Ian Bowering Pays Up for Battery & Damaging Camera in Cornwall Ontario July 10, 2014

Ian Bowering Pays Up for Battery & Damaging Camera in Cornwall Ontario July 10, 2014

Ian Bowering Dec 7 2011CORNWALL Ontario –  Woodhouse Museum Curator Ian Bowering finally paid for Battery and damaging our CFN camera ME-2 today at the Courthouse in Cornwall Ontario.

It took seven months sadly because Mr. Bowering reneged on his apology and agreement to pay for damages.

The incident stemmed from his attacking CFN editor Jamie Gilcig during an interview at the Chem Tank rally in Cornwall back in December.  Attending officer in charge, CPS Sgt. Brian Snyder, who is also Mayor Kilger’s brother in law, refused to lay a charge on site.

This is the second time that Mr. Bowering has struck at Mr. Gilcig.


Mr. Bowering had in fact apologized for the incident and agreed to cover costs, but when the amount was tendered sent a note offering less than half the cost.


I am not authorized to agree to the costs without a referee, but I am sincerely sorry that the incident happened, as I know that you are trying and are successful in covering Cornwall news.


With regard to costs, if you do find that there has been damage do let me know and I am sure that we can find a resolution.  As for printing anything I have written, I do not write anything that the public cannot see.



Ian Bowering

Mr. Bowering was belligerent in the courthouse at one point advising Mr. Gilcig that he should step aside as he might strike him again, as well as repeatedly addressing him as a “Blogger” and CFN, the newspaper with the largest audience in the Cornwall market as a “Blog”.

He is also the focus of a closed meeting report from Stephen Fournier after he stated at a Waterfront Committee meeting that he couldn’t speak as per the agenda because of Mr. Gilcig being in attendance to cover the meeting.   Mayor Kilger and long time councilors Carr and Grant were present with Grant and the Mayor voting to move in camera.

Mr. Bowering’s presentation was on the open agenda which is why the Freeholder filed a complaint against the proceedings which ironically led to chair Lee Cassidy also striking Mr. Gilcig and his camera.

It should be interesting if this will impact Mr. Bowering’s tenure at the museum as local historian Thom Racine appears to be waiting in the wings to apply for the position.

The Woodhouse museum is chiefly funded from the City of Cornwall via tax payer dollars.

Mr. Bowering was not contacted for this story.

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