O’Shaughnessy Stakes Ground for Mayor’s Race – Declares It Is About Kilger’s Record – Sept 21,2014

Leslie SEPT 19 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Leslie O’Shaughnessy showed a little rust.  After all it’d been over a year since he left public office; but he warmed up as the capacity crowd at the Ramada In who listened to him talk about why he resigned in protest from his role as City Councilor of Cornwall Ontario and why he’s running for mayor.

On Bob Kilger Withholding councilors email, not once, but twice and outlining Elder Abuse at Glen Stor Dun Lodge as well as a councilor being intimidated at an in camera meeting as well as not getting written reports from Paul Fitzpatrick and management.

more on the Diane Shay case.

Walking out of closed door meetings unless a staff reported included – some council members knew more than others – Cornwall did not terminate Donna Derouchie , but settled; refused to vote on issue – city changed plea to guilty over Shay with one page report – $850K spent in closed door meeting in that one page report filled with “crap” – Kilger instructions to tell public change to guilty plea over costs – tells Kilger he would state that it was because we were guilty – Kilger never stated to public that insurance would have covered if victorious in court ; no cost to city – instance of abuse at GSDL reported late – Kilger acused Leslie of changing information – closed door session info provided confirming ministry statement of abuse.

Kilger owed the public the truth – Kilger lied – letter from 2009 turned his stomach – not one, but two investigations – Kilger did not follow instructions from council – Kilger lied to the city lawyer – Robert Menagh – Kilger talked new HR direction – no new direction ever presented to council – Leslie’s public apology to Diane Shay – Could not believe the city could do that to an individual – Menagh was scapegoat, another story to be told.

Was ready to resign – could no longer trust information recieved – admits should have left in Dec 2011 – would not touch on the illegal meetings that the public was not notifed for – mentions Cornwall Free News – City to take legal action to get CFN shut down – agreed that story we were print was what he had heard – lawyers and city “CFN nothing more than a blog” – lawsuit never happened – “how can the corp sue without council’s approval?” – City was paying lawyers to monitor CFN – “It didn’t cost much money” Kilger had no authority to do such a thing – Rivette interview on CFN – singled out at in camera meeting leading to Fournier investigation.

Emotional about intimidation by your peers – Leslie appointed witness by Andre – Rivette had done nothing wrong – could not watch Kilger rule by intimidation – direction of council not followed – could not trust sr management or Mayor – met with city solicior about leaving before second investigation commenced – told and showed lawyer that he had been lied to – resigned on April 10 in protest – did not quit –

Kilger did not do it alone – met Diane Shay and other whistle blowers after resigning – met with Menagh – what was withheld was totally unheard of – on Councilors Murphy and Dupelle – talks about Andre Rivette – promotes Greg Kielec –

Diane Shay holding people accountable – the case needs to go to court and the truth be told – “you cannot fix something until you know how it’s broken ” – “my term on council from disappointment to disgust, to rage” – intimdation and bullying – “we bury it behind closed doors” – “it has to be talked about in the community” – more to come during the campaign – “if Diane Shay can go through six years of this, I can go for six weeks” – to Kilger “Debate the issues. This isn’t going to go away.” – Paying off Diane Shay is not the answer. Going to court is; but not at her expense.” –

leslie rolly beattie Sept 2014

Chatting with Bill Beattie & candidate for council, Roland Besner.

leslie o shaughnessy sept 2014

Mr. O’Shaugnessy’s website is http://www.leslieformayor.ca/


  1. If anyone needs motivation to vote for Leslie O’Shaughnessy for mayor and not the current train wreck please view these videos. They provide enough proof that change is needed.

  2. WHAT in Heaven’s name has been going on behind closed doors involving democratically elected people who are supposed to represent the interests of the population ????

    A nurse witnessed a case of elder abuse at a city-owned nursing home is alleged to have reported the incident to the Ministry of Health . . . . MOH regulations require that such incidents have to be reported to them. So WHY did City of Cornwall officials persecute a nurse who was required by law to follow MOH regulation ???? Is this the reason behind the resignations of the former manager of the nursing home and also an earlier CAO ???

    How did senior city officials interact with MOH officials ?? Those officials evidently stood their ground in their dealings with city of Cornwall officials. Was this the reason as to why the former CAO took a leave of absence . . . for reasons of stress ?? What about the stress that his behaviour may have caused those subordinate to him ??

    The city of Cornwall is alleged to have been charged with persecuting or harassing a whistle blower. Is the city the “fall guy” for the behaviour of 1 or 2-officials ?? Did an earlier CAO or manager actually do this or is the allegation FALSE ???

    The incumbent mayor needs to come clean on some of these issues.

    With regard to Mr O’Shaughnessy, its good that he has exposed some of the high-handed behaviour that has occurred in the city, involving city officials.

    There is also a need for him to present a vision of Cornwall’s future.

  3. There are serious allegations against a former CAO that may possibly implicate the incumbent mayor. Are these isolated incidents or have we merely become aware of the proverbial TIP-of-the-ICEBERG ??? If these allegations are the tip-of-the-iceberg that have recently surfaced above water, then the question begs to be asked as to what else has being transpiring behind closed doors that involves city officials ??

    With regard to the alleged case of elder abuse at a city operated nursing home, the EOHU has staff who regularly visit and monitor nursing homes. Did EOHU staff and the head of EOHU know anything about allegations of elder abuse at a city owned nursing home ???? If they knew nothing, then why were they kept in the dark about an occurrence that is within the EOHU’s area of responsibility ??? And if EOHU was advised of the situation, what has been the role of the head of the EOHU in regard to elder abuse at a city owned nursing home ??

    Does he have any comment in view of allegations that the nurse who followed MOH guidelines and reported an elder abuse incident, was then allegedly subject to intimidation and emotional bullying by city of Cornwall officials ??? If he knew nothing, he needs to make public comment since circumstances that surround the matter have become public knowledge. Why did city officials keep him ‘in the dark’ over the incident ??? And if he knew what happened at the nursing home, he needs to make public comment to explain his role and position in regard to these matters.

  4. This is one of the few times that I wish to God that I was in Cornwall to vote for Leslie O’Shaughnessey and this is a mighty good man to come forward about the abuses give to Ms. Shay, Mr. Rob Hickley and God knows how many others as well. Mr. Menaugh who is a former HR man knows plenty as well of what was going on and he was a fall guy in a this train wreck. Even to want to take Jamie’s paper CFN out of action because Jamie gives everyone the truth and is doing what he can to expose without getting sued by Bare Ass and his gang of misfits. Ever since Bare Ass came in as mayor of Cornwall it has been nothing but scandal after scandal and I know that there is a great deal more that we are not being told. My gut feeling is that it runs mighty deep. What I have heard from coun. Leslie is unbelievable and shocking and that is just so far. Mr. O’Shaughnessey you made an excellent presentation and I wish to God that I was in Cornwall to vote for you – I am an ex-Cornwallite and wish you all the best that can be provided for you to get in as mayor of Cornwall. Bare Ass has to be booted out as fast as he can to the curb and boot him out of town. It is a good thing that Ottawa is a big city where I know that I will not run into him at all or else who knows what I would say to him. Jamie as usual and I keep saying the same things like an old record that you are an excellent man and you have integrity but it takes Mr. O’Shaughnessey to be mayor. You have to start as a councellor in order to gain political experience to know what it is all about. There are many laws that have to be followed and it is a very hard job. You are an A+++++++++++ journalist and those pluses can go on and on in my book but it takes experience and that is a must and you do an excellent job with your paper. When Bare Ass is booted out then who knows how far you can go. Again Mr. O’Shaughnessey all the very best from me from Ottawa. I am rooting for you to get in as mayor of Cornwall. We have all had more than enough of Bare Ass to last a lifetime.

  5. Some 25-years ago, then Mayor Brian Lynch initiated an audit of city management. The outside auditor concluded that “too much power was concentrated in the office of the CAO” . . . the CAO was subsequently terminated from that post. Several members of council protested in support of the then CAO, sounding like Shakespearean actors in Julius Caesar announcing loudly, “For Brutus is an honourable man!”

    Today we need to ask the question, “Is too much power concentrated in the office of Cornwall’s CAO”????? It is very likely that there was excess power concentrated in the office of the CAO long prior to Mr Levac being appointed to that post, him serving mainly as an interim CAO over the short term.

    Several pundits and commentators have compared city council as fulfilling the role of a board of directors. When Target Stores sales fell short of expectations, the results became topic of discussion on CBC’s LANG – O’LEARY EXCHANGE . . . Kevin O’Leary minced no words when he called upon Target’s Board of Directors, who represent the shareholders, “to do their job and fire Target Canada’s corporate CEO!” The CEO was subsequently terminated.

    In view of recent allegations, Cornwall seems to have a problem in that the chairman of the board of directors, the incumbent mayor, is alleged to be immersed in controversy. Cornwall’s incumbent mayor is alleged to be well acquainted with a senior member on the staff of Ottawa’s mayor who seems to maintain a distance between himself and senior city administrators. A little more that a year ago, they terminated the head of the transit company, OC Transpo who was alleged to “have spent city money on non-essential items” (like beautifying his office accommodations).

    Now a former Cornwall CAO is alleged to have spent $850,000 of city money of a 1-page report that is alleged to reveal nothing of any substance. Perhaps an audit of Cornwall city management is many years overdue.

  6. Author

    Harry if council doesn’t hold management accountable and management doesn’t hold council accountable you get what we have. It’s too much of a circle jerk.

    Every single member of council is responsible; some for being the ring leaders, and for some, for simply not alerting the media and public.

  7. Jules, I agree with your latest comments 100%.

  8. Hugger1…You have said it very nicely in two sentences. I am quite sure as the campaign goes on, Leslie will tell a whole lot more. Kilger must have his head up his own ass by now, the SCUMBAG he is. The truth may even come out about his son being hired by the city. Couldn’t even pass the entrance exam but yet he is still hired. Go figure!
    To you Jamie, THANKS for the great reporting.

  9. Thank you Hugger. This is one of the times that I wish that I was in Cornwall to give my vote to Leslie O’Shaughnessey with whom I have great respect for even though I don’t know him personally. I guarantee you Hugger that I do not follow Ottawa’s crooked politics and do not intend to vote here at all. My daughter will not vote nor my husband – we know that it is crooked but I have not seen such crooked things involved with Bare Ass and Ottawa and Toronto and I will not vote for any of them. Jamie you are a great person and I said that from day one when I went on your CFN and that is the truth. In order to become mayor you have to start as a councellor because it is much harder than what you think it is. There are so many legal jargon that would blow your mind and it takes experience to know how to decifer things in council. You are the very best journalist in Cornwall and that is the upmost truth. We sure will be hearing more as time goes on.

    Mr. Valentine it is good that Mr. Leslie O’Shaughnessey came out with what is going on and I don’t trust the higher levels of government at all whatsoever. The entire thing is corrupt. I heard from some Americans that you have to vote locally and that is the most important of all. I refuse to vote for mayor in Ottawa because of Bare Ass and his involvement with Mayor Jim Watson’s assistant and you never know how much corruption involves this mayor with Bare Ass and who knows who else. I will not vote provincially nor federally and any liberal/fiberal government is off limits to me. I am more conservative than Harpoon Harpo is or ever will be and he too is corrupt as well to the gills. Gee little Cornwall is getting mighty interesting lately. I wish that I was there to be able to vote for Leslie O’Shaughnessey. I am here rooting for that dear man. I feel so very bad for what Mrs. Shay went through and still going through as well as Mr. Bob Hickley along with others.

    Jamie keep up the good work. Remember about the power of the pen it means a great deal.

  10. Author

    ….depends how good you are at throwing or stabbing with a bic Jules….although a good Mont Blanc has more heft….

  11. Election Strategy – How to get an incumbent who is surrounded by controversy, re-elected. Begin with people around him who are suspected of being involved in controversy and get them to resign their posts . . . . . make sure there is a reward for them for having resigned. Even if the office the person occupies was previously involved in controversy and the present office holder is squeeky clean, their resignation would benefit the incumbent who may then declare that he/she will begin their next term with an entirely new team that will be free from past political baggage.

    For some of the younger people whose resignation would likely benefit the incumbent, perhaps there may be a possible appointment on the board of some agency connected to another level of government. Any member of the public who asks any questions that relate to any controversy that involved the previous council, the likely answer may be, “Well, as you know Ms So-and-So who occupied the post of chair of city’s parole board resigned from their post and it would be inappropriate for me to comment further on any issue that relates to her or to the board.”

    Lets not underestimate tactics of the political strategists who are working toward getting the incumbent re-elected.

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  13. People of Cornwall Don’t wont to hear the thruth Because they Don’t wont their ILLUSIONS OF BOB KILGER DESTROYED!

  14. {MODERATED because the SF does not allow links to CFN} In the article Bob denies the allegations Leslie O’Shaughnessy mentioned Friday. It’s so easy to deny these things when they happened behind closed doors, eh Bob. I’m hoping some of the current councilors will come out and collaborate Leslie O’Shaughnessy allegations further sealing Bob Kilger’s fate.

  15. HARRY,




  16. Great CFN Coverage Jamie on this story the truth must come out and it will surface, and Yes Leslie’s VISION for Cornwall going forward will also be made very CLEAR.
    Also as you are no doubt aware what has surfaced so far is just the TIP-of the-ICE- BERG.

  17. It is going to take André Rivette, Maurice Dupelle and Gerry Samson to come forward to testify and the word of these three men weigh a lot. As for the people of Cornwall Jamie mentioned something mighty true and that is their brains are fogged with the filthy contaminated poisons from Domtar as well as ICI, Courthaulds and others and it causes retardation, cancer, asthma, etc. Cornwall’s air and soil will be contaminated for over a hundred years to come. The toilet papers of record are just that “toilet paper” and nothing more. Jamie has the only paper that is telling you the truth around town. If anybody votes Bare Ass back in again it won’t be just more of the same “but a great deal worse” than what you all have experienced. You all haven’t seen anything yet if Bare Ass ever gets in again God help you all. If you think that taxes, utility bills, your peace of mind, the corruption scandals and all and I can go on and on will be gone you are dreaming with your head up your keesters. Things will be a great deal worse than what they already are. Leslie is your only hope. Bare Ass’s record speaks for itself with Willie Wise, Healy, Latour and all the rest of the frauds and scandals that would reach heaven. Two terms were bad enough and it seems like a lifetime with Bare Ass in charge. The other problem with the people of Cornwall is that they don’t appreciate a very good man like Jamie Gilcig but the people will pay a heavy price for not listening to Jamie for years. Jamie has never told you any lies and only the truth. You will pay the price for not listening.

  18. Author

    Jules my biggest issue is Bernadette Clement. While she isn’t the city’s lawyer; she is a lawyer and when you take the bar and pass you are expected as an officer of the court not to witness certain actions. Her silence, her not taking action while being witness to some of what’s occurred would not sit well with her standing as a lawyer or potential judgeship as she was offered in Sudbury.

  19. Good comments.

    I’ve noticed the CSF has started to show more balls and is reporting news as it should be reported. Case in point was Leslie O’Shaunessy’s meet and greet Friday. They at least questioned the mayor on the allegations.

  20. Did someone report this to the Ontario Bar Association?

  21. What about Helen Finn? She is our city clerk AND a lawyer in Quebec. Should she not be bringing irregularities up dyring open council meeings or to the taxpayers attention?

  22. Helen Finn is licenced in Québec as a lawyer and even if she knows the laws she may not be able to say anything if she does not have an Ontario licence to practice law. Boo Boo is a practicing lawyer in Cornwall from what I gather and she is supposed to bring up things that are not appropriate. The blame lies on Boo Boo and not so much on Helen Finn.

  23. Cornwall hockey years ago when Mayor Martelle was in the mayor’s job there was a freeze on hiring of the Barney Fife PD’s and one man who is a professional engineer applied in the department and he didn’t get the job but Martelle’s son got in and there was a freeze on hiring. There is a great deal of injustice and that I will agree 100% and more all the way. There is so much of that going on even here in Ottawa. It used to be way back in my day that you got hired because of your qualifications and merit but today it is connections. That is the downfall today and many good employees are thrown to the side of the road because they have nobody to speak for them nor come from a famous family. There is a great deal wrong with the way things are done in society today. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Kind of like father like son type of thing.

  24. And the clique strikes again.

    Glen Grant calling for a recorded vote on the proposed development at 1154 Montreal Rd requesting reduced taxes and other funding reeks of clique interference again. Council has to realize you spend money to make money. Allowing this development would have shown to other developers that Cornwall was open for business, Allowing a recorded vote allowed the mayor to get his 2 cents in. Sure the taxes would have been reduced for 10 years. But after that taxes would have been normal. More examples of why major change is needed around the council table.

  25. Author

    Hugger it was Syd Gardiner that called for the recorded vote.

  26. I stand corrected/ But does it really matter?

  27. Author

    it does actually hugger – if a recorded vote was asked for the general reason it matters. If it was bad drama and rehearsed and pre-planned so Mayor Kilger could speak it’s quite another. With Syd of all people calling for a recorded vote I would fathom it was just so Bob could spout on the subject and rub salt into the developer’s wounds.

  28. If, we the electors, don’t seize this opportunity to clean house on October 27th, with all of this information that has come forward, we deserve what we got ?
    On a personal note, I have often wondered if an outside Police Agency should be entering this fiasco, to investigate the allegations that have been brought forward ? These are indeed serious issues !

  29. I agree BEBE REBOZO. But for it to happen a formal complaint must be made and presumably by a current council member. As Kilger has most of the current council on his side whose going to make the complaint?

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