Yes, the CFN Boycott is an Election Issue in the 2014 Cornwall Ontario Election by Jamie Gilcig

cfn panic 180x150CORNWALL Ontario – Since December 2011 The City of Cornwall, and in particular Mayor Kilger, has led a boycott that has impacted CFN.  It was borne of a lie and has spread its tentacles wide and deep not only hurting our news outlet; but hurting the community and economy of our city.

CFN is an anomaly.   It’s not normal in a city of our size for a small independent newspaper (yes, CFN is an online newspaper; not a “Blog” as certain haters like to label us) to have the largest market share.

The fact that we tackle stories traditional media refuse to makes us controversial.   The fact that we have exposed some sacred cows has caused backlashes towards myself and those that have worked with CFN from our contractors to even those that supplied us to with services.

Heck one of our team is sworn me to secrecy for fear of losing their day job and they are not being paranoid.

Where did this boycott start?   It started with a comment left that was removed that allegedly hurt the feelings of Ed Lumley, Bob Kilger, and Paul Fitzpatrick.  It started from Gilles Latour losing his biscuit at Jim Brownell’s retirement engagement when he showed up late with John Earle to video tape the event and being stuck at the back of the room and screamed after that my “FAT ASS” blocked their shooting, when in fact I’d given up my seat to Mrs. Brownell and the Brownell family.

It spread one lie at a time including the statement in a city document that CFN and the Free Holder are filled with personal attacks and profanity.    And when I; unlike so many others, stood up to the attacks; some would say too successfully; led to charges that somehow I was a bully.

One by one our clients with ties to the city were bulled down; all with the usual story of fear to say “who” did the bullying and regrets.  Some of those are no longer in business.   One was essentially bribed away with a bunch of work; but after a year the work dried up and they were left on the outside again.

The Chamber of Commerce joined in too with one former President telling a city councilor that our radio station was a pirate and that they’d do something about it.  They left in scandal to Winnipeg.   Team Cornwall’s former President and Mayor Kilger’s bagman in the last election, Gilles Latour, was arrested for fraud.     He also uncannily,  and a bit drunkenly, told me our last election poll before the 2010 election was crap and then gave me the exact list of  winners in sequence…..two days before the election.

During this time of the boycott though our audience grew, and grew….and grew.    There was a tragic irony that while our audience grew our revenues shrunk to the point where we literally are hanging on from month to month financially.

We finally had to ad google ads to CFN; something I was very proud not to have done when we started because I didn’t want local businesses competing with google ads.  Now the irony is that local businesses using google ads that have historically boycotted CFN now grace our home page.

While the extremes of this situation are not common the theme is; that if media do their jobs they will pay a price in the loss of advertising revenue.

That this happens from tax payer dollars is wrong at every possible level.    The purpose of any government agency advertising is to inform the public and the same conditions should apply as any other tender process; ie the best value for the rate payer with a consideration for local support.   There have been issues with Mayor Kilger trashing CFN at a service club meeting; with Councilor Gardiner telling Seaway Tourism that the city boycotts us, and we won’t even start about the antics of Councilor Thibault.

In CFN’s case we have the largest audience in Cornwall and cost less to market or inform than either the Seaway News, Standard Freeholder, or Corus Radio.   There simply is no mathematical or business argument to support the use of tax payer dollars to advertise in those outlets and boycott CFN.

Our MPP for example had refused to advertise on CFN because he said he doesn’t believe in online advertising (maybe that’s why Mr. Hudak lost?) but he also has refused to advertise with South Stormont News, the other newspaper I own which is non gonzo and traditional.

In 2011 the city confirmed that we sent the website more traffic than all the other media while only being #7 on their money list.

In 2012 we still were number one from old archived ads during the first year of the boycott.  IE we sent the city more traffic while they refused to buy an ad from us than those that they were paying!

In 2013 we spent a year trying to get numbers from Maureen Adams from the City regarding the near $300K spent on advertising.  A city councilor even tried to help.  After numerous emails, phone calls, and chats at council I was emailed a freedom of information request by Ms Adams.

As we enter the 2014 municipal election this is definitely an issue.   It’s not at the top of the list; but it’s on the list.  Modesty prevents me from listing our many achievements and the list of issues that the people of Cornwall would not know about if not for CFN.

Those long time viewers know what we have accomplished; but a question that should be asked of anyone running for office this year is whether they would still support a boycott of CFN and frankly if that answer is yes they clearly are not putting the community first, and should not be elected to office.

What happened since 2011 should not happen in any community; especially to a local business.   While I am a firm believer in a free marketplace those decisions should be made freely and not at the threat of punishment by corrupt groups or elected officials.

One business was too frightened for us to write a profile about them because they were worried about losing a city contract.

The list of shame is long, and I may just publish it one day; but voters do have a choice once every four years and it’s a chance to fix old mistakes and hopefully steer the city to a better future.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Government power always seems to be corrupted everywhere from the municipal level to the United Nations. The best way to reduce government corruption is to reduce governments and government responsibilities.

  2. CFN is definitely different than traditional media. Gonzo journalism is still not readily accepted as valid journalism.

    “Hater” is a rather strong word and I find overused nowadays. I dislike a few things, bur do not consider myself a hater.

    Whether the city boycott of CFN is an election issue is still yet to be determined. CFN may see it as an election issue. But if other candidates don’t see it as an issue is it an issue? Or does it just become a concern for CFN.

  3. Author

    Hugger what candidates choose doesn’t make it an issue. The Chem Tanks. They are definitely an election issue; but most of the incumbents might not agree as they allowed the Mayor and management to lie to the public and did not hold them accountable to the voters. Specifically why ED did not report to council or to whom they did report and then who covered up the information and why.

  4. To me the chemical tanks are a dead issue. They’re there now. What the issue now is the divestiture of the harbour lands. If Cornwall / MCA can gain control things will be better. But I think this is an issue with a blank cheque attached to it, meaning we don’t know how much this is going to cost us now or how much it’ll cost us down the line. If I were the city I’d be looking for some legal eagles to go over those contracts with a fine tooth comb.

  5. Exactly the point Admin.

    It appears to be one issue after the other where we are left to ask why, why, why and yet, very seldom do the people involved answer us/reply with the truth and the facts to support their claims of innocence.

    You mentioned something previously in another column I believe about the culture of the city. People complain yet there appears to be apathy and denial when we really get down to the nitty gritty of a bad or corrupt issue.

    Some wash it under the table and or try to ignore it till it fades into the sinking sunset. There comes the apathetic nature of the beast, let it go, let it just fade away and maybe now and then have a good old chat about it.

    That is not good enough for many residents and to continue to have people disregard what is taking place right under their eyes should not become the status quo, it should become the everyday news and every person involved in such corruption/neglect and denial should be made absolutely accountable for it.

    Hopefully CFN will continue to shed light on the many why issues the general public are left to sort out for themselves most times, it certainly does not come from the Mayor or some on council as they sit behind that table hushed up, silenced and dumbfounded!

    But then again, this is not the first time is it. We almost have become accustomed to the displays of non verbal communication that should be heard when issues such as the Chem Tanks and MANY others appear at center stage of city hall.

    We are in such desperate need of a tidy up in this community regarding people in the places of power instead of another cover up!

  6. Author

    Hugger there is nothing dead about that issue. The public deserves to know what happened at the very least to prevent such a travesty from happening again.

  7. Agreed that we know what happened. My saying it was a dead issue is in regard to the tanks being in the ground and operational. That will not change.

  8. Author

    Hugger yes, we are stuck with those tanks; but we could have stopped them before construction started. We need to hold whomever is responsible accountable; and we need this cover up answered for honestly.

    The people of Cornwall deserve answers.

  9. Admin! My understanding is that City Council came up with a By-Law specifically aimed at CFN and you Jamie is that not correct? Please explain and Print if such a By-Law exists.

    Our waterfront certainly should be at the top of the list re this Election.

    When the 2011 Water Front Committee took charge a Water Front Plan was there, which they should have followed yet decided against ( they knew better ) Yet 3 and 1/2 yrs. later nothing positive has happened on our Water Front.

    A Public Meeting was to have taken place early in 2011 to finalize Pointe Maligne Park. It was put off.

    The Chem Tanks arrival and the latest Baloney of Divesture of Crown Waterfront Property in a 50-50 plan with the Indians shouldn’t that be enough of a reason to believe were being taken in?

    Who is really involved here?

    As I see it Mayor Kilger and Coun Glen Grant and Thibault

  10. Like I’ve said many times before I don’t always agree with Admin / Jaime. This is another case. I think if anyone believes these tanks could have been stopped they are dreaming. Whenever secrecy and / or the federal gov’t is involved the public does not truly have a say what happens.

  11. Author

    Mr. Beattie here is a letter to the editor from Mayor Kilger.

    Dear Editor,

    I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify City Council’s recent decision regarding the establishment of an advertising policy.

    There have been some misguided suggestions that this is an attempt to censor public discussion. This is simply not the case. The City of Cornwall enjoys a positive working relationship with the media, and it is one that we value and respect. Members of City Council and City Administration always make themselves available to the media and the public.

    The City is also open and receptive to feedback and constructive criticism from members of the public. We welcome public input because it helps us to better understand residents’ concerns and priorities surrounding municipal matters.

    The motion debated and passed by Council dealt solely with advertising and was strictly about the City of Cornwall’s right to choose where to advertise. City staff believe that advertising on web sites or publications with offensive content undermines the positive values of the City of Cornwall brand. This includes websites or publications outside of Cornwall. These guidelines have always been followed as an ‘unwritten rule’ – the Council report simply examined the issue in an open and transparent manner.

    The City has not asked the media to do anything. In fact, local journalists already follow their own professional guidelines regarding what is acceptable commentary, and local media organizations already enact varying policies to remove what is perceived to be offensive commentary. The City of Cornwall’s advertising guidelines simply mirror the same generally accepted guidelines in place in most media organizations.


    Mayor Bob Kilger



    and the original release

    And yes Hugger, if the people of Cornwall had taken action early enough, BEFORE A LEASE WAS SIGNED, then we would not have tanks in the ground.

  12. Out of curiosity…does the EOHU boycott CFN also?

    Not everyone reads the Freeholder, yet PSAs and other articles that involve the entire Cornwall public, their health and well being only appear in one paper.

    Should Dr. Paul from the EOHU not take into consideration that his PSA and many different articles would also be read by the readers of Cornwall Free News?

    How could someone totally ignore a paper that takes into consideration the many issues that go on in our community and leave out one of the most important, our health?

    Is there a contract that exists only with the Freeholder and the EOHU?

    Anything that comes from the EOHU should be included as part of the community reading in CFN.

    Is there some apparent reason why in this city some are shut out and others allowed in?

    It seems a little one sided, a bit hypocritical that one paper is OK for certain news from the top and others totally ignored or boycotted?

    If they boycott CFN, then who next will be out of the good graces of those calling the shots?

    It might not end with CFN, it could go beyond that, or has it already happened?

    I personally feel that anything coming in a way of interest that involves our health and community from the EOHU should in no way be limited to one single paper or a lone news outlet.

  13. Author

    OWC I actually have complained to the Premier’s office as we don’t even get heat notices or public alerts from the EOHU and Dr. Paul. In six years they purchased one small ad which was followed by someone with the same last name as Dr. Paul asking for free ads for his service. Since then it’s been boycott.

  14. Admin, thank you for the reply.

    This is another disgraceful example of what is going on in our community and the boycott of CFN.

    Is the mandate of the Health Unit not to protect our health? Then it should only stand to reason in a community with a newspaper such as CFN and the vast readership that any PSAs and Alerts should be sent to CFN without any delay or hesitation.

    Has this issued been addressed at the level of the Premier’s Office and by the office of the EOHU as to why they are not sending these updates and public health information to CFN?

    If not, then why not?

    This is beyond a disgrace that this should be happening when we (all citizens) have serious health concerns and depend on updates such as the specific alerts that come from the EOHU.

    Cornwall citizens better come out of the shadows and begin to see the writing on the wall.

    This is how deadly a boycott can be and yes it most certainly should become a serious election issue.

    I refuse to support any candidate who supports this boycott of CFN news.

    I suggest others better think twice about this issue. It could come back to bit them and much sooner than they think.

    There may come a day when they need support/help and when they turn to the sources, the help/support will not be there for them either.

    I hope you will follow up about this serious issue with the EOHU regarding our community health for one and all and the necessity of readers here at CFN receiving what readers already have in the other paper.

  15. Like I said before that Bare Ass had things run in Cornwall as a dictatorship and people are held hostage. The only way to get rid of this dictator is to toss him out on his keester and toss him mighty far away. Bare Ass has been nothing but trouble to everyone since he was re-elected by the brainless turkeys out there.

  16. Admin,

    In other words if the EOHU has and continues to boycott CFN then my health and the health of other community residents is being placed in jeopardy due to the fact we are not being updated/alerted or given the same public health information that is being presented to others via another media outlet such as a local paper.

    This boycott by the EOHU then is risking the health of many community residents by denying us our right to know and freedom to the same educational material as others receive.

    So only some in Cornwall are being informed about issues regarding the air we breathe and other health issues because we choose daily to read CFN and not another local paper.

    This is a very frightening prospect. I certainly hope that the Mayor, who if I am correct was on the EOHU board and a local council member who now is on the health board have not in any way influenced this outcome re: protection of our health and safety from EOHU regarding a boycott of CFN.

    We should all, equally, have the right to be informed about public health hazards and other issues that impact the quality of our life and health in this community.

  17. Admin said:And yes Hugger, if the people of Cornwall had taken action early enough, BEFORE A LEASE WAS SIGNED, then we would not have tanks in the ground.

    I agree. However, as I said earlier….Whenever secrecy and / or the federal gov’t is involved the public does not truly have a say in what happens.

  18. I find this whole game by council rather tasteless & childish. I agree that now, the tanks are here to be an eyesore for a very long time. What a nice view of the waterfront……not!
    Whereas, we may not always agree on everything Admin, I completely respect your right to your opinions & would not even think of a personal attack on anyone as long as they are being logical & reasonable. I can only hope for a day when our differences will be debated like adults & consensus will be arrived at for what is best for everyone. Does this sound utopian? probably but is it impossible, I say NO.

  19. If the good citizens,mayor and city councilors want to support the separatist owned and controlled Standard Freeholder that it their prerogative. It isn’t my idea of a smart Canadian, but that is my opinion.

  20. Author

    OWC put it this way. CFN probably has more traffic than the Seaway News and SF together. I’d bet cold cash on that if they’d open the numbers. Not only that; but they rarely cover stories at the hours and with the immediacy that we do. They are using our tax dollars for all their messaging and ad dollars, and yes, they not only spend any with CFN; but they don’t even send us notices and public alerts.

    Look who is on their board….

  21. Author

    Hugger there was no secrecy. There was an illegal act that people should be fired for. The call didn’t come into elected officials. It came into city staff that either hid from council or shared it with some and chose to not do their jobs and alert council. That led to the official surprise in December 2013 after the lease had been signed and after construction had commenced.

  22. Admin….I call that secrecy. It was kept from the taxpaying public by someone, thus secrecy. Potatoes…potatows.

  23. Suppressed, yes, because few like to face or admit that they dropped the ball so obviously.

    This whole situation could have so easily been averted by city council/staff requesting a right of first refusal on the federal property to protect the communities desire to reinvent the former waterfront industrial area of town. This legal option would likely have had no upfront costs other than administrative time. The clincher is that you have to have competent and knowledgeable people on the payroll.

  24. Author

    David we don’t know that this didn’t occur. Because it’s being covered up we have no idea what really took place. We have city officials covering up for elected officials and vice versa.

  25. Jamie you saw my many posts where I said that the administration in Cornwall has to be all taken out and hire new people because the stink comes from the head of the fish and goes down to the tail. The head of the fish has to be cut out to know where all the corruption is coming from. Oh yes Bare Ass sure does stink but it is coming from the top and believe me from what I know it is there where the cuts have to come from in order to get rid of the corruption. There are people who know plenty and can take Cornwall down and that is why all the {MODERATED}because those people can do just that.

  26. One again the issue of the CFN Boycott surfaces regarding a recent story in the other paper.

    This time it involves a community issue and a story about health/food safety and a shutdown that all community residents should have been alerted about, but it was only featured in one paper.

    The front page story was “Health Unit Shuts Down Chip Stand”, closed by the EOHU CMO of Health, Dr. Paul Roumeliotis.

    This obviously was/is community news that people should know (or else it would not have appeared in the paper) and CFN should have been notified of this issue.

    A Boycott of CFN means (again) that only some are receiving news and others are being shut out/boycotted.

    Local, community news regarding our health and the health of every Cornwall citizen should not be limited to one single news outlet.

    We all have the right to know what is taking place in this community regarding issues related to the EOHU updates and PSAs.

    I did check the other paper because I am interested in seeing how many times the EOHU will continue to ignore the fact that not only one media outlet in the city exists.

    People turn to CFN for local news and for updates, but since this is not occurring from the EOHU it means if we the citizens of Cornwall want or need to become informed about local health issues we are being forced to read another paper. This is wrong!

    The boycott of CFN continues to shortchange the Cornwall residents of the local news we all should be receiving and expect to receive from the office of the EOHU and Dr. Paul Roumeliotis.

    The chip stand was closed on August 20th and the update regarding the story appeared in the paper yesterday.

    The boycott obviously has once again left many Cornwall and other residents in the dark regarding issues that involve our health and well being.

    The EOHU promotes healthy eating, they should also consider that everything involving our health and issues such as a closure of a small business should be made available to one and all, not just some readers or viewers of local news media.

    CFN should have the same access to updates and PSAs from the EOHU as another media source does.

    Anyone who did not happen to read the other paper would not have been aware of the chip stand issue.

    If your child snacked at that chip stand then you as a parent have the right to know what is safe or not safe (or healthy) for your child to eat.

    Is the EOHU not concerned about the health of all Cornwall children and do these families who read CFN not have the right to this information?

    In other words, the boycott of CFN is having a negative impact on this community and the public health concerns that could impact many.

    At what time can community residents expect to see updates/PSAs made available from the EOHU to the many readers/viewers of CFN media?

  27. Author

    OWC we’ll be running a story today or tomorrow about the City refusing to post notices and ads for the election this time around on CFN as well. These are our tax dollars. The responsibility is to inform the public and CFN has the largest audience in Cornwall. By refusing to do so they are not allowing for a fair and democratic election.

  28. Admin,

    Thank you. Since this boycott involves the many readers of CFN, then this will be a story everyone should be interested to read.

    I agree with your words ” by refusing to do so they are not allowing for a fair and democratic election”

    There is nothing fair, decent or good for a community when a boycott such as this is supported by other community residents/business/City Hall, EOHU and others.

    There can’t be!!

    There is no freedom for one and all when news /adds/updates are being withheld and or restricted.

    In the long run, everyone is impacted one way or the other.

    If this can happen to CFN, it can happen to anyone at anytime and people should be aware of that fact.

    It may not stop at CFN, if it has not gone past the point of return already?

  29. Admin,

    Today in the other paper another PSA from the EOHU appeared regarding (Starting high school Helping Teens Adjust). Another excellent article from Dr. Paul Roumeliotis.

    Again due to this CFN boycott by the EOHU many of the teens parents/family are being denied access to this PSA from Dr. Paul, what a shame since everyone teen and family in this community deserves the same right to information as another.

    No one should be forced to go to another news media source when we have CFN willing to present the same health news to the viewing public if no boycott existed.

    When it involves community health, wellness and our right to know then everyone should have access to the same news releases from the EOHU, not just a specific news source.

    Again I will ask, at what time will the EOHU make press release information (PSAs) available to the many readers of CFN?

    This boycott has gone way beyond the limit of reason or acceptability.

    Our health news from the EOHU is at present time only being released to one source /media.

    It is time and long overdue for this to end. Have innocent families become the target of something as bad as this boycott?

    This again places people in the position of being made to read another paper if they are seeking Public Health Information in our community. This is wrong!

    This is wrong and this boycott needs to end, but most certainly as stated before, it should and must be a question all people ask of any candidate knocking on their door in the next few weeks.

    Cornwall residents/readers are already feeling the impact of this unnecessary and unwanted boycott.
    This is a sad reflection on our community.

    Today, many will have not had the opportunity to read something that is worthwhile reading and is very important to all community families.

    Dr. Roumeliotis has presented our community with excellent PSAs, the fact is though, only some are able to access this, not all.

    What goes to the other paper, should be coming to CFN as a PSA, every family in this community has the right to know this information, not just some.

    This is after all a PSA (Public Service Announcement) are we not the public, the tax paying community residents, yes we are!

    This needless boycott is harming our entire community from many standpoints.

    Today the point is that young teens are being now shortchanged. What next? Who next? Who will miss out on something that could affect their life/now/their future, something they should have been able to read on here CFN, not be made to hop to another paper in order to locate a specific news release from the EOHU.

    Shouldn’t this PSA be made available to ALL not just some?

  30. Admin,

    Again we face another serious issue with the upcoming flu season and the PSAs that will be made available to the public from the EOHU. Yes they will appear, but unfortunately not on CFN unless this boycott is ended and soon.

    This must mean that only people who are reading the other paper will become properly informed/updated about flu clinics and the readers of CFN will continue to be left in the dark.

    Does the EOHU think that only readers of the other paper should be protected from the flu? Shouldn’t the necessary community information ( press release) be made available to all Cornwall residents?

    Do only readers of one paper become ill with the flu and not the readers of CFN?

    Public information, especially information that involves our community health should be available to all people.

    The implications of this unwanted boycott are harmful in more ways than one.

    What happens to equality? What happens to the many values we try and teach/show our youth when they see issues such as this in our community? We teach not to bully, not to discriminate, not to harm others, yet in one lone strike this is what happens with a boycott of a paper that has made sharing the facts, telling the truth and being the voice of many others, available to the public.

    Where does this boycott go from here? The negative impact of such a boycott is openly obvious as each day we are made aware of the many ways this is harming not only readers of CFN but everyone in our community.

  31. That is what happens when you have a dictator threatening people if they go with one source then they will be persecuted. Well you all voted this turkey in and I see that some people want to vote him back in again and the next time that he gets back in he will be a great deal worse than what he is just now. I warned all of you and this will be the last warning because he will do a great deal more harm sooner than you think. Cornwall’s reputation has blackened since he came in. That doctor Ramiuliotis cannot be of a strong character – more of a follower over the cliff – all part of the clique.

  32. Jules, please do not assume that (all) people voted in the present mayor.

    As for Dr. Roumeliotis, he has been a very good CMO of Health and has provided this community with excellent PSAs and other important updates, what Dr. Roumeliotis has not done is recognize the fact that a boycott regarding a well known and read newspaper such as CFN is unfair to all community residents.

  33. @Greg Reynolds

    That is a very good idea but don’t hold your breath for a reply or any decision, I am still waiting a reply from Dr. Paul regarding another community issue (mailed recently) no reply back yet.

    I am still waiting for a reply about the same issue from a previous meeting with Dr. Paul in 2012 then another meeting in 2013 at the office of the EOHU.

    Having recently contacted the Premier and receiving almost instant response that directed my request to another part of government, I received swift replies back from that/those contacts also.

    That information was then sent to the Mayor and all council members.

    What seems quite difficult is expecting a reply in our own community from the mayor and some council members.

    They conveniently tune out what they don’t want to be bothered with it appears!

    Something we should all take into consideration when it is election time.

    Maybe it is time to tune out the election promises we will be hearing very soon especially if they continue to support a boycott of this city Newspaper CFN.

    Not only is the boycott unfair and a serious community issue, many other issues appear to be boycotted/shut out/shut down also.

    This is not one lone incident.

    Thank you for showing interest in this matter regarding the harm this boycott is doing to all people in our community.

  34. Admin stated that the CCPS acknowledges CFN as a newspaper and they provide him with important messages regarding our community, then should it not stand to reason that if CCPS take such action recognizing the importance of CFN in our community that our CMO of Health should do likewise?

    Your suggestion Mr. Reynolds warrants serious consideration and perhaps Admin might have some ideas that would further encourage others to get on board and demand that CFN receive all Public Health PSAs and other important articles that pertain to our community.

    Hopefully Admin will add some further input along with your welcomed and very good suggestion.

    Hopefully also, others will be willing to add their names to this request.

  35. Author

    OWC I think people in Cornwall need to stand up for a lot of issues. If CFN does go down we all lose a valuable community asset and resource.

  36. Admin,

    I absolutely agree with you. If CFN is not available to the Cornwall public, then we have lost the core truth of issues that are and should be important to everyone who lives here and those who don’t.

    If it had not been for CFN many issues would have remained hushed up under a veil of silence and secrecy. We have not always had that truth in this city and at best only certain times and then limited to bits and pieces, not the whole issue.

    CFN has opened many eyes, minds and attitudes.

    When people hide in the shadows by not supporting what is good then they pave the way for the very known bully like attitude that exists in many communities.

    CFN is a valuable community asset and yes resource and more people are recognizing that fact every day.

    I would like to add that if something happens (and hopefully not) we will then have also lost a very good person who has cared deeply for our community, otherwise a person never could have sustained the many attacks and other issues that came from CFN telling the truth in the very professional and unique way that we have come to know.

    It has been a refreshing to say the least. It was not laced with double talk, double standards or a veil of secrecy.

    It is out front, in the open and sincere. We can’t say the same for the present administration and some council members though can we?

  37. Once again (September 2nd) the Eastern Ontario Health Unit has (due to this boycott of CFN) left the majority of readers out of the loop when it comes to health safety and education issues.

    In the other paper Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, EOHU, has a letter appearing today re: Inspection signs due in 2015.

    Has Dr. Paul failed to realize that not everyone happens to read the other paper and why is this letter appearing in only one paper when we have CFN making daily news available to the public?

    Could Dr. Paul at least explain to the viewing public on CFN why the EOHU has boycotted this well known daily newspaper?

    Does this mean that only readers of the other paper are being informed about health and safety issues that involve everyone in our community?

    Certainly as this boycott continues to harm our community, set a bad example for others when it comes to double standards and bias, it appears only a certain few are worthy of PSAs, health and education updates and material from the EOHU.

    Today if you have not read the other paper, then you like many others will not be aware of what is taking place in our community when it comes to Public Health.

    The majority would agree, we are the Public and hopefully Dr. Paul will understand the message that we all must be made aware of issues regarding our health in this community, not just some!

    A boycott from the EOHU is harming children, families and seniors in this community who deserve the right to know and have the right to receive the same educational material as others.

    Dr. Paul, this entire issue is obviously one sided.

    When will the readers of the CFN expect to see/read the identical PSAs, letters/articles and updates from your office Dr. Paul?

    How long must we be either be kept in the dark or forced to read another paper to find out our news updates from the EOHU?

    Is there any specific reason for this taking place?

    We have children who have recently and today headed back to school Dr. Paul, everyone has the right to know and perhaps it is time you take into consideration that the readers of CFN deserve better than this boycott from the EOHU and from others.

  38. Author

    OWC Dr. Paul doesn’t return my email or calls.

  39. That’s disgraceful, not professional, not caring or concerned then about all residents in this community, Dr. Paul should know better.

    I can’t help wonder about the professional oath he took when he became a Doctor.

  40. What professional oath are you talking about? The medical profession did away with the hypocratic oath some time ago and is no longer used. The only oath that doctors abide by today is the oath of money making and they don’t care at all about the patient. This is the real life and not something out of the movie theatres. Doctors pump all kinds of drugs in patients and get them all hooked and they don’t care if the patient dies or whatever as long as they make money. Doctors make money off of every prescription that they write and the money is divided between Big Pharma and the doctors. As for this Dr. Ramiliotis he is in with Bare Ass and company and I don’t have any respect for any of them. I have stories about the professional people in Cornwall and they are not good at all. Stop thinking that they are better than the rest of us because that is a lie. Think about yourselves and stop falling head over heels into the poo heap.

  41. Admin,

    Respectfully, then I see this as a form of discrimination from the EOHU.

    It means if I don’t read the other paper then I and others are being denied our right to the same information that others receive due to the choice of paper they read.

  42. Author

    OWC of course it is and I have filed two complaints now with the Premier’s office itself.

  43. Admin,

    YEs, we can read information on the EOHU website but that still means the other paper has access to all the PSAs and other information and CFN does not.

    We, the readers of CFN do not have the same newspaper access due to this decision made by Dr. Paul/EOHU and who else? If there is someone else?

    Why would anyone withhold public information that benefits everyone in the community regarding our health and important issues that involve our health?

  44. Author

    Maybe you should contact Dr. Paul and ask him that very question?

  45. Admin,

    I hope you will be able to follow up on this issue because it most certainly is a very serious issue that all people should be concerned about.

    I believe you can report or take this to an even higher source than the Premier’s office.

    You do after all represent the voice of the people and you do provide residents daily with news that is important in our community and other areas. All Public Health information should be part of our daily reading when it is updated and made available to the media from the EOHU.

    If something as important as this issue is occurring then what else goes on that we are not aware of.

  46. Author

    OWC I don’t think Ms Wynne’s gov’t really cares about the people of Cornwall. They certain don’t seem to care about myself. I think it will take a lot people like you complaining to them before anything happens.

  47. Admin,

    I most certainly can do that but I continue waiting for a reply to mail sent to Dr. Paul that went out around the same time it went to city council members and the Mayor.

    I doubt if Dr. Paul would reply to my concern regarding this issue.

    It appears to be that when the word goes out not to contact (some people), I guess it must go out across the board.

    One would think that a sincere/honest question deserves a decent reply back (at the very least).

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