Mayor Flees MacDonald Salary Issue Meeting at Napoleons in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – July 9, 2014

Mayor Flees MacDonald Salary Issue Meeting at Napoleons in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig – July 9, 2014

markBABYCORNWALL Ontario – Mark MacDonald had called a meeting this morning at his new fave breakfast spot, Napoleon’s, in Cornwall Ontario.

Candidates were invited to come down, speak, talk to media, and the focus was the report being voted on Monday night regarding a steep pay hike for council and the mayor after nearly $10K was spent on a consultant.

That in and of itself is crazy.   If I want a raise I ask for it.  If you don’t have the testicular fortitude to do so then you really should go back into your rat hole.

Sadly though, and typical of this Kilger council, who have shown an utter disregard for the public purse because too date they have not been held accountable.

The only candidates to show up were Mr. MacDonald who is running for council, Roland Besner, also running for council, and yours truly who is running for mayor.  Many did not even send their regrets to Mr. MacDonald.

Eric Healey, the new Summer guy from the Freeholder showed up.   He had some insightful questions.   With only three candidates available there was plenty of time to be thorough.  Todd Lihou from the Seaway News was invited according to Mr. MacDonald, but was probably busy ….um….

Frankly it’s been a pattern of apathy from those who have put their hats in the ring in Cornwall as the race too date has been all but silent.

The only action in the morning was Mayor Kilger fleeing after I said good morning to him.  Bob is odd that way; or nervous about the latest Stephen Fournier closed door meeting about to come out regarding his voting to move into an in camera meeting of the Waterfront Committee.  This would be the second or third time Mr. Fournier would rule against the Mayor this term.

Bob walked in and zoomed away.   It was bewildering.   The Mayor has also not responded to my challenge after he announced his candidacy to a one on one debate on the future of Cornwall.

I guess he’s not that focused on our future what with the secret behind doors meetings regarding our waterfront, which frankly I find very scary if you care about the future of our city.  We really can’t afford to screw this one up.

Mr. MacDonald has a document for candidates to sign asking that zero increase be given to council and the mayor.   I appreciate the political sentiment and have no issue with it personally.

I wrote about this subject recently suggesting that the issue should be decided by voters as a ballot question.  LINK

Councilor Andre Rivette made it official and put his name on the list of candidates recently.   So far only one current councilor has stated that they are not running publicly, Denis Thibault.

Well Cornwall; do you care about the upcoming election?   Who would you like to see run or get elected?  Do you think our elected officials deserve a raise?  Did you get one this year?

You can post your comments below.

Photo: Marc MacDonald at previous event

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