CFN numbers 2014 SEPCORNWALL Ontario – It’s time for our September 2014 Lihou Report; named after Seaway News Editor Todd Lihou, who raved about their numbers without really giving any numbers.    His narrative inspired this new name change in our numbers reporting as CFN has always tried to be upfront about the support we get from you; our amazing viewers!

This month we also honour Julia Lucio and her wacky hubby John.  John is actually hanging out in a boycott group of our media and Julia is cooking up the Alexa numbers for her paper.  Some people are that desperate!

Alexa is a great web tool owned by  It uses Algorithms to measure web traffic. Essentially there are a number of people around the world that have Alexa toolbars on their computers and Alexa uses data from those and other mystical formula to come up with a rolling 90 day ranking of websites.  Short of putting out raw numbers like we do it’s a way to compare traffic although certainly not accurate by any measure.   Radio for example extrapolates samplings to come up with ratings.

We at CFN like to publish numbers.   Now to ask how Ms Lucia games the system?  All samples were taken within a few minutes today, Friday October 3rd at approximately 3 PM EST.

alexa seeker oct 3 2014

Incredulously Ms Lucio’s numbers show that nearly 100% of her traffic view from home where 20 minutes per day on the site and each visitor clicks on 12.6 pages per day.  Ms Lucio’s online version of her print edition does not print 12.6 stories per day so that would be a lot of people looking at the same stories every day.  Nor does her website have as many comments as CFN or the Standard Freeholder.

Ms Lucio does own her own computer server though as does an associate of hers.     Here at CFN for the record I have one computer with one Alexa tool bar.  It is on a lot and I’m sure may somehow effect the numbers, but it’s ONE TOOLBAR.

alexa CFN oct 3 2014

CFN has 7.3 visits per day and daily average of 11:35.   The numbers however show that it’s mostly Females that view CFN and of course I am a male who lives alone.  We’ve also had over 40,000 approved comments on CFN in just over 5 years.

alexa SF oct 3 2014

The Freeholder has 2.4 pageviews per visitor and people spend 3:35 minutes per day on teh site.  Their audience according to Alexa skews Females from home.

alexa SSN oct 3 2014

Thanks to Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart and her friends at the hate groups in South Stormont SSN has 3.9 DPV’s and 5:00 minutes of DTS.

alexa SN oct 3 2014

And at the tail, languishing at the end of the local media pile is Todd Lihou’s Seaway News online with 1.60 DPVs and 2:11 DTS.

Does anyone really believe that people in numbers spend over twice the amount of time on Ms Lucia’s website than any other media outlet in Cornwall?  Nope.  That would lead to one conclusion and if Ms Lucia wants to have someone audit and publish her raw numbers as I’m about to do and she can beat ours I’d be happy to make a $100 donation to the Agape Centre.    I doubt she’d do the same.

And now to September!

CFN numbers 2014 SEP

As you can see we set an All Time record for CFN with 74,350 unique visitors for the month.  Our page views are human counts only.  (this reporting started in April 2014 – prior it included human and non human) Of course having over 1 million bots scroll CFN means that our news and ads are in search engines almost to the point of when we hit the publish button!


Top 30 City Visits From

(via Google Analytics – all cities in Ontario unless otherwise noted)

1) Cornwall 39.91%  Pages per session 4.26  Avg time per session 2.36 minutes

2)  Montreal 9.69%

3) Ottawa 8.49%

4) Toronto

5) Kingston

6) Calgary AB

7) Brockville

8.) Edmonton AB

9)  Boston MA

10) Gatineau QC

11) Vancouver BC

12) Oshawa

13) Guelph

14) Mississauga

15) Arnprior

16)  Alexandria

17) Hamilton

18) Belleville

19) Morrisburg

20) London

21)  Saskatoon SK

22) Peterborough

23) Hawkesbury

24) New York, NY

25) Lloydminister AB


Pages per Session


Average Session Duration

1.50 minutes

38.93% of our viewers do so via their mobile units

13.54% do so from their tablets

39.29% of mobile users are on their iPhones (Apple doesn’t view Flash that some sites use)

21.72 are on their iPads

A large chunk of viewers end up on CFN when searching for key words or phrases Cornwall Freeholder or Cornwall News.

CFN sept 2014 demogThis month also had an interesting demographic breakdown with CFN attracting more older users.

CFN had 48.49% new visitors for the month of September.

The Five Stories you Clicked on the Most 

1) CBSA Agent Mathieu Pahle & Steven Seyeau Busted for Kiddie Porn

2) Police Search for Shawn Crickard

3) Ye Olde Fish n Chips Nailed by Vehicle Collision

4) CPS Chief Dan Parkinson Alerts Public for Convicted Sex Offender Released

5) OPP Discover Body of Shawn Crickard

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