Should Cornwall Reverse 2nd Street Bike Lanes & CFN 1 on 1 With Justin Towndale & Mark A MacDonald DEC 1, 2014

Should Cornwall Reverse 2nd Street Bike Lanes & CFN 1 on 1 With Justin Towndale & Mark A MacDonald DEC 1, 2014

Justin Towndale NOV 2014CORNWALL Ontario – Today the new City Council takes their Oath’s of office, but Sunday CFN caught up with Justin Towndale and Mark A MacDonald and chatted about themselves and things Cornwall.

I met up with JT at the Civic Complex where an event apparently was occurring.

It was quiet so we had some one on one time in the Sports Hall of Fame.

This is Justin’s first time in public office.


During the election we heard about some of Justin’s politics ( he had worked for Liberal leadership candidate Sandra Pupatello) and activities.  (He’s a runner).   And a freaking Leaf fan!

Mark MacDonald NOV 2014

Mark A MacDonald is no stranger to most Cornwallites that are politically active.  The two term former Councilor is back after taking a run for Mayor against Bob Kilger in 2010.

He’s also attracting attention for some wrong reasons which have been clarified since a media report that he didn’t consider accurate.

After spending time during the last year working to help makes sure the RCAF Wing wasn’t turned into condos, the old Cornwall General Hospital and the Trillium Distribution Chem Tanks it should be interesting to see what he sinks his teeth into first as he returns to council.


Mark is bewildered by a note from City Hall essentially asking the new council to rubber stamp a 2% increase in departmental spending for the next ten years!   Mr. MacDonald pointed out that he and many of those elected signed the Community Action Group pledge to freeze or lower taxes.

Both gentlemen agreed on rescinding the honorarium  increases voted on by the Kilger council before they left office.

I also put both Councilors Elect regarding the Second Street debacle.    The city cut one of the main East/West arteries to a single lane in each direction which has bottle necked traffic, especially at traffic lights.

Many of the public have loudly been complaining about the changes which can essentially be easily reverted.

What do you think Cornwall?   Will this new council be an improvement?  Are you optimistic?   Do you want Second Street back to two way traffic?  I know I do!

You can post your comment and vote in our poll below!

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