Mayor Bryan McGillis & Councilors Brownlee, Woods, & Waldroff Condemn Deputy Mayor Hart Over Memo

township south-stormontAn Open Letter to the Taxpayers of South Stormont

March 18, 2014

Four members of Council have decided collectively to take this unprecedented step to inform our taxpayers on an issue that has discredited the integrity of four members of your elected Council and Township staff.

There has been a suggestion by the Deputy Mayor that in Council’s deliberation for the 2014 budget, preference was given to support a newspaper attempting to establish itself in South Stormont, namely, the South Stormont News.

Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Therefore we wish to explain and clarify the misinformation being circulated by Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, the “Open Memorandum” in regards to the “South Stormont News”.

In December 2013, a presentation was made to Council to introduce a newspaper with a local flavour specifically for the residents of South Stormont. The South Stormont News requested the Township consider advertising in this new publication on a monthly basis, much like the Township does in another local newspaper. Council was is favour of the project in principal, however, a review of marketing initiatives would take place as part of 2014 budget deliberations.

The issue of increased advertising came before two budget meetings. Discussion ensued with members expressing concern questioning the need for more advertising however, as a growing community with an increasing need for communication with our residents through multiple media avenues, an increase was approved.

Two (2) proposals for newspaper advertising were presented at the January 21, 2014 budget meeting and a report was prepared by staff for Council to consider. The discussion centered very much about the value and need for further promotion of South Stormont, programs, activities and opportunities. Council agreed to advertise in both newnewspapers.

We are taken aback to think a member of Council would mislead the residents of South Stormont in this fashion. This attempt to discredit the reputations of your elected officials and total breach of trust against fellow members of Council is disgraceful.

We trust this open letter has provided the rationale employed by your Township for the betterment of our communication in our community.

Mayor Bryan McGillis 

 Councillor’s  Barry Brownlee, Cindy Woods, and Richard Waldroff



  1. This is the only media outlet not to show Tammy Harts letter. Is this biases reporting cause you have something to gain?

    Very Unethical!!!

  2. Author

    Actually Ms Hart did not submit the letter to us. Note that she types “Dear Editor” at the top in the other media. I agree she is very very unethical.

    Thank you for posting to CFN.

  3. Does ANYONE who opposes CFN, and you personally, have a grasp of the English language? “Is this biases reporting….” REALLY???

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