My Fearless Predictions for Round Two of the 2013/14 NHL Play Offs by Jamie Gilcig

widingCFN – Well it’s time for round 2 of the NHL play offs.  Let’s see how I did in round one?

Montreal over TB in 6

Hey who expected the Habs to sweep?   🙂

Anaheim over Dallas in 5

It took the Ducks 6

Pittsburgh over Columbus in 4

Columbus played some good hockey and the Penguins studs hiccuped, but the Waterfowl move on.

Rangers over Philly in 7

nailed that one!

St.Louis over Chicago in 6

It wasn’t Miller Time in the Big Easy!

Minnesota over Colorado in 6

Kudos to Patrick Roy and his squad for making it to game 7!

LA over SJ in 7

I know, but what a come back!   LA was mucho manly!

Boston over Detroit in 6

Iggy wants a cup!

So I was 7 for 8 in my picks nailing two series on the head.    Now for round 2!

Montreal vs Boston

Ugh, as I predicted in an earlier piece I see the Bruins in 5.  I hope things are different as I’m a Hab lifer.  Series starts tonight.

NYR vs Pittsburgh

If Syd makes up for round one it becomes interesting.  Of course NY won without Rick Nash too.

Rangers in six!

Minnesota vs Chicago

Chicago in 5.   Minny struggled against a team with nearly no defence.  They now will face Duncan Keith & co.

LA vs Anaheim

Am rooting for the Ducks, but honestly after the Shark series LA must be jacked up into the stratosphere and they won without many of their best players being on.    Jarret Stoll had more ice time in game 7 than Mike Richards or Jeff Carter!

LA in 5

The story lines are scant this year.  Iginla, Selanne, the Habs, and Kings.

Players to watch in round two:   Tyler Toffoli, 5 points in 7 games with only 11:55 playing time.   Anze Kopitar got the memo 🙂  Dany Heatley 5 points in 5 games; back from the dead and playing for a contract next year.    Was key to Minny winning and led the team with +5 for the series.    Bryan Bickell for the Hawks.   James Neal, if he clicks Crosby will catch fire.   Lucic & Iginla – if they click it’s over for the Habs.  Carey Price, PK Subban, and Max Pacioretty.   How these three fare will dictate if the Habs prove everyone wrong and make it to round 3!

What do you say hockey fans?  You can post your comments below!

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