Hoping For A Better Tomorrow for the Cornwall Ontario Area by Garden Girl – Aug 21, 2014

Hoping For A Better Tomorrow for the Cornwall Ontario Area by Garden Girl – Aug 21, 2014


garden girlCFN – Where to start; the political climate in this area is absolutely scary. This does not feel like a community, this feels like a battle between good and evil. I do not believe I need to define who is who, anyone with a functioning brain can see that things are not right around here.

Potential? Yes! There is HUGE potential here. Cornwall may only have a population of around 50,000, but the population that depends on Cornwall far surpasses 100,000 people. Cornwall has it all, technically. It has a mall (insert joke here), a hospital that is slowly rising to the occasion of meeting its local needs (still leaving a lot to be desired), a downtown (again, insert joke here) and a local government (can we legitimately call it that? I personally am of the opinion that it’s a type of self-serving “old boys club”- and yes, I have personally attended council meetings to have a valid opinion) and we have a waterfront………………. (Rolling eyes)

It seems that the current government has squandered its chance of redemption. Just one look at the recent police blotter of the area, local facebook pages and a first-hand analysis of the city point out exactly the problems. We have a council that pretends to care. I am completely open to debate on that statement.

But, pretending to care and actual caring are two way different things. This council obviously cares more about covering up their footsteps than about the community at large. Why else would they have “in-camera” sessions and dirty-handed lackeys? Isn’t anyone else concerned about the diminishing number of locally owned businesses and local tax money being paid out to rich companies to “lure” them in when they are already here? Isn’t anyone else concerned that concerns of our waterfront is handled without public notification? Isn’t anyone else pissed that our local government is far from transparent? Isn’t anyone else questioning the fact that local political figures are enrolled and engaging in very questionable groups?

Yes, I may write and be published on CFN, but I assure you, my loyalty is to people I deem worth it. I am not on any bandwagons, I am not deluded or biased by close relations or friendships, I take no part in poo-flinging for the very simple reason that if there is truth in the flung poo, eventually it cannot be washed off.

I am a supporter of O’Shaughnessy, if only because he was the sole person I personally witnessed with a backbone at council meetings when he was still a member. I applaud him for jumping off the bandwagon and forging his own future within the city of Cornwall. I am excited to see where he will go with his independence. It can obviously go two ways, but I am an optimist on this subject based on the fact that he had the astuteness to leave the pigsty behind.

I am of the opinion that the more colours, the prettier the rainbow. That goes for opinions too, the more opinions, the richer the conversation.


When it comes to local news, I am a proud reader of all. I like to know as much about any situation as possible so that I can determine my own opinion. I find it incredulous that the Seaway News and the Standard Freeholder have no interest in covering ALL of the local politics for the benefit of the WHOLE city, and not just their own political pettiness.


Come on everyone, it is obvious. I am not asking them to like or even love what they write about, all I am asking for is unbiased information about what is going on LOCALLY. As a citizen and a subscriber I believe I am entitled to information, and I will dig for it myself, if necessary. However, with two well established local news providers, I am disappointed, to say the least. It seems, and again, totally open for debate (I love a good, intelligent debate, it benefits everyone involved), that the CSF and the CSN are nothing but self-serving organizations with their heads deep in sand. Why else can local news go uncovered by them? Why else do they have comments open on some stories and not others? Why else is our local store flyers monopolized? Anyone else notice some difficulty in order to get a Farm Boy or Shoppers Drug Mart flyer??? All these things should be considered, and everywhere else is, free enterprise. We should not feel like our FREE local flyers are being monopolized. However, they are, and I feel that way.

The latest news to get my gruff is that the Lift-Off seems to be in peril. Great, the one big thing that Cornwall genuinely shines for, has an uncertain future. Isn’t part of the job of local government to protect what is good? Lately I have been noticing Judge James O’Reilly’s facebook pictures (I totally invite you to send her (yes, she) a facebook friend request. She is a young, local historian who just completed university.). She has been posting pic’s of theatres, grand hotels and even postcards that Cornwall used to boast. In this respect, I feel the local government has failed us by not protecting the very things that make Cornwall grand and unique. In fact, the amount of condemned housing I have noticed as of late is yet another failing of our local government. As well, in the same breath, WE are the ones who voted them into power and voted to keep them in power. I sincerely hope that this fall will be a brand new chapter in Cornwall’s history books.

We need positive, selfless change. We don’t need name calling, pettiness or local facebook groups that have absolutely nothing to do with the reality of today or changing things for the positive. We need transparency in all aspects of local government. We need to start mending our sense of community so that EVERYONE feels included, and realize that even though we may have differences, we all ultimately want the same thing, to completely love where we live. I am so disgusted with hearing the (rightful) term of being “Cornwalled”, it is a sad state of where we are at this time. We need politicians who don’t take pot shots at each other, posting questionable things online for all to see, because we all know that what we see, no matter how minute, is a window into that person’s soul. Regardless if they “erased” it 43 minutes later.

That brings me to one last thing that REALLY bothered me in local news, and not just the incident itself, but the aftermath via commentary (links below). It is obvious that a certain clique is all about protecting its own, but could care less who they run over. It is no secret that I am a patient of Ontario healthcare, and let me tell you, if I found some janitor, or ANY employee of the hospital that I frequent talking about or discussing me publicly, I would personally see to it that they were punished by the full extent of the law.


It is breach of trust, pure and simple. Never mind that when I visit these places I am at my most vulnerable. I don’t care who you are, how many people you support or how old you are, when you hold a certain position, you are bound by contract and expected to keep and maintain people’s trust. Imagine a lawyer or doctor committing the same act? Laws like this are in place to protect all of us. It is inexcusable and unprofessional. It seems that if this crime was perpetrated against the clique, instead of for it, there would be a much bigger uproar. Even the idea that the person who was fired is suing the person who brought the comment to light. Hello, the person who brought it to light did not make you write the comment, nor did they make you delete it 43 minutes later. You made your bed, just as we all do every day, now lie in it. It would be like me suing the person who found my cancer instead of accepting that I have cancer… What a joke.

I am far from perfect and I never claim to be, but every single day I wake up with the intention of being a better (and smarter) person than I was yesterday. And remember, if we all did one small act of kindness each day, we would each change the lives of 365 people a year for the better. Better late than never. Baby steps in the right direction begin to lead to great things.

P.S.- I find it absolutely crazy, if not heinous, that some locals are complaining about not getting a FREE paper delivered, South Stormont News. Yet, these same people post pictures online of stacks of the paper acquired through local businesses burning in their fire pits. Never mind the pollution or waste, the bigotry alone should be raising people’s eyebrows.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he has to say.” Tyrion Lannister

“If you have to cheat to win, you have already lost.” Unknown

Links to articles with commentary mentioned- http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/hospital-employee-fired-for-posting-comment-about-duffy-treatment-at-heart-institute

And- http://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/firing-devastated-hospital-employee-who-posted-about-duffy-visit-to-heart-institute?fb_action_ids=258810267645632&fb_action_types=og.comments


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