Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou Jokes & Snubs Francophone All Candidates Election

todd seaway news Oct 1 Alice Street fireCORNWALL Ontario – Cornwall has a vibrant Francophone community which at one point was the largest in the city.     Every election they host an All Candidates event and this election was no exception with the fund raiser held at the Knights of Columbus.

Many of the candidates didn’t appear.  Missing was Brock Frost who left the library meeting with what looked like an Anxiety attack Monday; Davey Bedard, Alyssa Blais, Denis Carr, Maurice Dupelle, and Geoff Stephenson.

Those that showed up had three minutes to speak. (mayoralty candidates in order of appearance.




Candidates Mary Ann Hug & Mark A MacDonald

Guy St. Jean had the loudest applause on the evening.   Gary Samler had his best speech winning line of the night when explaining that though from Quebec City that he couldn’t master the language, but did the next best thing by marrying a French girl!

Heather Megill had another good speech although she read it from prepared notes.   Mike O’Neill also spoke well.   Many of the candidates clearly did not have a grasp of the language.  Some tried their best; others simply focused on the message.   The group allowed candidates to receive their questions and speak in English if they chose.

It was charming that Leslie O’Shaughnessy brought his family to the debate and that he had his wife, a Francophone, speak to the crowd.   It certainly was the opposite than the snub & rudeness shown by Mayor Bob Kilger to a Federal Liberal Riding Association President  and Actor who arrived in Cornwall for his very first visit from Montreal.

Those that clearly had issues or needed to up the ante speaking wise were Roland Besner, newcomer Justin Towndale who finally made an appearance in the election (he’s also having a BBQ this weekend) , while some like Elaine MacDonald read from a script in really choppy and poorly enunciated French.

The fire that occurred during the debate in the nearby East End was talked about in the audience.   It was like a ghost reminding those present about the issues facing the Le Village section of the city and highlighted why Cornwall needs to move to a Ward system.

TC MEDIA owned Seaway News did not send a reporter reinforcing the fact that this election for some reason is not getting the coverage or urgency that it should require.

On social media people were reinforcing Mr. Lihou’s comment; but it is elected officials that vote and decide on budgets for our EMS, Police, and Fire Fighters and those decisions can be the difference between life and death sometimes.    Who is elected does matter and does count and if the media do not cover those running for office is it any wonder why voter turn outs are the way they are and why some people get elected that probably shouldn’t?

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. find it unacceptable Lihou would insult our Francophone community by suggesting its venue, issues and concerns are worth ignoring and classified as hot air

  2. Sorry to say but out of all the candidates who are english…Elaine Spoke very well……we understood everyword she said..and you can tell that she truly practices her french….now the other candidates ( English ) spoke so badly , couldn’t understand at all………they truly are a joke…!And Kilger…..he snobbed me as i held the door open for him……he looked a little drunk?….no thanks was said …no friendly look or anything….This is his true self……..most of these candidates are just loosers with a following……and Todd lihou…..? what’s that all about…..SEaway News?…..the english have always insulted the french people in this ” Town ” ….just a town…….never will be a city…..
    by the way….Mr. Kilger ….Your an Asshole…!

  3. @Christopher North
    Good Morning to you Christopher. I do hope you have been able to separate the urine from your Corn Flakes. It’s hardly fair to judge someone based on how well they speak a second language. By reading your post, you appear to have a limited and poor grasp of English but I won’t hold that against you. Personally, I want an elected official who represents the values important to me. Couldn’t care less which language the official speaks as long as integrity and morals are present in the individual.

  4. I agree with Greg. I don’t care what language my elected officials speak, as long as they represent me with truth and morals.

    I don’t agree with Christopher North’s comments at all. I find there is no discrimination towards the French in Cornwall. If he doesn’t like it here he could always leave. There are far worse places to live. I lived in a village before moving to Cornwall. And being English I saw how the English were treated. Once they understood that I wouldn’t put up with the crap I was treated with respect.

  5. I didn’t get to listen to all the candidates here but the only one that I spat on was Bare Ass. That sure was mighty rude like Christopher North said about him opening the door for Bare Ass and his rude ways. What did you expect Christopher from a snob like Bare Ass.

    Mr. Samler I didn’t get to hear you speak and if I heard you I would try my best not to laugh. My husband is Lebanese and knew only Arabic and French when he came to Canada and he learned English and still learning and many time he has us bent in two with laughter.

    Mr. Mark MacDonald you speak very well in English and you are a good speaker anyway and I too would have liked to see the General Hospital restored for the people and I hope that you get on council and you work very hard for the community.

    Jamie be mighty proud of yourself and you accomplished a great deal and you are a very good speaker and keep that up. You have to just look at one person in the audience and forget that the others are there and be yourself. I wish that Frost would do the same and learn to be around other people. This man is in hockey and you have to deal with hundreds and thousands of people. Nobody is better than you Jamie and like I said you accomplished a great deal since you have been in Cornwall.

  6. Whoa whoa Kilger…. slow down. He looks like he wants to hurry up and read his notes and get off stage. I’m looking forward to the chamber debate, you can tell that he has lost his confidence

  7. Jason….I don’t think it’s Kilger losing his confidence. I think he knows he’s in for a fight this election. With the bombshells dropped by Jamie ans Leslie he is in for the fight of his political life.

  8. No comment about the numbers of Francophones out for last nights smoke and mirrors.
    Brock must get it together as public speaking is part and parcel with a council seat. Still with his drive in hockey ownership, landlord of 17 apartments and employed with a major realtor these and one more important think is this man is well educated to boot. I wouldn’t throw the baby out the bath water yet.
    Leslie should have done the same as Jamie. Simply talk to the audience from bullet notes per subject matter. Leslie, you too can impress as well. You are a lot better than you come across here. You did well in the Library. Yes, our French neighbors have issue without French input, but I bet bottom dollar they did NOT appreciate Bob Kilgers read-off, arrogance, down in the mouth expectation of their vote because he is French, Catholic and a Knight as a life member. Fraternities are suppose to stick together BUT, do not expect it in this election.

    Affiliations will not matter when the growing levels of crime, or the impression of crime, lack of transparency, bullying (in denial) fiscal madness all in the past 8 years with the help of a conjoined council, while Mr. Gilcig puts a shame hex on him, lends to a greater voter change than one might think.

    Our French community is smart. Our French community is vibrant. Our French community has as much concern for responsible government and empathy and honor that should have been presented to our whistle-blowers as they together with the English can clearly see the differences in $1,000,000 by simply accepting Diane Shay’s abuse concerns at the S.D.& G. Lodge,, fire the abuser after an investigation and payout less than menial retirement fund.

  9. The way that the camera was shown on the still picture of Bare Ass it was like as if it was Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken up at the podium to speak until the camera adjusted properly. It is a good thing that Bare Ass wasn’t all in white or else he would have appeared as the real thing.

    About French/English one is not better than the other. A Canadian is a Canadian and people just don’t seem to accept one another and I find that Cornwall is like Québec with its bickering and this has to stop or else good people will not go to such a place. I myself would much rather live in a place that respects others and treats people as people and I haven’t experienced that at all while living in Cornwall. I could never ever live in such an environment ever again – I learned a very good lesson from that experience.

    About Brock Frost he is an educated man and I said that once before but I will tell Brock Frost right now get over that problem of being in with people because when you deal with the public it is no picnic. You have to face the people and in real estate you come across all kinds and you have to deal with so many wants and idiocies that would make you want to laugh or scream your head off. Look at one person only in the audience and learn about public speaking because it is a must and on the job of counsel or alderman you have a huge responsibility and the public will be down your back at all times. Know how to deal with the public.

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