Bernadette Clement to Run for Justin Trudeau in 2015 by Jamie Gilcig – MARCH 26, 2015

Bernadette CANDIDACY 2015CORNWALL Ontario – Bernadette Clement is taking another crack at SD&SG MP Guy Lauzon in the upcoming election.   She has to win the nomination, but unless some surprise candidate drops in she should be facing another round.

In the last election she fared poorly finishing far behind Lauzon, and finishing worse than her candidacy manager Denis Sabourin did in the election before that.   Sabourin, no stranger to politics, should clearly add to her campaign as the savvy former Kilger aide knows his way around the riding.


Who will you vote for in the 2015 Federal Election in SD&SG ?

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  1. While I wish Bernadette Clement good luck in the upcoming election. I think the Cons could run a garden gnome in this riding and still win. To unseat Guy Lauzon they need a very strong candidate. Sadly, Bernadette Clement is not that candidate.

  2. Bernadette
    It is great to see someone who has a true passion for all of what Cornwall can be, to run to represent us federally. We have had no representation in Ottawa for far too long. If we had a member in Ottawa who had any interest in our community, we never would have had those
    chemical tanks on our waterfront. We never would have a barrier impeding
    all commerce and travel from one part of our community to the other. Local businesses, cabs, food deliveries, retails, etc., benefited greatly from easy access to that portion of our community that resides on Cornwall
    Island, as did those residents rely on local Cornwall businesses. Allowing CBSA to abandon their posts, and take away that Border Town advantage, is not something we would look for in a representative of Cornwall. Then to have CBSA set up in the middle of our community, and force our community members to pass through an armed checkpoint, just to go to a local sporting event, demonstrates the total disregard that we have suffered over these past years.
    Yes, Bernadette, with your many years tirelessly serving our community in various roles, including your most recent Cornwall Council position, we have certainly had an opportunity to see your passion and commitment to our community. Thank you Bernadette

  3. Are the voters truly pleased with Lauzon’s performance as their MP, or do they just keep voting Conservative because that’s what they’ve always done?

  4. Should Bernie get the Liberal nomination is that the same moment she announces her resignation as an elected representative? Or is her councilor pay while on the campaign trail simply forgone? Surprised somewhat that Bernie would agree to being the sacrificial lamb for a second time but I do applaud that she wants to make the attempt regardless.

  5. Jack White….Think having a Liberal MP would correct all the items mentioned by Jack White is flawed thinking. Fighting city hall is hard, fighting the federal government and / or its agencies is even harder.

  6. David Oldham….If she gains the nomination, Clement said she will remain on city council until the 30- to 40-day election campaign when she will take a leave of absence.

  7. Thats fine Hugger1 as long as Bernie isn’t campaigning on my dime before she takes her leave of absence.


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  9. Bernadette Clément I am wishing you well on your run for office in the liberal/fiberal party. I am a conservative but you are a well qualified person for the job.

  10. David, what do you think of Patrick Brown waging a full-tilt leadership campaign for the provincial Cons while he collects his pay as a sitting back-bench MP in Ottawa?

  11. Furtz said: David, what do you think of Patrick Brown waging a full-tilt leadership campaign for the provincial Cons while he collects his pay as a sitting back-bench MP in Ottawa?

    I agree.

    David Oldham….how do we determine when city councilors are being paid for their city work? Is it just for the two hours they meet every second Monday?

  12. At this point I am ready for anybody rather than our spineless MP Guy Lauzon who is only allowed to parrot the party line. When I wrote him about Afghan war his reply was word for word repeat of PMO statement. We have to rid that country of terrorists before they come for us. Over 120 Canadian soldiers died there– seemly for NOTHING
    Now we enter another no win war in Iraq and Syria where his government LIED and said our brave soldiers would NOT be on the front line..a bold face lie. The fake war on terror that won’t be won with six jet and less than 100 special forces troops. Time for Cornwall to dump this MP and bring our troops home.

  13. Melman it was the Liberal Government of Canada under Chretien that committed and put Canadian troops into Afghanistan in the first place. Harper conservatives fulfilled the obligation made by the liberals and then cut our losses. The Liberals should never have committed battle troops to the Afghanistan situation in the first place in my opinion. We will see how historians view the effort.

    The small presence Canada has compliments the other 60 nations participating in the “fake war on terror”. Everything is fine Melman Mulcair and young Trudeau will team up and become friends with the fake terrorists to discuss how to deal with the fake war situation. September 11th was of course a conspiracy/fraud, bombings and attacks, i.e. Boston marathon, France hostages and killings, attack on Canadian parliament etc. all hoaxes and propaganda. Part of Stephen Harper’s secret agenda no doubt. Damn conservatives. Bring on socialism comrade!

  14. Melman….you’re surprised that Guy Lauzon toes the party line? All MP’s have to toe the party line or else. It wouldn’t matter if we had a Conservative, Liberal, NDP or Green party MP they still have to toe the line. And changing ruling party will not change our commitments.

  15. Dear Leader has ways to deal with party members who disagree with him.

  16. Mr. Oldham you said everything on the money – absolutely correct in every word. That is exactly what happened. Yes it was Jean Chrétien who got Canada involved in Afghanistan and all NATO countries are there including Australia. Canada has no real military and little Luxemburg is more equipped. We depend on the Yanks for protection. It is all a show and nothing else. If you think that we can do away with ISIS you are dreaming. It is all political every bit of it.

  17. Hugger1 and Furtz… it could be worse than being part of a team framework where there is an effort made to appear united for a greater purpose (running the government and servicing the general population). Imagine being an elected member of parliament and having your leader throw you out of the party and under a bus merely on the grounds that an unproven allegation had been made by a member(s) of an opposing political party. I would rather deal with a predictable pattern of behaviour (Harper) than a reactionary loose canon (young Trudeau).

  18. David Oldham….Harper’s best before date expired a long time ago. Time to replace him.

  19. Furtz as to Brown, an elected conservative who is paid to represent conservatives (and other electorates as well) as compared to Bernie’s situation, not comparable. Bernie was elected as a councilor not a political party representative. The common ground that Bernie and Brown have is that they both receive money from the taxpayer. Brown’s position is determined by party members and not the general electorate. Huge difference.

  20. Hugger1…see answer to Furtz’s question. If you agree that apples and artichokes are the same that is your choice to make. As far as Bernie having choice of what to do with her free time is concerned as long as there is no conflict with an employer all else would by reason be fair game. The question then becomes can she campaign for a political party “full-tilt” as Furtz puts it without compromise to her full time occupation or her part-time commitment to the Cornwall taxpayer. Personally I would not be prone to voting for a candidate that doesn’t leave it all on the table. Representing the taxpayer at that level should not be a half-hearted effort unless you are prepared for the half-expected results that mirror the effort. I look for the sacrifice that an individual is willing to make as an indicator of their commitment to me the voter.

  21. That’s almost funny David. Most people agree that an MP’s job is full time to say the least. Brown is being payed handsomely to represent his riding in Parliament. Not surprisingly, his attendance record is abysmal. In other words, he’s getting $163,000/year (base) from the taxpayers for not doing his job.

  22. Hugger PM Harper has put our troops into harms way already costing one life. Even United States has keep away from the front line. We were promised a training mission- FAR from danger- our Prime Minister lied!!
    Our Spy agency had Quebec car killer on their files but can’t afford the manpower to watch these nuts
    Make Canada safer at home.
    Our country needs to return to PEACE keeping
    Strange how former PC John Baird did not need to act as a parrot repeating the party line. I would rather serve one term and speak the truth than be a puppet
    Harper War’s
    Libya we bombed-now its chaos
    Canada’s war in Iraq has cost at least $122 million, not including salaries and other fixed costs.That’s Six Jets and less than 100 special forces.
    In the end Iran and mass killer Bashar al-Assad will be the winners

  23. Melman….I agree. Like I said before “Harper’s best before date expired a long time ago. Time to replace him.”

  24. Hugger Harpo isn’t my cup of tea but he is the only one with the qualifications. Justine has no brains nor qualifications. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Israel and the US attack Iran because that is the main problem in the ME and nobody not even the Arabs want to see Iran armed with nuclear. It is of upmost importance that this nutcase Bashar Assad of Syria including all this ISIS be eliminated because it will spread to Europe, N. America and beyond.

  25. Melman, CSIS has just opened a file on you.

  26. The funny thing Furtz (you have to laugh) is that we are all getting less from each political party as time goes on. In the ole days ye got on a ship and sailed the ocean blue in search of new lands to corrupt. What the hell are we expected to do these days? Bending over isn’t quite as easy as you get older. Maybe a coup d’etat? Maybe a nasty call to an MP? Maybe I’ll just go have a drink and think on it a while longer.

  27. Mr. Oldham the politicians and the 1% expect us to bend over and they really give it to all of us. Yes how true that is LOL LOL ROLF at my age I am feeling old and my husband as well. Well they are all run (politicians that is) by the same gang and if you believe in the American/Canadian Dream you have to be asleep to believe it. Just like my favorite comedian once said George Carlin and go and listen to him and please be my guest. There is no more middle class anymore and you can see it by the homes up for sale and no takes. People are having a mighty hard time just to put food on the table. People are going to bed hungry and if you think that voting for a certain party is going to solve every problem well it won’t the world is governed by the 1% and they don’t care at all about any of us but I would rather see Harpoon Harpo in than to have Justine Trudope in to screw things up even worse.

  28. How do we go from talking about Canadian politics to talking about the Middle East?

  29. Hugger1 Current Canadian politics are dominated by talk concerning the middle east.

  30. Reading about crystal ball gazing gets real boring, real fast!!

  31. Hugger what were you saying about my crystal ball being boring? Now please read this Hugger, Jamie and folks:

    The Royal to trim 18 positions to manage $4.2M budget shortfall

    Now Hugger could you please explain who is going to look after yours truly if she decides to place herself at the royal for a good rest and I have to take my crystal ball along so as to give you all more news. LOL LOL. ROLF! People are being let go in so many places and this is just the beginning of things to come and like someone posted the people at the top are never let go and should be let go for mismanagement.

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