Will the Blood of Cpl Nathan Cirillo be in Vain After Shooting in Ottawa by Jamie Gilcig OCT 22, 2014 #harper

nathan cirillo FBCFN – Today was a dark day in Canadian history.   A man (or men) killed one of our brave Canadian soldiers.   The second this week.   Why is this happening?   Politics.   There are people dying in wars all over the world.  In particular the Middle East.  Far more than we have lost today.

Canada once had a great tradition of being the World’s Peace Keepers.  When people saw our troops they smiled and felt safer.   Protected.    We are not a major military power.  We don’t develop the best weapons.  We have a small military as we really don’t need one as we border the US and Russia to the North of us; either of which if they wanted to stomp us would really not have a lot of trouble.

Canadian troops though have a fine history for toughness, bravery, and getting the job done as we showed the world today.

In spite of the tragic loss of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton, and  through the bravery of Sgt at Arms Kevin Vickers and the men who assisted him, what could have led to a massive loss of life turned out to be the one tragic loss.

In the aftermath the politicians will be making a lot of noise.   Media have already called this Canada’s 9/11.   It’s not.

There are monsters walking among us and always have been.  Every so often they break their chains and cross the lines and show us exactly what monsters are.

Should we change our life?  Our society?   No, but maybe our politicians should not antagonize people around the world.    Maybe our PM shouldn’t  puff his chest out at the likes of Vladimir Putin and maybe Canada shouldn’t be racing to jump into wars and instead focus on what we really did well and that is be the brokers and keepers of peace instead of the brokers of war.

We’ve seen the disaster of what was the invasion of Iraq; a Mission that our PM at the time wanted nothing to do with.   Years later we see broken Canadian soldiers committing suicide and suffering from PTSD without enough support because of Afghanistan.

It’s time for our leaders to realize that our soldiers are one of our most valuable commodities and they and their families are worth far more than oil and minerals.   We call on them in our time of need as they showed the world today by limiting the loss of life and performing so admirably.

Today I’m more proud to be a Canadian than I have in an awfully long time.

If the blood of Nathan Cirillo means anything to any of us; especially as close as we are to November 11, 2014, it should send a message to our politicians; especially our current PM,  that when he speaks his pre-written words into a microphone that those words are heard all over the world and that he has a responsibility that comes with the position.

Today’s blood is not just on the hand of the man that pulled the trigger. It’s also on the hands of the man that spoke the words that incited him and those that spread them.

May it never happen again.   And may the sad loss of Cpl Cirillo not be in vain.   We offer our condolences and wishes of honour to his family; his friends, his unit, and the city of Hamilton Ontario.

May they find some peace after the pain and suffering of their loss.

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  1. If what you say is true, then we might as well open up all our jails. I sure that all those who have been jailed feel that some aspect of society has “incited” them to commit the crimes that got them incarcerated in the first place. In other words, it’s not their fault; it’s our fault for not ensuring that they were toilet-trained properly or whatever other beef they have.

  2. I,m also proud to be Canadian, I also support Harper. I,m proud of seeing all the men & women in uniform as I live next to the Army base, if only something good can come out of this senseless shooting, like better protection of our protectors.

  3. This goes beyond military and this is going to affect everyone including cops. Many people are going to be killed because of these nutcases out there who have warped Islamic faith and this has nothing to do with true Islam but a warped mind. You have to guard your towns and everything in it including the people. You have to be mighty vigilant because there are plenty of home grown nutcases. These are the people that you would least expect to do something just like the other man in St. Jean de Richelieu. I read a lot on this young man (the shooter) and spent my afternoon finding things out. I was in a state of shock yesterday and I had to laugh because something had to come out. I expect this to happen in the US but in Canada that was a shock. I have been listening and reading things and knew that it was going to hit Canberra Australia’s Parliament and the PM of that country was on high alert but instead it happened right here in Ottawa. Again folks this isn’t ordinary Islam this is sick to the core.

  4. I hope with all my heart PMO talk of putting army bases on high security isn’t just talk
    During the height of the Afghan war we drove onto the army base at Pettawawa with a large van with tinted windows. We were never stopped there wasn’t even a guard at the front gate. It was winter and large groups of soldiers were running on the roads unable to flee because of huge snowbanks.
    If we had explosives of just wanted to run somebody over like that isis wannabe coward in Quebec nobody could have stopped us.

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