Is Mike Duffy or Stephen Harper on Trial today as The Circus Comes to Ottawa by Jamie Gilcig APRIL 7, 2015

harper crysler's farm 2013CFN – Today Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on trial.    In reality it is former Journalist and Senator Mike Duffy that’s on the docket and facing a judge, but ultimately Canadians will be keenly listening for glimpses of the man behind the curtain.

What’s scariest to this writer is the simple truth that this isn’t really about a $90,000 bribe.   It’s about billions of dollars and our economy and our very country.     It’s about how a man runs his government; a man Canadians gave a majority to.

Mike Duffy has been a pawn in Mr. Harper’s game of chess since the day he was chosen.    Do Canadians believe that Mr. Harper had no say in the choice of Duffy, or Pamela Wallin, or even Patrick Brazeau for their appointments?

Mike Duffy wouldn’t be the first person in government to avail themselves of as much pie as they could handle while at the trough.     Mr. Harper’s party certainly put him to work on the fund raising circuit and by all accounts Mr. Duffy was a team player and worked hard while in the Senate.

People have to remember that when the fox writes the rules we hens should all be extra cautious.    When a firm like Deloitte points to “vagueness” in the rules as they did in 2013 that’s not by accident.

When you change the rules to suit you while in a crisis that should be a red flag.

Partisan politics are not productive at the end of the day and the Senate is if anything a retirement home for those that served the Partisan political system best.

At the very best the trial of Mike Duffy which will eat up a lot of digital ink might shine a light on practices that would give a reasonable person a head shrug.   Most likely it will be a salacious journey into the inner corruption and workings of government at the top of the food chain.

Does anyone really believe that Stephen Harper wasn’t aware of what Nigel Wright was doing or in fact the consulting and advising the entire way?  Honestly?   I know in my own opinion I have my doubts as I’m sure many Canadians do.

Mike Duffy after won’t be the first Conservative that Mr. Harper has thrown under the bus and he probably won’t be the last.

In the background Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau will be eagerly watching and studying for each story point that they can use in the upcoming election.

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  1. The corner stone of Political Honesty in Canadian politics has been lost when the courts have to rule where “POLITICAL INTEGRITY” went!

  2. J.P.P. Bourgoin….when was there honesty in Canadian politics?

  3. Canadians didn’t give Harper his majority. Our screwed up electoral system did. Harper’s party got forty percent of the votes.
    This will be an entertaining spectacle indeed.

  4. For the first time I am going to go out and vote for Harpoon Harpo. Yes Harpo cheated in the elections and so do all politicians. The father of JFK in the US bought votes for his son and if you knew what old Joe Kennedy Sr. was about you would cringe. Old Joe was an ambassador to England from the US and that old man was a bootlegger among many things. I don’t need to go into more and I know too much. The US is not in good shape at all economically, politically or anything and our world is in a terrible dreadful mess. As for Harpo he is the only one who is qualified for the job as PM. Justine Trudope has absolutely no qualification at all whatsoever and thinks that the economy will look after itself. All Justine has is his old man’s money and nothing else otherwise he would be facing the same things as the rest of us. Get real for God sake and wake up.

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  6. Time for a change at the top. Sure, Justin is not an experienced politician. But was Stephen Harper when he was elected (??) PM> All jobs are learn as you go, the job of PM is no different.

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