Mark A MacDonald Calls Cornwall & District Labour Council Divisive – LTE Sept 4, 2014

mark sept 2013Greetings: The upcoming Labour Council debate is a prime example of doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  It’s an attempt by the CDLC to push their own agenda and it only results in dividing candidates.

Chemical tanks on our waterfront, resignations, criminal charges, huge payoffs, and closed door meeting violations, are just a few of the issues that plagued this council.   The CDLC endorsed 4 members of this Council in the last election and look what it got us.

If Cornwall is to truly progress the candidates need issues that unite not divide.  We need to work toward finding a common goal. Something that will give Cornwall the boost that we so desperately need.

Mark A. MacDonald

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  1. My name is Dave Windsor and I endorse Mark McDonald for Cornwall City Councillor.
    I remain uncommitted to work for any specific candidate, yet I feel my endorsements of a few are with deep thought, trust and belief in their commitments and capability to improve our assurance we are being appropriately managed by these persons per the Ontario Municipal Act.

  2. Mark!
    Who were the 4 persons that C.D.L.C. endorsed ? ( Last Election)
    When are they holding this so called debate and is it open to the public?

  3. I support Mark MacDonald,I believe that he has our best interest at heart and he will make a big difference

  4. Mark I live in Ottawa but I can say that I hope that you run for council and I have always been a fan of yours. You have worked tirelessly on the hospital as well as for the vets. You are also concerned about the chem tanks which I am also concerned about as well. I hope that you run and are a good man for the job.

  5. Although I am running for council also, I too would endorse Mark McDonald. He has been a close ally & mentor to me since I put in my candidacy. I was proud to have been a part of the protests against the waterfront tanks & have since moved into looking at the whistleblower fiasco in Cornwall. Mark is a true gentleman with real concern for Cornwall. Even if I do not succeed, I will always be there if he should call.

  6. I am undecided about Mark. Time will tell if he gets my vote. I guess it’ll depend on what the final list of candidates looks like.

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