Mark A MacDonald Announces on Facebook That He’s Running for Council in Cornwall Ontario – March 3, 2014

mark sept 2013CORNWALL Ontario –  Mark A MacDonald posted on Facebook today that he will be filing at City Hall to run for Council in the 2014 Municipal elections.

mark papers

Mr. MacDonald, a former two time councilor, ran for Mayor in 2010 losing to Bob Kilger as well as losing to PC MPP Jim McDonell.   He won  stunning first ballot victory over favored candidate Pat Finucan for the Liberal candidacy.

Mark has focused this term on his work with the Air Force Wing in Cornwall which is still trying to get a new lease and stay in their long time home as well as campaigned to save the Cornwall General Hospital facility for the community.

He stated that he’s looking to focus on two campaign issues and hoping to find like minded people to support those issues via telephone this morning.

He ended his post with the twitter hashtag #occupycornwall

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  1. @ Jamie. The Freeholder removed your comment congratulating MacDonald for throwing his hat in the ring.

  2. I wish Mark and Jaime luck in their pursuit of their political ambitions. Hopefully it won’t get as nuts as it is in Toronto. Currently for councillor in Toronto there are over 100 candidates and for mayor there are 36 candidates.

  3. @ Hugger. Where did those numbers come from?
    No way anywhere near that number are running in TO.
    So far, I count three (including Ford) running for mayor… so that makes two.

  4. FYI…..

    The Standard Freeholder originally had 11 comments on Mark’s running for council. The comments are now down to three. So, Jaime’s comment was not the only one purged.

  5. @ Hugger. I stand corrected.

  6. Mr. Mark MacDonald congratulations on running for council. Well you and Jamie always make my day and I hope that you win. Best of luck to both of you. You work very hard Mr. MacDonald for good causes and I hope that the people see that. Huge changes are needed to steer Cornwall in a better direction. What I see at this time is really bad news.

  7. So the toilet paper of record SF is blocking people’s comments as usual. It sure has been a mighty long time since I went on that cursed, low life, no good for nothing of a piece of toilet paper that has other uses but nothing to read except total and complete BS. When the people of Cornwall have their eyes wide shut on what is going on then they will be the ones who will perish.

  8. Author

    Catch this Jules. I posted “Congratulations Mr. MacDonald!” The Free Holder deleted my comment.

  9. Jamie (Admin) I am not surprised at all what goes on with that toilet paper of record one bit. You are too good of a man and I said that so many times and I mean those words to the fullest. Mark MacDonald works tirelessly for the causes that he believes in and they are very good causes and what did the people do in the last election but elect Bare Ass. The people are completely blind as well as having the Stockholm Syndrome and that is the entire truth of the matter. The people live a very strange kind of a life and they fall for the wrong people. You would think that the people would learn from their mistakes of electing Bare Ass again but they don’t and it is the history of Cornwall. People elect those with deep pockets who have done them a great deal of harm. Jamie you can work yourself to the bone for those people and still they don’t appreciate it. I have learned so much through the years and I gave up on Cornwall and not because I hate it but I cannot stand the mentality at all and I had to break away for my own good. The people themselves have to change and nobody can do that for them. One professional man that I once knew said that Cornwall was both a stinky town as well as a sticky town where people do not venture out to other towns and that is so very true indeed. I will not mention the man’s name here since he was very well known and had a business and is deceased but the business is in the hands of other people.

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