Crunching Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election Numbers from 2010 to 2014 by Jamie Gilcig

Voter Turnout 2014 CornwallCORNWALL Ontario – The City put out an interesting graph that clearly shows that older voters turn out more for elections than younger ones.  The irony is that if you read social media the younger ones make the most noise and have the highest reach so why don’t they vote?

That’s not the question for this piece though.  It’s just some context to consider as we sift through some numbers.

In 2010 the voter turn out was 43.51%  in 2014 it was 39.9%.  That’s a huge drop.  Part of it was City Hall’s apparent desire to not promote this election with the theory being that a lower voter turnout would help the incumbents.   That failed chiefly to the spiking of traffic to CFN in October leading up to the election.     CFN went from 60,125 Unique Visitors and 175,519 visits in 2013 to 66,118 Unique Visitors and 252,160 visits in 2014.

People interested in the election, those hungry for news and opinions of our viewers and writers flocked to CFN.

In 2010 there were 13,338 voters.  In 2014 13, 360 out of 33,480 eligible voters.

In 2010 there were 13, 189 votes for mayor with Winner Bob Kilger garnering 7471 to Mark A Macdonald’s 5168.   In 2014 there were 13, 109 votes for mayor with Winner Leslie O’Shaughnessy pulling 6633 vs 5751 for Kilger(-23%), a much more narrow margin.

Bernadette_ClementFor council only one of the incumbents pulled in more votes.  Bernadette Clement saw her number go from 7043 to 7313, more irony as she was less visible and active in this election.

In 2010 there were 54,898 votes for the ten elected to council.   In 2014 that number was down to 48,746.

There were more candidates this election, but Elaine MacDonald went from 5955 to 5122 (-14%).  Denis Carr went from 5541 to 3560(-36%).  Glen Grant went from 5483 to 3516(-36%).   Maurice Dupelle went from 5463 to 4726(-13%).  Andre Rivette went from 5105 to 4048(-21%).  Syd Gardiner went from 5341 to 3150(-41%).  David Murphy went from 4929 to 4664(-5%). Gerry Samson from 3915 to 2938(-25%).  Mary Ann Hug from 3644 to 2642(-27%).  Todd Bennett from 2890 to 2725(-5%).  And Gary Samler 1240 to 587(-53%).

It should be interesting to see if the voter trend impacts the behavior of this new group of council?   Some barely held on like Councilor Rivette.  Some surely noticed a dip in their support.

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  1. I think that part of the reason for older people voting more is because the people running are having debates right in some senior buildings, & polling stations are held there as well, now if we can only attract the youth

  2. I believe that the reason that more mature individuals vote is their understanding and commitment to the democratic system. Some individuals believe that not voting is a form of protest. It is not. Deliberately spoiling a ballot is a form of protest. Quite simply you have a voice only if you use it, silence offers nothing except apathy.

  3. I agree with Mary Bray and David Oldham on their views. Younger people do just not seem to care about who represents them. It’s sad because they will complain about politicians. If they want to have the right to complain then exercise your right to vote.

  4. Young people see no future in front of them and see the same repeats no matter who governs. The young are right both sides are owned by the same bunch whether it be the cons for the fibs or any other. The same is true in the US and around the world. There is no solution to what is coming and people are going to be mighty shocked when it comes.

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