Tanks….now at the upcoming elections ..make sure you vote Kilger in again…and Bernie and Elaine and Grant….DDDDDUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH……!Wake up …….HOw much money did they get out of this?…….make sure you have Denis Carr and the Brigadoons there to celebrate the opening……..the more Society moves farther from truth…The more they will bash the ones who speak it!

  9. No doubt the City has outlays for food and the provision of same. But it would be interesting to see the variance between the legitimate Lodge, and Meals on Wheels outlay, and the overall budget item. The rest of the food that gets delivered to City Hall and City related goings on is worthy of study (and where it gets buried in the budget, and whether it is reported as a taxable benefit).

    The Lodge is too open to abuse by some despicable folks (hiding behind the institution’s good works).

    Some time ago a new sidewalk in front of the Lodge was laid, then broken up, and replaced the next year. More recently the complete installation of sod was left to dry up and die and it also was replaced the next year.

    And of course we know that a coverup of “abuse reporting” at the Lodge (that included retaliation, harassment, dimissal, then rehiring of a brave employee) cost the city Millions of dollars in fallout, legal fees, restitution, and for payouts to both the re-instated innocent party — and amazingly — the “guilty-as-sin” that were shown the door.

    This fine and necessary institution seems to draw an inordinate amount of skullduggery.

  10. His Worship himself has provided a prompt reply to the inquiry about cost of food, and its provision, in 2013.
    Apart from “Other”, it would appear to be acceptably accounted for.
    Fortunately the advice given to me that about 5 times that amount would not accounted for, was well off the mark.

    Glen Stor Dun Lodge $481,510
    Outreach Program 68,641
    Richelieu Day Care 28,000
    Other 12,425
    Total $590,576

  11. Author

    omg, you got an answer from City Hall Jim! Congrats! I have an outstanding list of nearly 100 unanswered queries.

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