Ontario SPCA Seeks Public’s Assistance in Finding the Individual Responsible for dropping Three Puppies at Branch in Cornwall – OCT 23, 2014

PuppiesCORNWALL Ontario -The Ontario SPCA is appealing to the public to help find the individual who left three puppies at the Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Branch.


A video camera at the Branch captured someone dropping two border collie-type puppies and one terrier-mix puppy over a seven foot fence which resulted in the puppies landing on gravel.


The incident took place at 10:00 p.m. on the night of Tuesday, October 21, 2014.


“Abandoning a pet is never the right answer,” says Steve Toy, Senior Inspector. “Please call your local Ontario SPCA Community to make an appointment to have your pet surrendered, should the need arise.”


The puppies are currently doing well and receiving the care they require.


Anyone with information on who might have left these puppies at the shelter is asked to call 310-SPCA immediately.



  1. The individual(s) may not have been aware that delivering the animals in person to the SPCA posed no difficulty. The animals are obviously fine so who delivered them is a mute point. Why pursue them? Move on to more important issues and consider that this occurrence has generated better awareness.

  2. Author

    David there may be a fee associated with dropping off animals. It may be that the OSPCA wants to avoid situations like this.

  3. I just picked up a dead stray kitten off the road ~~~maybe he did the right thing !!!!

  4. Well Jamie isn’t it better that the person who delivered the puppies to the OSPCA did it in a humane way instead of killing them the way some tirants do. The OSPCA is there to care for animals that people didn’t want and at least a good home can be found for these animals. There are many sick people out there who should not have pets of any sort and at least these puppies are in good health and can find good homes with good, responsible people to care for them.

  5. Why look for some one left them.when you can find familys who will love them

  6. Author

    Jules I agree with you. The bottom line is the safety of the puppies. My question is why they weren’t brought in during office hours? If it was to avoid paying a fee then maybe the OSPCA needs to review some policies. Btw, Jules, I am being accused of being you on Social media.

  7. At least they weren’t thrown into an impetago infected pool with a cracked shell.

  8. Then perhaps drop the fee and simply suggest a donation if possible. When a city such as Cornwall which has a substantial welfare population and significant senior population living on small fixed incomes it invites people to do a midnight drop off. Ultimately if it is about the welfare of animals then focus has to be taken off of mandatory fees if that is in fact the case.

  9. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie there is only one wacky Jules around here and I hold that title and always have. If my former supervisor was still alive she would vouch for me on that one and my family hold me to that as well. This is funny indeed.

    Jamie one day my husband and I were walking in Guindon Park a long time ago when we lived in Cornwall. We came across a baby kitten and it kept jumping on our legs and clawing us and then we saw a city worker coming along and we told him about the kitten and it wasn’t ours since we don’t have any pets. He took it in his truck and brought it to the humane society. At least the kitten could get a good home. Not all people are responsible pet owners and you are one of the good people at being responsible. Thank God for the humane society.

  10. How can that be, Jamie? The Noble/Dockery crew also think that you are me! You’ll have to make up your mind, and soon. Who’s it gonna be, Boy… Jules or Me? I gotta know right now!! Will you love me forever?
    With apologies the the great Meatloaf. 🙂

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    For the record I only post as myself. I don’t use pseudonyms when posting comments. Of course some of those crazy xfilers have already caught using fake ids.

  12. I love you Furtz and that is the truth. LOL LOL. Oh I can just imagine those X-Filers over this one. People accused Jamie and I of having something going on when I first came on his paper and that was a riot. We will wait and see what happens with this one. I always use my Addy as Jules and always have and I conflict people wondering if I am male of female – well I am an old lady of 63 and married for 40 years. I came across one Jules before and it was a dog in France because I am a quilter and went on a site and there came up this big beautiful dog named Jules with the owner. I am the one and only wacky Jules and I wear it with pleasure.

  13. They have Picture evidence showing that you wrote to yourself as Jules …. I am curious why that is as its still on your site.

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    I moderated one of Jules comments. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last. What is the issue? I moderate comments all the time on CFN?

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